The Christianity of Muhammad

By: Suzanne Broussard

“Upholding the Christian cause, Muhammad  prophesied the defeat  of the Persian Jews c. 611-616 which prophesy came true in 627 when Heraclius marched into Sassanian territory. “  

According to the Encyclopedia of Islam, Muhammad himself never considered  his message to be a separate religion from Christianity. The Khazarians introduced distortions later, but the fact is that the “last Caliph” Mu’awaya was married to a Christian woman, and this is according to Muslim history.

500-600 years later, their progeny led the first ‘Crusades’ to defend Damascus from yet another Khazarian invasion.  But even then, the Encyclopedia of Islam states clearly that not one Arab writer of the time even mentions the Knights Templar and the Hospitalers in the Middle East.  The only notice of their presence is their building of hospitals and schools, and reparation of the forts and city walls.    There were no massacres.

The Teutonic Knights were Khazarians mimicking Christian Knights Templar.  No one at the time was fooled by that.

The Khazarians were called ‘the Georgians’  when they were defeated by Genghis Khan in 1221.  The Mongols had reached “the iron gate of Derbend between the Caucasus and the Caspian, where Alexander the Great was said to have walled in the cannibal lost ten tribes of the Jews known as Gog and Magog”. [Grousset, 1939, p. 307.]  They weren’t lost, there weren’t ten tribes of them, but they were converted Jews descended from Cain through Ashkenazi, which is a branch of Gog and Magog and is Khazarian.

The next step in the saga of the Khazarians is infiltration of the Sikh empire.  The Sikh religion originally was a continuation of Christianity, a purer form that taught the importance of the New Testament scriptures and emphasized the equality of men and women in the far Eastern regions of the world.  This religion was strengthened or established when French King Francois I made the Alliance of the Crescent and the Lily, which was a huge threat to the Khazarians.

Sikh Christian Coronation Stone of Mughals. This historic stone was brought by Jassa Singh Ramgarhia from Red Fort, Delhi around 1783 and placed in the Bunga complex.

The Sikhs had formed a worldwide system of city gates whereby taxes were to be collected only on commerce and not on labor or land, a pattern copied from old feudalism, which was patterned after the Roman system.  They are sometimes called Ottomans in Western history, and perhaps the Sikh coronation stone is the true Stone of Scone.  This was long before the Sikh dominions became infiltrated by the Jatt tribe, as it is today, through a family called Jindal.

The Jindal were usurpers who sold Sikh dominions to merchants of the City of London.  This was accomplished, as usual, by poison, treachery, a mistress and some illegitimate children.  The Jindal family then settled in London.  Bobby Jindal is now  a converted Catholic in Louisiana, one of the most strategically located and resource-rich states in all America. Strangely enough, he is now standing firm for the rights of people who practice traditional religions that prohibit homosexuality.  This is to camouflage the actual agenda of bringing the United States military into further wars for the establishment of Khazarian Imperialism worldwide.  For the fact is, that the homosexual agenda was pushed on us by the same propaganda organizations that are pushing Jindal on us in the classic con-game of: Create the problem, then push the solution that further tightens our slave shackles.

Ever heard of Longfellow the poet and his poem about Evangeline who waits for Gabriel?  The Evangelion is the word used for the New Testament in the Quran.  The angel Gabriel dictated the Quran.   Longfellow’s poem is about the separation of Evangeline and Gabriel at the time of the Acadian dispersal from Nova Scotia, and how she waited for him in Louisiana, on the banks of the Bayou Teche, not far from where I was born. Is it also about the separation of the New Testament from the message of the Quran?  Could Longfellow have foreseen the need for this union, that without it the world is doomed?

I wouldn’t write any of this if I hadn’t read it in the library of my local university and in the Encyclopedias of Islam and Africa and a few other sources found in the reference section.  I’ve confirmed much of this through other university library sources.  Anyone can verify any of these statements for themselves using keywords found in this article.

Let’s start in the middle with the Jewish-Catholics in Spain.

