The Art of Making People Homeless

Described as “America’s most important ally”, Israel has attacked American buildings and military many times over the years, assassinated our leaders, misled our public. They spy against us and sell our military secrets, they trick us into wars so that our sons and uncles and fathers end up dead or maimed at a very young age.  We must accept this with joy and gratitude to them because we are so guilty for the imaginary Holocaust, a simple lie that fills the textbooks, the new religion based on blind faith. Blind faith in these lies carries the requirement that we sacrifice ourselves and our families as punishment for a guilty verdict upon Christians.

It’s worth it of course.  We must die so that they can live.  Simple as that.  It’s the American way, love it or leave it.

So when we care not about what happens to the Palestinian people, the Israelis take it as a go-ahead to do more of the same thing here in America and elsewhere. In fact it’s already been done to the Catholic Acadians in the New World back in the mid 1700’s.  It’s how they took control of America.  The Protestants then, as now, help the Jews in their various schemes to make people homeless.

It goes like this:

After inventing something called a “textbook”, these are forced upon us in the educational system that they also control.  These textbooks are filled with lies that are designed to guilt us or otherwise manipulate us into some very suicidal behavior.  Even in mainstream media, we hear repeated ad nauseum that white Christians genocided the Indians in America and enslaved the blacks. This lie is then used to justify their genocide of Palestinians and at the same time throw the blame on Americans.  You can find this justification scattered in comments throughout the internet.

It’s all wrong of course. American history didn’t happen that way at all.  What did happen is that Rothschild slave merchants allied with English and French Protestants and these allied with aggressive raiding Iroquois Indians.  Together they attacked and destroyed the peaceful and productive settlements of the allied Catholic and Indian tribes that had long been producers and not raiders.  Sir Francis Drake is honored today in these textbooks for having destroyed every early Catholic settlement in the New World that he could get to. These Catholic settlements had been living peacefully with native Indians for a few generations before Drake arrived. The Acadian and Indian genealogies that survive in the Upper Great Lakes regions and in Latin America prove this.

The genealogies of my own Acadian people show clearly that the first Catholics had long been intermarried with Indians before any Protestants or Jews arrived in America. Family documents show that the Indians received regular payments from the early Catholics for use of their land.  Catholic priests created villages for those Indians who wanted to live the Catholic way.  They often rescued Indians who had been expelled or maimed by other Indians.  They taught the Indians many skills and set up missions where they could be self-sufficient.  In fact, the use of the word ‘secular’ was to describe an Indian mission that had become self-sufficient and no longer needed aid from Catholic supporters. Other times the priests were tortured and killed by hostile Indians. Seminaries and convents were established very early so that the Indians who wanted to learn had a place to do so.

No one’s culture was ‘stolen’.  Why is it so hard to believe that many Indians were happy to become Catholic?

In spite of all this aid and cooperation, a war ensued.  Who were the players? The races were already mixed, who was fighting whom?

The Naming of Wars: Why is a war between Rothschild slave traders and early American Catholic settlers called “The French and Indian War”?

The history of America is distorted to cover up facts that shed bad light on the Jews in pioneer America, and their Protestant allies.  The first 250 Protestants preachers were originally Jews and their purpose was to destroy Catholicism which had been the only Christianity for about 1500 years.  When they came to America, it was to continue the destruction of Catholicism, and to steal what had been produced in the very functional and productive Catholic towns.

Recent archaeological discoveries reveal that the first Protestants were incompetent to live an agricultural life.  Documents reveal that the Pilgrims came here to collect Indian slaves to sell in Europe.  They married old men to child brides as young as 9 years old. Once in America, they angered the local Indians and fought among themselves and as a result fell into such starvation that they ate at least one 14 year old girl.

Yet, a nearby Catholic settlement was thriving, there was plenty of fish and hunting and planted fields.  The Protestants however, being under Jewish sponsorship, considered agriculture beneath them and obviously had no skills other than trade.  Their letters reveal that they had never intended to do anything other than trade, and that was the slave trade.

So we can see a simple matter of a war between raiding slave traders and agriculturalists.  There were Indians and whites allied on both opposing sides of the war, so you have to distinguish between the various Indian tribes, just as you have to distinguish between the various European tribes.  Which white men are you talking about when you say white men?  Is it a Jew or a Christian?  Because these two white groups are not allies themselves, or they weren’t until the Protestant religion was invented to give the appearance of a Christian-Jewish alliance, but this is only a facade.

Just because Protestants call themselves Christian does not make them Christian. At the inception of Protestantism, they rose against Christians in an orgy of murder and plunder, destroyed churches and monasteries, stole and carted away shiploads of Christian artwork (now in Russia), burned homes, spread rumors, instigated trouble in society, assassinated the Noble family leaders, etc.

The history of the Protestant take-over of Christendom is the story of the establishment of terrorism as a government policy along with the world-wide spy system that we are plagued with today. It began in earnest with Queen Elizabeth I and her spymaster Francis Walsingham.

