The Religion of Protest

We can be a strong Catholic Church by calling for Archbishop Williamson and Bishop Faure and the remnants of the Traditional Holy Roman Catholic Church to perform a public consecration of Russia to the Sacred Heart of Mary.

The ancient liturgical rites are part of our World Heritage and should be protected as such. We should not be deprived of that choice.

The traditional Catholic Liturgy is a beautiful event, which you can see here.

If the Traditional Rite has no power or meaning, then why bother to suppress it? Why ex-communicate priests and Bishops who defend it, as they vowed to do in the Sacrament of Ordination? The fact is that the ancient rite does have power, and that is why we should rescue it from oblivion and perform the holy Latin mass in churches and cathedrals worldwide and set some good vibration going.

President Putin rescued the Russian Orthodox Church.

We can help rescue the Catholic Church by supporting Archbishop Williamson and Bishop Faure and the remnants of the Traditional Holy Roman Catholic Church in a public consecration of Russia to the Sacred Heart of Mary.

Protestantism was a method to destroy the Catholic Church. It has a purely negative foundation, being anti-Catholic.  The first 250 Protestant ministers were Jewish converts, and some others were the sons of pirates, or retired pirates themselves.

Ever since Queen Elizabeth I and her Pirate Navy, terror tactics and secret agents have genocided Catholic leadership and communities without cease, especially in the New World.

Catholic contribution has been censored but not eliminated. Protestant England, in order to appear legitimate, has given us false history in an attempt to give us a negative self-image. How else to take over a homogeneous society other than to make what is normal a crime?   The goal was to make people forget that Christian Catholicism ever existed or what it meant.  All of past history would have to be erased to pull this off. Undeterred, Francis Walsingham, Queen Elizabeth’s Spymaster, established the agents throughout Europe and beyond.

He and Elizabeth’s created a Navy of pirates and an army of spies and assassins. As a Catholic in the early 1600’s, your fellow guest at dinner in a French Catholic monastery might put you on a list for Elizabeth’s rabidly anti-Catholic secret police to take you to the rack. The rack is a wicked torture device in the Tower of London. All of Queen Elizabeth’s relatives on her mother’s side apparently are the Tower of London employees, the Bullen family of professional torturers, for the Crown, of course.

We’d be fools to sell our precious heritage for the mess of pottage that is Francis’ protestant religion.

Here’s a bit of truth about the Catholic Church:

Catholic priests and settlers did not destroy the Indian population in America. About 100 years before the fall of Constantinople, before any Conquistador arrived, around 1450, a 2-4 year drought destroyed Native civilizations in America. Along side of this drought, certain raiding tribes of violent Native Americans began attacking peaceful agrarian settlements, further destroying the peaceful Indians. Cortez was told by Indians that raiding tribes had arrived with cannon and there was evidence of them having bombarded European style forts in the American west early in the 1500’s.  This fort was described by Cortez  in official government reports detailing what they had seen around ‘Cibola’ which is Arizona more or less.

The journals describe Conquistadors finding a few desperate and starving remnants of Indians in the far West. The Franciscan priests who were there before Cortez had already established small missionaries with certain of those who were willing. There was very little violence, and what there was had to be reported and justified to the Catholic government.

There was a serious problem of cannibalism throughout America before those good priests and their brave native acholytes made some headway. Many of them were roasted and eaten. The descriptions are brutal. These pioneers should be remembered and honored, their reports should be translated and published, the original manuscripts made available in microfilm in middle schools. This would be a huge project, but it would present much needed evidence about the founding of what we call the USA.

The fact is that Catholic missionaries paved the way for the rest of mankind to escape the Protestant/pagan invasion of The Old World. During Elizabeth’s Protestant reign her pirates gleefully destroyed established Catholic settlements along the east coast of America, stealing everything that could be moved, making slaves of the natives and French settlers both. Drake and his sponsors in the illegitimate English monarchy armed and trained the worst of the Indians and used them to attack Catholic settlers.

The true story of the Christeros illustrates the love of religion that exists in all of America.

A year ago Putin asked Pope Francis if he would consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as the Blessed Virgin instructed during the Fatima Apparitions. The Pope said no, but since he has decided to form a schism, those of us remaining have every right to perform our own consecration of Russia.

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