“The Architecture of Spain in it’s moment of Disappearance” La Arquitectura Espanola en sus Momentos Desparacidos” is a book by Juan Antonio Gaya Nuno that has an entry for a place called:

TERUEL. CASA DE LA JUDERIA  Tal el nombre con que era conocida, en la calle que habia llegado a egual denominacion una casa cuyo verdedero oficio fue el de palacio real.  En efecto, lo era de los monarcas de la corona de Aragon y consta que, al celebrar Alfonso V cortes in Teruel el ano 1425, hico proceder a su renovacion y embellecimiento con decoraciones de estrellas concaves, estelares, blasones de Aragon, de Sicilia, de la Casa de Luna…”  See: Cabre-Catalogo Monumental de Teruel, commissioned by the government.

This is to say, in short, that Alfonso V had a government in Catholic Spain that was Jewish in 1425, and that the Royal Palace was called the ‘House of the Jewishness’ (my translation) in Teruel, Spain.  The ‘Expulsion of the Jews’ from Spain, occurred shortly after by this same Jewishness Dynasty, whose descendants today still blame the expulsion on Catholics who had nothing to do with it.  This Expulsion, like all Expulsions, was simply theft of property.

This Alphonso V is an illegitimate line of the Bourbon Kings descended from Jewish mistresses of several different Kings and Nobles.  This can be verified on any genealogical chart, and with time they come to be quite numerous, always making war on the legitimate cousins, especially at the time of Cardinal Richelieu.

How did Jews come to be Catholic monarchy in Spain in the mid 1400’s?

The Felasha Jewish Arabs and Kurasan

Before Muhammad was born, a new tribe had entered from the North into the Nile region of Africa.  They are called the Jews of Africa, the Felasha, according to the Encyclopedias of Islam and of Africa.  The Felasha are also called the Khas’rj or as we know them, the Jewish Khazarians.

Ibn Kaldum writes of the complete disintegration of the Northern Kingdom after the arrival of the Felasha. “Alwa survived longer.  It’s northern frontier Dar al-Abwab (territory of the Gates) was probably south of the confluence of the Atbara and the Nile.  It’s capitol, Saba, on the Blue Nile, was an important city at a meeting place of trade and pilgrimage routes.”

The Felasha sold slaves to the Kanuri (Banu Kanz), the Arabs and the Hausas.

The Banu Kanz and the Al Hawari had their autonomous principality around Aswan, the northern boundary of the Fulani/Kush/Benjamites.  The Banu Kanz are the same Khazarian tribes that bring us the names Candia, Cohn, con-man, canaille, Connoly and Kennedy.  The word Kanz or Cono is synonymous with slavery in ancient parlance. The Velazquez Spanish-English dictionary defines ‘cohen’ as 1. soothsayer 2. Procurer, pimp. (Heb. cohen)

In AD 375, according to the Encyclopedia of Islam, the Khasr’j rebelled against Christian Abyssinian rule in Yemen, took control and persecuted the Christian subjects by burning.   Abraha, the second Roman-Abyssinian viceroy was a zealous Christian who tried to rid Yemen of their very corrupt form of religion.

Muhammad was born in Yemen which was still nominally Roman Christian territory though it had been thoroughly infiltrated by Khazarians at that time.

Muhammad’s congregation emigrated from Mecca to escape Khazarian-Jewish persecution.  He went to Christian Abyssinia because he considered his Koran closely akin to Christianity, but what isn’t said is that he had family that were already Christian.  This is found in the genealogies, the bridge being the dynasty of Al Adile/Afdal.  It is very clear that Muhammad and  his warriors supported Christian Byzantium in their war against the Jews.  His army was with the Christian army when Heraclius marched into Sassanian territory in 627 AD.  Mu’Awaya, of the Ummayad Caliphs of Damascus, held the title of ‘Lord of the border fort at (Christian) Damascus’.    This can all be found in the Encyclopedia of Islam, new edition in English. The older edition is much more clearly written, if you can find it before the Khazarians get rid of it.  Honest books are disappearing fast from public libraries.

It would be impossible that Muhammad would have no contact with Christians since he lived in Christian Byzantium, or Christian Rome as it is called also. The word ‘infinitesimal’ is used to describe the number of Muslims in Damascus at the time of Caliph Mu’Awaya.  That’s a nice way of saying ‘just about zero’.  Muhammad’s family did in fact make an agreement with Christian Byzantium for protection of caravans to Damascus.  The Ummayad Caliphs in Damascus actually lived in the residence of the Christian Governor of Damascus.  It was a Christian monk named Nestor, who first pointed out the ‘Prophet’s mole’ on Muhammad’s back, a genetic trait that has also been called the ‘royal mark’ which is still evident among certain groups in America today.

