The True Mis-measurement of Education

This focus on money or ‘paying for incentives’ is an outrage. I was shocked to see one Charter school in New Orleans rewarding good behavior with what they called ‘Ashe Cash’.  The name of the school had even been changed to Ashe, instead of the name of the woman who founded it, a name it had for many generations.  I tried to explain to the children that you don’t always get paid for good behavior, but how can one teacher fight the system. There should be NO TEXTBOOKS in schools. Only source documents and eye witness journal accounts of history that have been verified. All textbooks should be banned. Only workbooks for math and like I said, source documents only. I felt so sorry for those children that I just couldn’t take it anymore, seeing them misled that way. Like I said, when it comes to Charter Schools, no one even knows who the owners are. A foreign country for sure, an enemy of America, who can say?

The True Mis-measurement of Education.

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