Now that name Walsingham is so close to the name Washington, and since George Washington was employed the British Lords of Trade who owned the West India Trading Company, that I am convinced that the two names are the same.  Washington actually lived with the family of Lord Fairfax whose 5,000,000 acre land grant required the expulsion of all the settlers upon that land in order for him to take clear title.  What they did instead was instigate a ‘Revolution’ which nullified this inconvenient protection for the settlers.

What George Washington accomplished for the American people, was to force them to pay Fairfax if they wanted to continue living on their settlements.  Not having the gold to redeem their land, they packed up and went west, so the cleared and planted land was forfeited. There is not one revolution that has ever resulted in anything but further consolidation of Jewish power.

The early Protestant-Jewish alliance in America created a mercenary army that took over the entire Atlantic coast of North America.  There was no war between America and England at the time. George Washington was the leader of a gang of thugs long before the “American Revolution”.  Those who weren’t thugs simply left the ranks and joined the Catholics once they arrived in America. George Washington was incompetent at war, so George resorted to murdering the commanding General at one fort after losing a battle against him.  Another fort, the great one at Quebec was simply sold after bribing the Commander there.  They never actually won a battle.  They were forced to use treachery instead. You can find this in any Canadian history, however you will have to read between the lines a bit because the facts are glossed over to make the Protestants look good.

The settlers known as the Acadians were the families of the Catholic nobility who no longer cared to live in Europe.  King Louis XIV is quoted as having complained that all his best Nobility were in Nova Scotia.  The same was said by writers at the time about the Catholic French who had settled in Louisiana: that they were the family of the Christian Nobility of Europe who had been sent to America as ‘representatives’. [See ‘Vigilantes of the Attakapas’ by Alexandre Barde].  Every historian has noted that the old Christian nobles loved hunting more than anything, and so why not go to a place where the hunting is best?  How Cajun is that?

The Acadians included the Micmac Indians and other tribes as well because the society was apparently well integrated among those who became Catholic.  The people who had the original land grants, after the forts were sold to the Washington and Fairfax usurpers, migrated to Louisiana and other areas in Latin America.  For example, the very common name Gutierrez is the Spanish version of Gautier which is the last name of King Francois I of France.  The invention of an event called the Acadian ‘exile’ is a melodrama to detract from the fact that bribery and corruption led to a false Protestant “victory”.  A real war would have allowed the people to defend themselves and probably win.

Further out west, the Spanish explorers in the mid 1500’s saw many formerly agricultural Indian towns that had been destroyed by these raiding Indian tribes. The Spanish explorers found a ruined fort around Arizona that was no different from Roman style forts in Europe. The remaining Indians had been reduced greatly and were living in squalor, but it hadn’t always been that way.  It was reported to the Spanish by their Indian guides that the raids had been going on for a very long time, that a drought had made things worse, and that the raiding Indians had been given weapons of European origin.  This was in the 1550’s. Please read the personal accounts of these explorers if you want more of this true narrative as an alternative to textbook or internet propaganda history.


There are specific white men who worked to destroy native American society, but not all of it, only the part that had become Catholic. The Forbes, the Halliburtons, to name a couple. Burke’s peerage has all the names of those Protestants who were granted titles to lands that had already long been occupied by peaceful Catholic and Indian settlers.

Among these you will find the names of all of our Western world leaders, including American presidents. It was a General Amhurst who invented the idea of giving tainted blankets to the Indians, but they did the same thing to Catholic settlers as well.

It was law that these titles could not be claimed as long as there were previous settlers on the land.  So in order to take title, Catholic French settlers along the coast were forced onto Rothschild slave ships that worked out of Rhode Island long before any black slaves arrived in America.   This is known as the ‘Expulsion’ instead of the ‘Enslavement’.

Without Protestant support, drummed up on the pulpits of Protestant churches in early America, by preachers who were converted Jews, there would never have been an Acadian Expulsion, and there would be no corporation called “The United States” to make war upon the world.  The Queen of England at the time of the Acadian Expulsion was a black woman by the name of Queen Charlotte.


White Christians being enslaved by black slave merchants goes back a long way to the time of Ethiopia and Saba. So long in fact, that in the Ukraine, where Jewish slave merchants worked their white slaves in the wheat fields there, the very name for slave was ‘christian’.

Likewise, without Protestant support, drummed up on the pulpits of Protestant churches, there would never have been established the ‘State of Israel”.  This ‘State’ has refined the art of making non-Jews homeless recently by forcing Palestinians to physically destroy their own homes.

Whatever happens in Palestine, remember, happens next to every place on earth, because, to the Jewish Zionist mentality, American Christians are as much a problem as Palestinian Christians who are as much a problem as anyone who is not fully part of their in-group.  When the Zionists are finished using the Protestants, it will be the turn of the Protestants to destroy their own homes, and in fact they are already working diligently to do just that to our home America.

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