The Christian Byzantine Governor’s residence in Damascus was called ‘al-Khadra’, the Green House. This is the source of the color green of the Al Andalus kingdom which Abed Al Rahman I initiated.   This is the true Sunni Islam, in full alliance with the Christian king, called Al Nasir.  The traditional french spelling, Al Andalouis, is the source of the name of the Kings and Saints of the name ‘Louis’.   The Castle of Barbastro in Spain which the Christian/Muslim alliance recovered from the Khazarians, is the source of the name Bourbon.  St. Bobon could be ‘El Nasir’ mentioned in this encyclopedia entry, who may also be King Louis.   Muhamad b. Al Rahman, generally known as Abed Al Raman III, the master of the castle at Bobastro was given a Christian burial and married the daughter of Al Nasir, the Christian King.   I suspect that a few sneaky little changes might have been made to the Quranic scripture since then.  A dot here, a dash there, a change in the order of the words “Is he not” to “He is not”: all of which can turn the message upside down, change a name even, from Saul to David, perhaps with little effort at all.

By the tenth century the Al Hawari had established the slave trade at Maris, the most northerly region of the Muqurra, Nubia.  This is roughly the same time that they appear in Spain raiding Christian and Muslim towns for slaves and loot in the Beaujeau region of the Pryrennees.

After getting kicked out of the Pyrenees, some of the Felasha/Khazarians apparently returned to Kurasan.   They appear as the Abbasids (with accent on the bas) who promoted strife at the time of the Crusades dividing Islam through various heretical doctrines. This is standard Khazarian procedure.  The Abbasid “propaganda movement”, by which they mean their massacre of the Caliph and his family, enabled them to temporarily gain control of Damascus and bust up the Christian Muslim unified worship that was so peacefully happening there.  This massacre pushed the Ummayads to Spain led by Abed Al Rahman I, The Eagle of the Quraysh, which led to the Muslim-Christian alliance there.

The Christian Muslim alliance is seen continually ridding the land of pirates and slave traders who are under the leadership of Khazarian Maimonides. They are also found in the Essex area of England with their slave trade, evidence for which has been found in archaeological digs. The name Al Hawari becomes Howard for example, Huesca becomes Essex.  Wars, piracy, poisonings and beheadings bring Queen Elizabeth to the front, and she can be seen in paintings with her ministers and ladies  sitting on the floor Arab style.  The English language still has phrases and words that are very similar to Arabic.

Notice the Khazarian nose exactly like that of the Cardinal Richelieu.

Before Queen Elizabeth I, French was spoken in England. Catherine de Medici’s son Henry and her husband King Henry II, plus the family of Francois I at the same time period were all murdered through agents who were secretly in league with Queen Elizabeth of England.   The Tudors created the Protestant terrorist organization to slaughter Catholics and steal church property. Historical propaganda makes this all seem to be a wonderful accomplishment and that somehow France gained by this.  The result is that the Catholics left, took with them their skills and money and went “underground”.

Meanwhile, the proceeds of the sale of stolen Catholic church property financed her pirate navy which then went around the world killing, taking white slaves, disrupting commerce and destroying early Catholic settlements worldwide like the ones at St. Augustine, Florida and Santa Cruz, Mexico and many others whose inhabitants were slaughtered by Sir Francis Drake.  Our children are taught in school that Sir Francis Drake,  Elizabeth’s lead pirate, was an explorer worthy of admiration. The textbooks ignore anyone who was Catholic and pretend that nothing happened at all before Drake’s wave of destruction.  Pirates became Lords, Lords became peasants, Catholics who were prohibited from working in government, their stolen lands  were then mortgaged to finance further wars and destruction, and later when the mortgages could not be paid, everything ended up in the hands of the Rothschild mafia.

The pirates can all be found in Burke’s Peerage, the complete book of the New World Order.  For example, the descendants of Captain Bligh became protestant preachers. Protestant preachers, it just so happens, were responsible for recruiting the populace to attack the Acadians in Nova Scotia.    This same populace was stuck with the bill for it, but the land went to the pirates. The Catholics created the idea of peerage, so the big fat Burke’s Peerage book that you see today is a poser book of the NWO disorder of pirates, slave traders, transvestites and con-men.

