Stealing History

I live in a very mixed neighborhood and have been repeatedly told by black people around here that white people have stolen their history. 

I am told that Europe, which is to say Christendom at that time, was fully populated by the black race.  According to this widespread belief system, white people have carefully and systematically, in a conspiratorial manner, erased all traces of the black features of the many royal families who ruled at that time.  As white people, we even went so far as to knock noses off of so-called ‘Greek’ statues in order to hide the fact that these were wide African noses, not narrow Caucasian noses.  Great mural paintings, cathedral statuary, manuscripts and their miniature paintings that depict white people were all carefully re-painted, re-sculpted and re-written in order to cover up the true race of the people who created the civilization that we know today.

After being informed of this by the man who delivers my lumber for an on-going building project, I said to my informant, “Oh my, white people really are evil conspirators against black people.  What shall we do about this?  Perhaps we could round us up and put us into gas chambers to get rid of the problem.  We must rescue your history from these scoundrels, no matter the cost.” 

“Oh, I’m not racist”, he replies.  “I don’t hold it against you.”

“But I feel so guilty”, I tell him.  “Surely there is something I can do to make it up to you.  Can I give you money or my car or house or something?  Please forgive me.  Here are my children, I sacrifice them to you in expiation for my guilt.”

He said he would think it over.

The following is a link to a video in which is revealed that a certain ‘Tireo’ claims that YouTube is paying him to produce and post the most outright racist tirades against the white race imaginable.  According to Tireo’s message, YouTube pays him a commission every time this video is re-posted like it is here.  Only the email address is showing and it’s probably changed by now. Here is the information for further investigation.

Only the first minute of this video pertains to the issue of payment by YouTube:

Here is the link to Tireo’s extreme racist rant against white people. This thing has been up since 2011.  Imagine a similar video rant against Blacks or Jews being left up on YouTube for five years.  It wouldn’t last five minutes.  YouTube allegedly pays commissions to him for this reposting:

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