The Role of Women in America’s Jewish Narrative

Without Mary’s willingness to bear the child Jesus, we would not have had Jesus. Her willingness to serve the Lord included her willingness to suffer the corresponding slander, insults and misconceptions that she would be subject to.  The insulting and diminishing of all women is a result of this attitude toward Mary.  Mary was an example to all of us, to do the same as she did, to ignore and endure the slander and insults, the marginalization and disrespect.  Nothing held higher importance to her than being a willing hand-maiden of the Lord.  Her role was essential.

She is also now essential to the worldwide survival of Christianity, and thus a serious threat to anti-Christian elements.  I will always avoid Protestant religions because of their slander of this amazing woman and their hatred of all Catholics.  Catholics are the only true Christians.  Protestantism was a Jewish creation, the first 250 of their preachers having been ‘converted’ Jews.  Their ideas of women as dirty and inferior to men extends as an attitude toward all women and this despite our important role as bearers of the next generation.

No one should be surprised at the slaughter of millions of unborn babies as long as Mary is shoved aside as unimportant to our salvation.  No, she is not a goddess, and we are not to worship her as such, but we are to turn to her as a helper, a willing hand-maiden for the carrying out of God’s plan, someone whose role we can see ourselves taking.  But women today receive instead a message of our own lack of importance, and we will see the diminishment of our population as fewer and fewer women are willing to be a mother.

In ancient Rome, a matron held the highest status of any citizen.  Today, the status of women is lower than that of any other in America, a status that opens us to disrespect for the rest of our lives for having just once given birth to a child.  From there on out, we are called ‘housewives’, denoting stupidity, lack of education and indulging in superstitions and anything non-scientific.  In other words, the root of all evil.

With Madonna the Satanic pop star, they have successfully perverted an entire generation of women into thinking that by having a child a woman will no longer be sexy and attractive to men who seek to use her for their sexual gratification and nothing more.  Mothers are openly ridiculed in many ways in the media.  Parents also are generally made to appear as idiots in children’s cartoons.

This disrespect toward women who have children is further emphasized in the universities, as I myself have had to listen to one female Professor tell young girls that women who stay home to care for their children become stupid by doing this.  This was the theme of her lecture to 18 year old boys and girls on the first day of class in a 100 level freshman journalism class.

How can anyone be surprised at the high rate of abortion and birth control?  We have come to the point where a pregnancy is often thought to be the worst thing that can happen to a woman, the end of her useful life as a dollar-earner, someone marginalized, disrespected, ignored and forgotten, not to be taken seriously as a thinker ever again, not to be given any power, not to inherit property or business, not to play any role ever again in anything other than the most marginal of activities, like publishing wordpress articles that no one ever reads.

The horror and expense of modern medicine is another element that serves to diminish both population and respect for women.  And after three generations of this, the population plummets, our land is open to immigration and take-over because there aren’t enough of us to maintain our unique culture anymore.  This has already happened in Europe.  It’s why we call the place Europe today, instead of Christendom, the name that it formerly went by. It’s why the greatest cathedrals ever built are empty during Mass. It’s why the very French language has changed to include the Yiddish guttural sounds (called ‘Parisian French’ by the new Jewish overlords) that don’t exist in the original old French that came to America and is still spoken the old way. Our children are taught in school today that the old pre-Yiddish french language that we speak is a ‘patois’ which they are told means, the language of ignorant people.

By diminishing our birth rate, we are more easily controlled by a group that represents just 2% of the population, a group that works through an anti-Christian organization called AIPAC.  They write our narrative, our textbooks, our movies and now they are even writing our Catholic mass and inserting prayers for “The Chosen People”, a most anti-Christian concept if ever there was one.

Men don’t need women anymore, says Caitlin Jenner between the lines. Look at me, Caitlin says, I am your new woman, I’m sexy and I can have a baby by sending in the IDF to steal someone else’s baby either from Nepal or wherever the next disaster occurs.  Who needs a real woman?  Jenner’s photo-shopped and airbrushed image is pornography, pure and simple.

Pornography, an immense influence on the world, states clearly that women are in a status quite a bit below a dog.  If someone made snuff films involving the death of a dog or cat, there would be a huge outcry in America.  But because the films use females and children, no one cares.

Somehow, this message of female inferiority is being conveyed and inserted into the minds of just about every man I know personally.  Whether this is done through subliminal messages in the media, or not so subliminal messages in universities, pornography and publishing, I don’t know.  Most of modern television, movies and popular music are pornography and the result is that more and more boys and men are reported to be indulging in masturbation rather than seeking a real girl or woman for a mate.  What woman can compete with an airbrushed photo in all of its perfection? What with our flaws and imperfections, any man would find us detestable in comparison to that perfection on the screen who asks no questions, speaks no truths at all.  With what real woman can a man be always right?