Elizabeth the Khazarian Pirate Queen, allegedly the daughter of Henry VIII, set up the government spy system that is still in existence worldwide today.  Her pirate company is a corporation that still owns the American government apparatus.  The American Revolution was their scheme to free themselves from the restrictions imposed on them by what remained of English law, which prohibited them from taking settled lands.  We are still in the Elizabethan age.  We are still living on the American Slave Plantation, the revolution did not affect private business dealings of Elizabeth and her successors.

The facial structure is shown clearly here and so are the hands which don’t look female at all.  There are plenty of hints that Queen Elizabeth died young and was replaced by a male relative that looked like her.

Alexander The Great’s Wall

Two respected scholars of ancient times, Basil (Vasiliev) of the Christians, and Rambeau of the Judaics accept the factuality of the great wall erected near Berat by Alexander the Great against Gog and Magog, two tribes that fit the description, location and biblical genealogy of the Khazarians.

Berat, a town of South Caucasus, Arran, was capital of ancient Albania, built by Berad bin Armini .  The mother of Muhamad (PBUH) is called daughter of Armini in some sources.  It is accepted by scholars that this tribe was white, hence the source of the name ‘Caucasian’ and an explanation as to the blondness of the Spanish Muslims much later.

Berat was twice the scene of wars against the Khazars.  In 932 AD it was at the height of prosperity in a fertile and well-watered region.  Gardens and orchards extended continuously in every direction for a day’s journey or more.  Nuts, figs, silk production, fish that was salted and exported, mules, furs, madder caraway seeds were all sold at Sunday markets.  It was invaded by the Khazars in 943, after which it went into decline due to “the injustice of its rulers and the management of lunatics” [(1st Ed. 241) Ibn Hawkal].   Hawkal wrote that the “fiscal molestations of the Georgian Khazarians have eaten up it and its people”.  This area is now Turkey, still an ecological disaster zone.

The Khazarians came to be based out of Kurazan, from which they launched their propaganda campaign to twist out of existence all religions except their own.  Their religious texts tell them that they must possess the entire planet as their slave colony, using Christians and Muslims to do all the dirty work.

The Encyclopedia of Islam states that their take-over of Berat was facilitated when  ‘an epidemic decimated their [Albanian’s] numbers’, so we see the use of mass poisoning as a Khazarian strategy from the beginning.

The Rus attacked the Khazarians c. 965 who then called upon Kurasan for help.   At that time, the Rus brought their attack against them all the way to Turkey (Unkariya) and Mecca (Makadhuniya) so that “nothing remained of them except the name”.  However, they appear around this time in Northern Africa, in the area called the Maghrabi.

It must have been Alexander the Great’s victory over the Khazarian tribes 600 years before that made him so beloved of all the world. The shutting down of commerce through violence and theft is a Khazarian specialty, and Alexander’s task was to make the highways safe for trade. Alexander had two overlords, one in the western isles and another in the east, whose income depended on trade.

Muhammad in his lifetime announced the breach of Alexander’s wall and the emergence of the Khazarians back on the world scene.  Throughout history, Khazarians are known as believers in black magic, as slave traders and raiders, as well as infiltrators and subversives who operate by creating schisms and divisions in government.  Calling themselves by many different names is part of their strategy of remaining ‘unperceived’.  Their code name for themselves today is ‘International’.  In the Encyclopedia of Islam however, they are still recognized as Khas’rj.

These Khazarian tribes also fit the description of the pseudo-Muslims who emerge c. 850 AD around Portugal and establish at Merida.  Ibn Kaldun describes how outlaws and renegade princes took refuge with these Khazarians, and how they switched allegiance repeatedly, and how they were gradually gaining power.  He also describes them as a people whose mentality is too crude to have an understanding of Christian religion, though they do practice black magic and know the art of poisons.  Other sources describe them as the Sa’id Jews in Africa who speak a corrupted Arabic dialect and control the slave trade worldwide.  Others simply call them gypsies.

