Unfit To Rule

An official bulletin from the U.S. Government, published almost one hundred years ago for the anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase, was written to assure members of the hidden ruling elite, calling themselves ‘Americans’, that there would be no possibility that people of French or Indian heritage , or anyone else for that matter, would ever serve in the United States Government after this vast Louisiana Purchase.

Referring to ‘America’, not as the land with people on it, but as the governing elite themselves, they use the pronoun ‘it’.   The document claims that ‘it’ is a race that is the strongest of all other ‘races’.  It also states explicitly that all other races are unfit to govern.  By using the word ‘our’ when referring to American Institutions, it is made clear that some unidentified group is managing things and it is not us, and never will be.  They clearly exclude from this ‘race’ anyone who is French, Indian, Spanish, Catholic, the list goes on and it’s a long one.  Who is left but International Jewish bankers and the owners of corporations hiding themselves from those of us who are so ‘unfit’.

Thus it can be seen that these people who call themselves ‘America’ purchased large tracts of land through confiscation (taxes), bribery and intrigue as a substitute for military power.  They then claimed dominion over people who they relegated to inferior status, where the goal still is to remove from this group of the ‘unfit’ the right to their own language and culture, along with the right to bear arms and defend themselves.

Also removed from us is the right to know or teach our own history.  All other rights we are voluntarily giving away due to the effective brainwashing techniques and mind control in the schools and media.  We have even given up our rights to good health by accepting without question such things as chemtrails, genetically modified foods and chemical laden farm produce. The extent of our brainwashing has us defending our own worst enemies all over the world.  We applaud the gradual extermination of the female sex.  We applaud sodomy and encourage our youth to practice the sin of usury. We gladly send our children to fight for the further power of this hidden group to purchase, repress and exploit other nations world wide, which has the side effect of increasing the ‘American’ power to repress ourselves and to further enslave and dispossess future generations.

The immense French territory of Louisiana, more than half of what is now the United States, was not won in war.   It was purchased with fiat money in a private and totally undemocratic back room deal with the express goal of exploiting, disenfranchising and destroying the autonomy of the people on the land that was purchased.  Sold by Bonaparte, who was financed by Jewish bankers, they were enabled to carry out their plan to ‘exterminate the race of the Bourbons’ as Bonaparte was reported to have said by his early mentor, Viscount Paul Barras.

Napoleon at the meeting of the Jewish Sanhedrin, getting support for his campaign to betray Barras and take the throne of France.
Napoleon at the meeting of the Jewish Sanhedrin, getting support for his campaign to betray Barras and take the throne of France.

Of course, Louisiana was Bourbon territory in America and now no one even knows who they are, where they are or even if they have been successfully exterminated.  It would surprise many people to find out they are of the race of the Bourbons, especially those of Acadian descent.  It seems that the extermination process has not ended.

This document quoted below plainly states that the people living within the purchased territory would not be given the right to participate in government. When this section of ‘America’ sought to practice self-governance and break away from dictatorial ‘America’, it was attacked mercilessly in what is called a ‘Civil War’ and remains an occupied territory to this day.  Fully one half of the present United States has already expressed its democratic wish to not be part of the United States Slave Plantation.  Using the word ‘perpetual’ to describe the length of this arrangement, the official publication states:

“It has in all cases been demonstrated that the stronger races dominate. The American element proves in every contest for supremacy to be the stronger.  It is a great colonizer and educates as it advances. Wherever it goes, our institutions go with it. Before it, the foreign element becomes Americanized in a brief period. It is a formidable missionary.  A further check is provided by…the exclusion of such elements from the exercise of governmental affairs. They are never at the time of accession admitted or accepted as citizens with political rights…a perpetual check is thus provided by the Constitution against the incorporation into our political system of state or national government of an element unfitted to control…”

This element ‘unfitted to control’ is us, ‘we the people’…perpetually.  Notice the word ‘control’ is used, rather than ‘govern’ or ‘lead’.

Shortly after the Louisiana Purchase was signed, the United States Government under Governor Claiborne intended to bombard the city of New Orleans to rubble unless the population would show him the subservience that he expected.  He gladly and boastfully condemned to be hung on the scaffold, without trial, several of the most prominent, respected and beloved leaders of French New Orleans on the lawn of what is now called the “United States Mint”.  Their families were thrown out of their homes to go begging.  Overnight, it was made illegal to write contracts in French.  Farms, businesses, houses and plantations were confiscated by the new United States Government, and no person of true French descent has gotten past small local political power to this day.  On the rare occasion that they do, they are soon eliminated in various ways, including assassinations of both character and body, made to look like accidents.  The cowardice of this hidden elite is beyond measure.

The fact that the early French were in America and already allied with the native Indians through intermarriage and trade for a very long time is demonstrated in the Acadian and Indian genealogies.  This was the situation long before the English pirate Drake arrived to destroy the old Catholic settlements in the New World and spread the Protestant heresy through terror tactics.

By using the term ‘white man’, the distinctions that exist between Catholic and Protestant are ignored.  Considering that the first 250 Protestant preachers were Jewish ‘converts’ it can be seen that there is as much difference between Catholic and Protestant as there is between Christian and Jew. This is a trick by the hidden government to throw the blame on those who are not guilty, to ‘whitewash’ a scenario that is made up of opposing factions, in an attempt to present a facade that appears to be unified but isn’t at all.

The only glue that holds the United States together is the willingness of our police and military to fire upon fellow citizens, nothing more.  The attack on the Southern States by the Northern States has no other word to describe it but terrorism.  Federal troops entered homes and stole everything they could lay hands on, even the blankets that belonged to little old ladies.

As individuals, not one of us has the right to leave the Union.  The claim that America is free is a false one.  We are in manifest bondage.  We were purchased by the American government with the Louisiana Purchase and we don’t even know who our owners are. Worse than slavery, we have no guarantee of food, shelter, clothing or medical care. These were the legal protections that pre-Civil War slaves were guaranteed by the courts.  Under the feudal system we would at least have land to work or a trade to follow.  We would at least be fighting real enemies at the gate.  We would at least be defending our children rather than the interests of our worst enemies.

The Louisiana Purchase included much more land than the original thirteen colonies possessed, even after the addition of the land confiscated from the earliest Catholic settlers in the Northern territories that are now called Maine and Vermont.  The vast majority of ‘America’ has been taken from the French and Indian settlers and ruled through terror and war ever since it’s inception.  The hidden rulers who do this intend to destroy the world using our sons and daughters, and then have the world destroy us so that the hidden rulers can get rid of us bothersome people, which they openly describe as  ‘unfit’.  Cannon fodder and slaves is what we are under this ‘race of Americans’.  It is foolish to consider ourselves one with them, or to consider that they are one with us.

This long-standing and on-going injustice is the perpetual state of affairs that the ‘race’ of Americans intends to maintain.  Under the American system, it was never and still is not intended that we would ever participate in government.

But the tragedy is that, not only are we barred from government, but even the work has been taken from us.   Being one of the ‘unfit’, our masters have barred us from just about everything but sickness and perversion.  Not a good state of affairs, but who cares about all that.

How ’bout them Saints?

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