Extermination of the White Race

imageIt seems that everyone in the world wants to get rid of white people.  Even white people don’t like white people.  I don’t think that is fair at all.  I think white people are kind and considerate for the most part.  They invented charities and build great institutions and structures, but young white people are committing suicide at an alarming rate.  Our young people are so impressionable. Certainly black people hate us, they say so loud and clear.  The Muslims hate us and so do the Jews.  Where is the love?

Then on top of that, the white men are coming to hate white women.  They want to be with other men instead, and they want to take our babies.  And the white women who become lesbian no longer care to work with or be around straight women. A white woman, a non-lesbian woman has no friends in the New World Order.  Not even the men love us anymore.

So this is the prayer of a straight white woman: Dear God, is this the end of us?  Will the day arrive when no more white children will be born?  Will the rest of the world celebrate this?  Will the day come when white people are rounded up and gassed in an attempt to get rid of the problems that we are accused of? Is this a good idea?  I am certain that every black person would say yes. But whites have been the tax-paying slaves for a long time now.  Who would take our place? Who would do the work?

Are Latinos white people too?  Should those be gotten rid of as well?  What about those who are mixed? Jews would team up with the blacks and survive the purge, they are expert at claiming victim privilege status and throwing blame on their own victims.  The world loves the Jews because they have money and power.  Who loves white Christians who are being genocided at an alarming rate all over the Middle East?  No one cares, no one speaks out for their defense. In fact, it could easily be proven that the their murderers are being paid with our own tax dollars, in a round-about sub-contracted, black-ops sort of way.

But I’ve stopped fretting about it and come to accept it, and I’ve decided to no longer struggle to survive. I imagine a world without any white people and figure that perhaps it is God’s plan that we not survive.  My own family has been wiped out and my children don’t want to have children because it’s so expensive.  Poverty is a form of genocide. That will be the end of my family anyway.  Who will celebrate, who will mourn?

4 thoughts on “Extermination of the White Race

    1. Eirann, stop grieving and start studying Geology in a serious way. Titanomagnetite, seriously, this may well be the honky mans ‘only way out’.


  1. Caucasian ‘flag waving’ Australians must be rounded up and gassed, that is a truism. I guarantee, one has never bore witness to such a vile, crass, drunken demographic than the infernal ‘aussie’. I personally pray for Chinese and Russian Liberation Troops daily and I am white. Australia could well be a true utopia on earth, though a population transplant must take place first.


  2. Well, it is so obvious that it is hidden.
    I believe it is succently stated: ” hidden in plain sight”
    I am reminded of the saviour’s resounding words: “Few be there who find it” ( the strait path)
    Maybe because few be there who survive?


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