Alfonso III, King of Asturias and Leon, illegitimate, allied with the pseudo-Muslims for 8 years, then expanded into Southern Portugal until 930. They raided the Muslim and Christian border areas between France and Spain taking white slaves until the Christian/Muslim alliance regained Barbastro, which had been seized.  The Khazarians were also kicked out of Granada later on.  It was not the true Muslims who had to leave Granada.

Barbastro was an old castle in the pine forests of the Pyrennes where places have names from early Christian days.  From this castle, the pseudo-Muslim Khazarians, together with the pseudo-Catholic Alfonso III of Asturias attacked the true Muslim Amir of Cordoba in 880, Muhamad bin Abed Al Rahman, usually called Al Rahman III.

A Muslim-Christian alliance with King Al Nasir was formed to get rid of these Khazarians.  This true Muslim prince was then able to offer the mostly Christian citizens of the province of Reiyo protection and freedom from their arrogant Khazarian overlords in the area between Algeciras and Mercia in the province of Reiyo.

Al Nasir became father-in-law of Al Rahman, who remained a vassal of Al Nasir, with control over a large number of fortresses for himself and his descendants.  Al Nasir is a generic Arab title for a Christian king or high priest.


Falcon is the term used for the family of Abed Al Rahman I, the ‘Falcon of the Kuraish’  and it probably also refers to the fact that they descend through a maternal line from a Roman, symbolized by the Eagle.  The Christian mother of the first Abed Al Rahman was married to a Caliph descended from the companion Omar in Roman Christian Damascus.  The Arabic word for Jesus is Isa, and the name Aysha, wife of Muhamad is a form of the word Isa.  It is recorded in the hadith that Aysha had a relative who was Christian, and so it is likely that Aysha was Christian also, and why not since they all lived in the Byzantine Christian Empire.

Was anyone a Muslim before the Khazarians came up with the idea of a separate religion?

The symbol of the eagle is Roman and also the source of  the Eagle which figures on flags, names of castles, coats of arms and genealogies of the Royal families.  The Guy Faulk mask is all about this story that is hidden but not hidden if you know what to look for.  The family of Christian-Muslims came to be known as the Guise.

The Ayyabid Dynasty is the family of Al Adile/Afdal

“NUR al DIN in 1154 routed the Khazarians in Damascus. Thus ended “a century of political anarchy and decadence” the result of occupation by mercenary armies.  Nur al Din with the Franks, rebuilt the city walls, along with the cities oldest hospital, built by DUKAK/Dugas, and established a school for medicine.  Making many improvements, he founded the first school for teaching the Hadith/Traditions, the DAR al Hadith for Sunni stidy and a madrasah called al-Adiliyya c.1222.  Nur al Din dies in 1174.”

The Khazarians moved their base to Baghdad.

Taki al Din ‘Umar then was regent for Al  Afdal/Al Adile [q.v.].

Al Adile/Afdal/Al’aziz was the brother of Saladin, appointed governor of Egypt, then of Syria, he was 6-8 years younger then Saladin.

Saladin’s son Al’aziz Uthman in 1187 took part in the taking of Southern Palestine and Karak, sent ships, men and supplies to support Saladin’s to raise the seige of ‘Akka, 1189-91.

“The great mosque at Damascus was erected by Abdu ‘l Malik ibn Marwan, the fifth Khalifa of the Umayads.  The account is given by Jalalu ‘d’di Suyuti, in his “History of the Temple of Jerusalem”, showing that for a long time the Muslims and Christians worshiped in the same building together.”

Al Afdal b. Salah al Din or in full: Al Malik Al-Afdal Abu ‘l Hasan ‘Ali Nur al Din (1169-1225) was the son of Saladin.

On Saladin’s death he was recognized as ruler of Damascus and head of the Ayyubid family.  Egypt, Damascus and all of his Syrian fiefs became a dependency of the Saldjuk Sultan of Rum/Rome which would be the Pope, I presume

Rome is Christian, get it?

Ayas Pash 1482-1539 was Grand Vizier who had 3 brothers who were monarchs, his mother was the Christian monarch of La Valona [Valencia or Bologna?] Ayas b. Mehmed [See Aya Sofia]

Photo of Kerak de Chevallier in the background, and Christian ruins in the foreground.

Distortion of Islam and Christianity under the Khazarians

The rulers of Khazaria named their kings and queens by Old Testament names such as David, Judith and Soloman. They used a ‘sword of Solomon’ in their ceremonies.