It is a fact that in most forms of Judaism, women are considered to be in a status far below that of an animal.  As we turn over our government, schools and hospitals to people who follow the religion of Judaism, we should not be surprised that men turn toward homosexuality and teach it to our children.  The idea that women are dirty is part of the scripture and theology of Judaism.  Homosexuality is the only way around this theology, and the Talmud does indeed give permission to Rabbis to molest young boys and baby girls. This is a sad fact that Jewish women are kept from knowing because they are prohibited from studying the religious books.  So they send their sons to the Yeshivas to learn lessons that perpetuate the injustice that exists on so many levels internationally, an injustice especially towards the young Jewish boys who are left with no protection against the predatory Rabbis..  It is completely within the power of Jewish mothers to stop sending their sons to these schools of tribalism and hate, but they don’t.  Why not?

Jewish mothers have the power to change the world more so than any other group in the world today.  Where are you? Why the silence?  Too busy filling up the bank account perhaps, too much enjoyment of an unjust and privileged status to think that perhaps someone else besides Jewish people would like to sell their artwork, publish a book, get a movie into the theaters, have an interesting job above the level of cashier in one of your stores?  Just because you drum into our heads 24 hours a day how stupid we are, this does not actually make us stupid.

White Christians are force-fed the Jewish narrative even unto our own destruction and the Jewish people of the United States think that is just fine.  But will this situation last forever?  Or will there be a backlash.  Who knows, but remember that the pendulum of events which the Jewish lobby and their army of assassins have pushed in favor of Jewish privilege, will go just that far in the opposite direction when the time for justice and penalties arrive.

While it might be funny to the Jewish propaganda machine that Americans, as a faceless, voiceless and powerless group, are being given the blame for the worldwide destruction being caused by our co-opted mercenary military, the laughter may turn to tears in a moment of time.

Apparitions of the Virgin Mary have called for the consecration of Russia to her Sacred Heart since long before the Jewish Bolshevik take-over of that country and the subsequent holocaust of no less than 60 million Christians there by those Jewish controllers. What Mary was saying was that it could have been avoided. We have not had a Catholic pope in over 100 years, since not one of them has obeyed this simple instruction that involves nothing more than a simple ceremony and the presence of Catholic Bishops world-wide.

Father Nicholas Gruner, may he rest in peace, spent a lifetime spreading this message which was first given at Fatima.  I would like to point out that Fatima was the only daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, and the place was named after her by the Muslim/Christian allies in Spain at the time of the Andalouis dynasty. Mary’s messages call repeatedly for recital of the rosary as a weapon against the powers and principalities that work for our destruction. But how does that work?

The following is an account of the events and a statement made by one of the Jesuit priests who miraculously survived the nuclear holocaust in Japan and who attribute their survival to having obeyed Our Lady’s message of Fatima:

“Since Hiroshima had military facilities, he assumed there must have been some sort of explosion at the harbour, but almost immediately he recounted: “A terrific explosion filled the air with one bursting thunderstroke. An invisible force lifted me from the chair, hurled me through the air, shook me, battered me [and] whirled me round and round…” He raised himself from the ground and looked around, but could see nothing in any direction. Everything had been devastated.

He had a few quite minor injuries, but nothing serious, and indeed later examinations at the hands of American army doctors and scientists showed that neither he nor his companions had suffered ill-effects from radiation damage or the bomb. Along with his fellow Jesuits, Fr Schiffer believed “that we survived because we were living the message of Fatima. We lived and prayed the rosary daily in that home.”

There is actually a biblical precedent for what happened to the eight Jesuits, in the book of Daniel. In Chapter 3, we read of the three young men who were thrown into the fiery furnace at the orders of Nebuchadnezzar, but who survived their ordeal and even walked around in the midst of the flames, accompanied by an angel who looked like “a son of the gods”.

Anti-Christian Masons in charge of the nation that is supposed to be Christian but is actually secretly Jewish.
Anti-Christian Masons in charge of the nation that is supposed to be Christian but is actually secretly Jewish.

There are many who claim that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were chosen as targets specifically because they were strongly Catholic cities in Japan.

How many of us have actually experienced living in a Catholic culture?  I can say that I have, when I was young, and it was an amazingly good experience.  It’s what gives me courage to write and tell people that a functional society is possible, but only if we insulate ourselves against the Federal Government, as we were for a while in South Louisiana, to a certain extent until the late 1960’s.

That is gone now. Instead, we have this:

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