Arcadian Memories and the “Dit” Word Forgery

From ancient Mesopotamian Akkad, to Greek Arcadia, to the Orkneys (Islands of the Arc) and then to an island which, on a very old map is named Icaria, where Icarus fell to earth after his dizzying flight, but then the name becomes Acadie, then Nova Scotia. These ancient fishing grounds, where bacalao went through a name change to become Cod, from A-cod-ee, as Acadie is pronounced in French.

Europe might have starved if not for the Cod fish of the North Atlantic, especially during the time when Ottoman Turks were destroying the fertile Eastern part of The Christian Empire, about 1400 years after Jesus Christ walked the earth. But fishing, trapping and mining locations had to be kept top secret, so there is little official evidence of just how early the first settlers actually lived in the New World, or New France as it was known for a while. Lately though, archeology is revealing much.

The old maps of Acadie show a number of castles throughout the area, several churches and settlements. The place names on these maps show evidence of being written over, forged into names that are different from the original. Earliest Spanish explorers found a destroyed European style castle in the desert West of America in the early 1500’s, but this is only found hidden in their official correspondence. None of this is allowed into school textbooks.

The document signed in New Orleans in 1750’s by Gairhept Broussard de Beausoleil is another important example of this type of forgery, where the letters “DIT” are written crudely over the word ‘de’ in order to cover up the Noble lineage of the Acadians.

What is Noble Lineage? Viscount Paul Barras wrote around the time of the French Revolution, that the Noble Families had always kept precise record of their lineage, but the time had come where it was necessary to forget all that. It was a matter of life and death. The Noble Lineage was based on the bloodline of the Royal Houses which in turn was tracked by ‘degrees of nobility’. It was a Christian concept, possibly based on descent from Jesus, but only because Jesus himself was of the bloodline of the High Priesthood which originated long before him with Moses and the Israelites.

Either way, by the time of the mass exodus out of Europe during the 1600’s, the Nobility was being assassinated at an alarming rate. I’ve read in several places that the European Catholic Nobility sent representatives of their Houses to America, for a variety of reasons, since very early, to start new settlements and to spread Christianity. The spread of Christianity was a serious project, given impetus by the increasing number of secret assassinations of the Christian Catholic leaders, from Henry IV to the imprisonment of the Baron and Baroness De Beausoleil (whose true identity I have traced, by the way) by Cardinal Richelieu, who certainly was not Catholic despite his status as Cardinal.

Probably the over arching force behind the increase in poisonings and other secret killing methods though, was the ever increasing population and power of the illegitimate children of these Noble Houses. Their power increased substantially as the 16th century Catholic Kings and Dukes had large families with Mistresses who clearly were not Catholic. The illegitimate children of these unfortunate alliances were often placed in prominent positions in the church, or given domains to manage. Cardinal Richelieu’s nose clearly identifies him as a member of the house of Rothschild, the Jewish ‘bankers’ more properly described as a mafia. This state of affairs gave impetus to the Protestant movement, which in reality was a violent political power grab hiding beneath a cloak of religion. The history books today will not reveal the subversive and violent methods that were used by the instigators of the Protestant movement. Many of the Protestants themselves were unaware, and still are, of who was really the driving force behind that extremely radical group of people whose goal was the destruction of the Guise family, from whom almost all of the original Acadians descend.

The lie of lies, is that the Protestants had to leave Europe to escape persecution. The truth is that certain families had to escape Europe, and that some were Protestant and others were Catholic, but they were all related by blood and it was all “Noble Blood”, defined as Christian first and foremost. The danger that these exiles posed had less to do with any specific religion than with the strong family ties that united this growing population. As the illegitimate families grew in power, they began killing off their rivals to the thrones, to inheritances and domains. The Conde branch of the family were the illegitimate children, the Guise branch were the legitimate ones, though they were all Bourbons.

These Christian families were intermarried and came to control the ruling houses of almost every European nation, from Norway to Spain, Italy and Macedonia. The only way to distinguish who had to leave and who didn’t, is to know who was a legitimate descendant and who wasn’t. The legitimate descendants ended up in Acadia, and the illegitimate descendants took control of Europe and censored all mention of the legitimate Catholic Christians, namely the Guise who descended from Antoinette de Bourbon who was married to Claude of Lorraine, Duke of Guise. Antoinette was a very devout woman whose life is reminiscent of anyone’s ‘Cajun’ grandmother. Her portrait on Wikipedia is also forged, like many others, in that the nose has has been changed to look like the Rothschild nose using photoshop or a false portrait. Their goal is complete and total erasure of our history.

The Protestant movement was the means for bringing about a civil war in France in the 1600’s. The Protestant movement traces directly to the Jewish banking and crime syndicate that was building momentum. It is no coincidence that the mistresses of kings were often members of this Jewish ‘Banker’ family. They had a plan, and today every ruler of Europe is a member of this family, except for France who has finally elected a non-Jewish president recently. The Jews make no secret of their anti-Christianity, so it’s logical that they would seek to eliminate the Christian nobility. This is not “anti Semitism” since they themselves make no secret of it in their own religious books. In fact, their religious instruction, for those who wish to follow it, is to actively eliminate Christianity. In order for their Jewish Messiah to arrive, they must have Christianity destroyed and all Christians eliminated except for a few to serve as slaves. This is an unfortunate fact of their Talmudic religious mandate, and they are instructed to keep this fact secret, or else it cannot be accomplished. This is the reason why the Jews were banished from so many countries over the past 2000 years, as their religious rites and mandates became known to the non-Jewish populace.

The religion of the Jews, and their desire for control has everything to do with the exile of the Acadians, and the reason for the cover-up and forgery over the word De in so many of our surnames. Think about it. If Dit signifies a nickname, then why would every member of a family, sometimes as many as twelve siblings, have the same nickname?

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