The Khazarians are described by travelers at that time as people who kill strangers who arrive at their gates.

When they realized that their new faith prohibited them from raiding and killing for a living and since they had no agriculture, they then called for a Muslim scholar.   It was from Kurasan that an Islamic scholar was sent to the Khazarians in upper Anatolia to instruct and convert them c.912.

The Khan of the Khazar was Ulu Muhammad.  The writers of the day tell us that this was all a thin veneer for his plundering raids.   Ulu Muhammad’s power base was the Khanate of Kazar, the territory roughly northeast of the Sea of Crimea.

The Khazarian family based out of Trebizond was the one that married into the family of the Christian Patriarchs of Constantinople.

Much later, it was the task of Isidore of Constantinople at the time of the Khazarian threat in 1437 to get military aid for defense of Constantinople against these people.  The Council of Ferrara-Florence agreed to send military support, but Isidore arrived too late to save Constantinople.  Khazarians had already installed themselves through treachery inside the government, had blinded the patriarch Basil, and Isidore barely escaped with his life.

Monks Iosif/Joseph and Nil Sorskii wrote of the hidden powers behind the throne in those last days:

 “If the King who rules men is himself ruled by evil…such a King is not God’s servant but the Devil’s and he should not be considered a King, but a tormentor… Under such circumstances there would be no obligation to obey the ruler.” 

Khazarian White-Slave Trade in the Ekraine

The Khazarians are known to have been in control of Tatar territory in Crimea.  From this base they increased their raids on the border countries to take captive Christian slaves for cultivating the fertile farmlands of the Ukraine.  The Ukraine was their slave plantation at the time, where the word for slave was ‘Christian’.  Muscovy, Poland, Lithuania and Caucassia on the Southern coast of the Black Sea were the main slave raiding targets of these Khazarians.  Caucasia corresponds to Iberia on very old maps.

The Khazarian leaders at the time were the families of the Kh’arizm Shah, Djal al Din. This name has a literal translation of Khazarian King, church of the Devil, and his son al Malik al Nasir Dawud.  This name means King and High Priest David,  under Izz al Din Aybak/Atsiz b. Uvak.  In 1076 Aybak/Uvak controlled Egypt and paid for the Maghrabi mercenary soldiers who invaded Damascus and other Christian cities.

The Maghrabi mercenary soldiers were under the control of Maimonides, who uses the name Abd Al Mumin of the Almoravids in the Maghrib and in Spain.  Maimonides is a hero of Khazarian Jewish scholars, but here they pretend to be Muslim.

The Muwahadjidin or Almohads were Unitarians.  This shia doctrine was created by the Khazarians c. 1100. under Abd al Mumin, the Jewish Rabbi known as Maimonides.  He had conquered Morroco by 1147 and by 1163 ruled North Africa as far as Tripoli.

Maimonides is the Khazarian who was instrumental in changing the Torah, introducing a vehement anti-gentile doctrine.  He wrote that “the true and only test of the Messiah was success or failure”.  “But if he does not meet with full success, or is slain, it is obvious that he is not the Messiah promised in the Torah”  Maimonides goes on to claim that Jesus was the cause of the downfall, humiliation and dispersal of the Jews.    It is this same Maimonides that Isaac Abravemel,  the finance Minister of King Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain, admires so much.  This is why many scholars conclude that the expulsion of the Jews from Spain was rather the expulsion of only those Jews who had sincerely accepted Christianity.  A false accusation could bring with it valuable confiscated property and legal fees to the accuser.

They appear again in the time of King Edward I, II and III in England, with Lords De La Warr (Delaware) supporting the usurper.

The Christian-Muslim alliance worked throughout its existence to maintain safe trading routes, and to use taxes on commerce to support the military, religion, culture and education.  This is on record with many proofs, but since the Khazarians mimic other cultures, the only proof of ‘who is who’ is through the true genealogies, or through the fruits of their actions.  The Khazarians always only destroy.  They turn the most beautiful places into misery, squalor and filth.

About the author:

Suzanne Broussard is a teacher, writer and researcher working on a book about the Acadians.  If you have any questions or would like to support her work, please contact her at  Donations are accepted through paypal.

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