God to Help Israel

Surely God is the best planner.

Recently published details of the lead-up to the last Gaza bombing by Israel:

“On 10 July, as Israeli forces prepared for a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip, Winter issued a letter to the Givati Brigade troops operating under his direct command. “History has chosen us to be the sharp edge of the bayonet of fighting the terrorist enemy ‘from Gaza’ which curses, defames and abuses the God of Israel’s battles,” he wrote.31 At the conclusion of the letter, which was shot through with biblical fundamentalism, Winter repeated his call for a holy war against the blasphemers in Gaza: “God, the Lord of Israel, make our path successful, as we are about to fight for Your People, Israel, against an enemy who defames your name.”32”

They are praying for Israel. At the time of Jesus, ‘Israel’ was an unknown concept outside of itself, but it soon spread as translations of ancient texts in Jerusalem were requested by the Ptolemaic King of Alexandria. With the spread of Christianity, came the spread of this idea of Israel and Zion, two terms which aren’t actually explained very well in the biblical texts. Jesus said that his message is only for the lost sheep of Israel. He told the apostles not to ‘throw pearls to swine’ by trying to speak of mysteries and morals to scoffers. Mt. Zion could be referring to Mt. St. Jean, the location of the families who were most dedicated to establishing the early church on a firm footing just before the mass exodus to the the New World.

The histories of Josephus detail the era when the confusion of identity gained enough traction to get the Jerusalem temple burnt. The Jews didn’t want it burnt. The Romans didn’t want it burnt. Who burnt it was the ever present third party to the conflict, the ones that Josephus called the seditious. They lived in outlying areas around Jerusalem.

The word ‘Judea’, the homeland of Josephus, was replaced in our era with the word ‘Jew’ in the title and text of his very important work. The misfortune of that mistranslation is enormous, as it deprives many of their history. The one group of people not living there were the very people who call themselves Jewish today. Judea was home to many people, and Josephus doesn’t use the word Jew. Josephus called his religion at the time, the religion of Abraham. I wonder why Josephus didn’t use the word Israel, or did he? Every local library should have a copy of the works of Josephus in the original language, with a good translation besides.

So the prayer being said by the people today of Tel Aviv, by the ‘settlers’, by the military and the Hasidic Rabbis, is a plea for God’s help “against an enemy who defames your name.” To defame God’s name is to use the name of God as if he were a sponsors for an ungodly enterprise. This is blasphemous. They might want to beware, because this prayer might be answered, and God’s true Israel will be aided by this war, whoever those people might be, only God knows. Membership in the house of Israel, even to the priestly house of Melchizedek if you wear a scapular, since Jesus, is now open to anyone who agrees to abide by the Covenant, the Ten Commandments, and receive the holy sacraments. The family of Aaron was appointed to remember and perform the solemn rites. Jesus was of the house of Aaron, just doing his job.

The rest of the article quoted above is very, very interesting and detailed. Manipulating a false flag attack involving the death of three men, to allow further removal of the Palestinians, Netanyahoo made great gains toward gaining control of Palestinian gas natural gas fields offshore. The call is for murder of Palestinian women so that they cannot have more children. Women of child bearing age are the stated military target as publicized on social media.

This strategy repeats itself since the Irish Plantation days. Anyone with the ability to raise an army gets to grab what they can and split the proceeds with the sponsoring state. Kiev is the most recent example, but that one is failing. The goal was to simply eliminate the people and turn Ukraine and the world into a plantation.

But the people of Donetsk are winning, the economy of the Junta is collapsing. Since young men are forced into the military, agriculture has been neglected, billions are not being paid of Ukrainian debt to both China and Russia. Russia is just moving in now, openly and militarily, and it’s about time.

Entitled “Politicide in Gaza”, it’s at:


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