Salic Tribes, King Saul and the Rebel Flag

Modern technology allows me to publish my own words to the world, and it allows me to see that no one reads it.  It’s no different than a private diary, except that people are interested in private diaries.

It’s true that virtual reality is a great escape from actual reality.  And the worse actual reality gets, the more we turn to the virtual.  Virtual reality promotes the new virtues, the new religion, which is the exact opposite to our old religions.  But why replace one religion with another?  What is there in the old religions that our present overlords find so threatening?  Why are school children being told that the Bible is a story book of unreality and that Jesus is a myth?

There are so many people who get angry when people talk about reality.  It’s not acceptable in polite society.  The pretend world of sports and movies are about the limit to safe conversation.  Politics and religion are off limits in America as conversation subjects. There are no two subjects more willingly self-censored than these.  But what is there in life that does not fall under the category of politics and religion?  I mean, who is poisoning our children with vaccines and other big pharma genocide techniques?  How can we talk about our families and this not also be talk of politics? When movies, shopping and music concerts are the new religion, when sports heroes become gods, then when are we not talking about religion?

The truth is that we can talk about politics and religion, but not just any.  The religion of materialism and media worship is okay.  The politics of hatred of some other group other than your own is okay.  But that’s it.

I hear talk of people wishing to return to the pre-Christian pagan days, as though they were rosy times compared to these.  We have the luxury of not being aware of the religions that included child sacrifice as part of their ritual, but these did and do exist. Not all pre-christians practiced child sacrifice of course.

King Saul and the Salic tribes were pre-Christians who descend from Jacob.  The Salic tribes of the Israelites split off from the tribe of David and Judah in Judea after the death of Saul and his sons.  David forbade the burial of them, so their sister stayed to keep the vultures from their bodies.  This was now a very hostile environment for them.

The Quran and the Muslim scholars point out that the story of the Benjamites being homosexual was not originally in the Bible.  That and the story of Lot having sex with his daughters are both pointed out by Muslim scholars as stories taken word for word from the Jewish Talmud and inserted in places to change the Bible, especially to discredit the tribe of Benjamin.  Sheik Imran Nazar Hussein is a Muslim scholar who speaks vehemently about the wrongness of these scriptural crimes.

The reason for making the Benjamites look bad is because the tribe of David usurped their position and occupied their inheritance.  Saul was a Benjamite, so it’s ridiculous to believe that his entire tribe of the Benjamites stayed with David after David’s people murdered Saul’s family.  It’s plain to see that the tribe of David had to claim alliance, not a real alliance but just the appearance of one, with the tribe of Benjamin whose inheritance was Jerusalem and all the best real estate of what we call Palestine.

After David convinced Saul’s son and daughter to betray him, the rest of Saul’s people left Jerusalem, and there is archaeological evidence that a large portion of the city was abandoned at this time while the buildings were still standing.  These were the people who migrated away and eventually became us, the lost tribes.

The Acadians especially are identified as the tribe of Benjamin, according to a local Rabbi that I consulted.  But since the Benjamites are saddled with the slander of having been homosexual, no one today wants to claim that heritage.  This is why Jesus chastised the scribes more than any other group.

Salic history is in the bible, but they are not identified clearly as Salic unless you examine the genealogies and the correct spelling of the names [they love to switch the vowels around in the translations from a language with no vowels.  Be alert to this.] The Salic tribes, at different times are called Persians, Arameans, Syrians, Samaritans, Greeks and even Ethiopians and Yemenites.  Benjamin can be literally translated as Son of Yemen.  Historians have identified them as the very Persians who exiled the tribe of Judah during the time of Jehediah.  A careful study of the bible sections dealing with this era is necessary to understand this, but it needs to be re-translated in order to clear up misconceptions. Also, these questionable additions to the bible, which scholars also agree were later insertions, should be removed immediately.

Salic means the descendants of Saul and his followers, no matter what anyone tries to tell you, this is the origin of the word. The reason it deals with inheritance laws, as in ‘The Salic Law’ is because the men of the tribe of Benjamin had been slaughtered at one time, and then several other times, and the issue of inheritance for the remaining females had to be dealt with.  Like everything else, this has been turned upside down to supposedly mean that women can’t inherit anything, a most unjust law.  However, the reason is because clan property would have gone to the non-Benjamite husbands of the remaining Benjamite women, and then there would have been no inheritance for the Benjamites.  In order to prevent the clan property from going to the hostile in-laws of a Benjamite woman, the inheritance would at times skip over the woman and go to a near relative who would help her to protect her property.  It was never meant to indicate that women are incapable of handling property or ruling.  Anyone, male or female, needs clan support to protect clan property.  This is the precise reason that the Mossad targets the males of the family for assassination, the women are targeted for character assassination, which then leaves the women with no protection.

