“But the servants of David struck of Benjamin, and of the men that were with Abner, three hundred and three score, who also died.”

A recent discovery about the trade routes between Denmark and the ancient civilizations in Egypt and Mesopotamia in the Bronze Age 3,400 years ago,

has been made by the Danish-French research team from Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus, the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen, and Institut de Recherche sur les Archéomatériaux (IRAMAT) at Orléans, France.

Calling this the “Sun” cult of the Nordic Bronze Age, they are surprised to find Egyptian connections.  Some liberty is taken with the interpretations of the symbols.  The Sun symbol may be misunderstood by these archaeologists.  It is possible that the Sun Symbol refers to the Salic Tribes, as a play on the word Saul.

The analyses of grave finds revealed the first typical Egyptian cobalt glass to be discovered outside the Mediterranean area.  The glass beads found in the grave originate from the same glass workshops that supplied the Egyptian Pharaoh.  Tutankhamun took these with him to his grave in 1323 BC.

The old amber route to the countries in the Mediterranean thus now has a counterpart: cobalt glass route to the North. The researchers have shown that there was a trade connection to Egypt and Mesopotamia in the years 1400-1100 BC.

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