White People in Ancient Africa

Were there ever white people in Africa?  The answer is yes.  So why did they leave? They left because of the slavers who captured white people there.

The reason for propaganda that pits blacks against whites in the United States is to create a civil war here.  It’s the dream of the military Industrial complex to have another civil war in America so that the Tribe of David can further enslave all of us.  The first civil war was a great success for them, what with so many Christian warriors killing each other off so that the Khazarians can control the government.  What the tribe of David fears most is that American blacks will discover that it was the Jews who ran the slave trade and had been for literally thousands of years, and worse, still are.  By throwing the blame on white Christians, they cover up the fact that slavery was virtually eliminated by the first Roman Pontiffs who had converted to Christianity.  It was the Christians who freed the Roman slaves that had built all the Roman buildings. [This is the origin of the word ‘Freemason’ before it was infiltrated and usurped by Jewish interests]  The newly Christianized Roman Pontiffs (often the same person as the Emperor) accomplished this by accepting the freeing of a slave as a worthy sacrifice in place of the ancient practice of sacrificing a bull or calf. This can be found in any Encyclopedia of Roman Antiquity.

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Africa has an entry explaining the presence of a white tribe in North Africa/Ethiopia called the Beja Tribes, and also known today as the Pulani/Fulani/Fulasha that has existed since long before Christ.  I’ve traced their movement through Spain and into the Beaujolais region of France.  The word ‘pale’ derives from this word. [The missing story of the white people in Ethiopia, and why the Queen of Sheba was not black, is that of King Saul in the Bible.  His story can be found continuing as that of the New Kingdom Egyptian dynasty, of Aksum, and of the Greeks and later European Christians, whereas the Bible tells only the story of the  “Jewish” tribe of Judah, and that very much glossed over.]
Page 111 of the Encyclopedia of Africa says of the “myth of ‘Jewish’ Ethiopia'”, that it is based on a translation through Arabic from a Coptic original that was circulated in the 13th century as part of propaganda against  the true royal family whose origins were from Lasta.  A Jewish Arab tribe [Banu Hilal] had usurped the throne from them c.1150.

The Banu Hilal created a story which is a composite legend of the origins of the Christian monarchy which served as propaganda for the House of David in order to justify their usurpation. These later princes of Aksum established themselves in what had been Aksum’s southern borderlands and there controlled the slave trade and the gold trade which Cosmos described. Thus they became the most important of the inland partners of the traders in the Gulf of Aden and on the Dahlak Islands.  The African coast remained nominally under Aksumite rule although actually in the hands of these pirates and slave merchants.  White people were the most valuable slaves, and so the slave trade appears to have been the engine which moved the white tribes out of Africa long ago.

So you can see that the goal is to cover up the facts of who actually controlled and profited from the slave trade. By the time these poor captives arrived in America, anyone purchasing them would generally be saving them from a certain miserable existence. Many people purchased the child slaves and raised them out of pity.  This is attested by several eye witness journal accounts of the Acadian families of Louisiana, whose own children had been taken as slaves during their dispersion from Nova Scotia circa 1755, by the same Tribe of David which had usurped power in England.

To blame white Christians for the slave trade is to distract from the real culprits, and it is to foment war between the enemies of the real culprits, so that the real culprits end up enslaving everyone.

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