King Saul was God’s appointed and annointed King.  David was not annointed. Neither was Queen Elizabeth I or any other so-called royal after her.  Usurpers hate the idea of being anointed because it smacks of Divine Appointment. If only people would read the Bible carefully, they would realize that King David set the pattern for enslavement, extortion and privilege that our present rulers follow.  He was nothing but a traitor and a bandit who was rejected by his people in the end, and only saved by the kindness of one of his sons. Why was there not another King David after him?  Why was the next King named after Saul, for this is what Sauloman is, Soloman. This is all written as clearly as can be by David’s tribal propagandists.  But our eyes see what they want to see and disregard the rest.  The subject of people with eyes being blind is repeated often by Jesus.

Didn’t Jesus himself say clearly that he is not the ‘son of David’?  “How could I be”, he said, “when David calls the Messiah Lord?” in Isaiah.  What father would call his son ‘Lord’. Jesus had found a place in scripture that had escaped the censors.  This is why the Pharisees walked out when he asked the question, and why they began in earnest to kill him after this. And right after they walked away he pointed to them and said “Woe to the scribes”.  Why else would Herod fear the baby Jesus if not for the fact that Jesus was of the family of the legitimate high priesthood.  Zacharia, the uncle of Jesus, was killed so that Simon, the Levite who was not of the Zadok family, could take over the high priesthood by marrying his daughter to Herod.  Josephus tells most of this.

Judgement of Childebert III.

Salic law provided written codification of both civil law, such as the statutes governing inheritance, and criminal law, such as the punishment for murder. It has had a formative influence on the tradition of statute law that has extended to modern times in Central Europe, especially in the German states, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, parts of Italy, Austria and Hungary, Romania, and the Balkans.

The above wikipedia excerpt gives a good idea of where the lost tribes of the Israelites went to and how they maintained their tribal system of justice which we are seeing destroyed daily by the corruption of the tribe of David.

If we had the courage the read the Quran, then we’d understand that an entire chapter is devoted to the Virgin Mary.  There are some weird parts that bother me, it’s true, but there are other very interesting statements.  She is called a sister of Aaron, which makes her a Levite and therefore so was Jesus.  He had to have been a Levite, like his uncle Zacharia, but not just any Levite.  He was of the family of Zadok, as in Melchizedek, which means he was in line for the high priesthood.  This means that Jesus’ name was Joshua Ben Levy.  Those who have read the Mishna, will have read his words, “If you people fear me now, what will you do when I am legion?”.

The depopulation agenda seems to be their fear that we have already become legion.  I have no problem with the idea that Jesus had children.  It seems the most logical thing to do, especially if he came to change the world.  He called his disciples his children many times.  There is so much that we don’t know.

So if Jesus married Mary Magdelene, and if Magdelene refers to the Scottish Marcher Lord or Marquise de Allan, then we are talking of the Tribes of the Allans which would logically be a Sallic tribe and that of Benjamin. [Those of you with some knowledge of Scottish history will understand what I’m saying about the Marcher Lords who manned the border forts]  Imagine the union of the true high priest with a descendant of God’s anointed King Saul, just at a time when the Edomite usurpers are controlling Jerusalem.  Surely Herod had reason to be threatened.  Surely Jesus knew of the danger. The Quran simply says that ‘it appeared that he died’.  That could mean many things, and it is quite possibly that he staged his death and escaped, or else he was an angelic being who could not be killed. Is it worth killing millions of human beings and destroying the world over this question?

union jackThe flag called the Union Jack represents the union of the twelve tribes of Jacob under the Christian cross.  The Confederate Flag of the American South is based on this flag, as a reminder that we are the true Israelites.  No wonder it’s hated by the 13th Tribe. The Salic Arms of Scotland refers to King Saul, but why are we not more aware of these things?  Who is it that is claiming that the Scottish are just like the Nazi’s because of their Salic flag, if not the very people who are most threatened by a union of the Salic tribes?  Who is it that is still very much aware of King Saul if not the very group who has hidden this history from us and taken his place unjustly?  Only the Tribe of David throws the Nazi accusation around so freely at some of the best people, I know their signature style now, plain as day.


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