Catholics in America

The elephant in the political and religious room is the true, traditional Catholic Church in America. The Catholic Church as a people, is without a voice, except for a few ex-communicated priests on-line and in England Bishop Williamson who has been deprived of a job. Their crime is practicing traditional Catholicism. The Vatican has been hi-jacked by Protestants who welcome into the church any religion other than True Catholicism. True Catholicism is now underground. We pray for the restoration of Christ’s true church and the celebration of the ancient rite approved by the Council of Trent. The ancient liturgical rites are part of our World Heritage and should be protected as such. We should not be deprived of that choice.

If the Rite has no power or meaning, then why bother to suppress it? The fact is that the ancient rite does have power, and that is why we should rescue it from oblivion and perform the holy mass in cathedrals worldwide and set some good vibration going. We need it.

President Putin rescued the Russian Orthodox Church.

Which brings up three oft repeated lies about Rome and Constantinople:

Truth #1: The Eastern Orthodox Church in Constantinople did agree to a union with the Western Church at Rome but assassination of key personnel by Tartar usurpers in Russia prevented the union shortly prior to the fall of Constantinople. The Tartar King had made a puppet of the Russian Tsar by blinding him while Isidore was in Rome negotiating. When Isidore arrived with news of an agreement, he was murdered or otherwise silenced. This resulted in the fall of Constantinople, the Capitol of The Roman Christian Empire in the East.

Truth #2: The Crusaders did not sack Constantinople. They were invited by the leaders of Constantinople to help against invading forces. It was agreed that the costs to the crusaders would be reimbursed by Constantinople. The debt was paid in relics and other precious church items which were delivered to the care of Western churches. Constantinople had an abundance of relics, icons and ritual tableware in precious metals, so the city was not ‘sacked’ by the Crusaders.

Truth #3: American settlers did not destroy the Indian population. About 100 years before the fall of Constantinople, before any Conquistador arrived, which evidence shows to be around 1450, a 2-4 year drought destroyed Native civilizations in America. Along side of this drought, certain raiding tribes of violent Native Americans began attacking peaceful agrarian settlements, further destroying the peaceful Indians. Reports of Indians arriving with cannon and bombarding European style forts in the American west were made in the early 1500’s by Cortez. Really, these are official government reports. What Cortez and other confirming reports depict is a land that had recently been destroyed in the New World, especially around ‘Cibola’ which is Arizona more or less.

The Conquistadors found a few desperate and starving remnants, and the Franciscan priests, who were there before Cortez, had established small missionaries with certain of those who were willing. This can all be found in the official documents that deal with the ‘West Indies’, most of which are in Seville, but translations are abundant. There was very little violence, and what there was had to be investigated and reported and justified.

There was a serious problem of cannibalism throughout America before those good priests and their brave native acholytes made some headway. They should be remembered and honored, their reports should be translated and published, the original manuscripts made available in microfilm. This would be a huge project, but it would present much needed evidence about the founding of what we call the USA.

The fact is that Franciscan and other missionaries paved the way for the rest of mankind to escape the Protestant/pagan/OTPR invasion of The Old World. During Elizabeth’s Protestant reign later, her pirates gleefully destroyed established Catholic settlements along the east coast of America, stealing everything that could be moved, making slaves of the natives and French settlers both. Drake and his sponsors in the English monarchy armed and trained the worst of the Indians and now ‘Americans’ are blamed for the resulting slaughter in our distorted history. The government of America, the United States is now that same pagan entity as usurper.

The original, pioneering and successful settlements in the New World, from Canada to Tierra Del Fuego, were Catholic. Their descendants remain, many still devout but voiceless, amidst a Protestant and atheist majority and with a Vatican controlled by Masonic agents and governments controlled by a Jewish minority.

The Protestant movement was the first OTPR in Europe.

Protestantism is Talmudic mainly in that it rejects the honor due to the woman as symbolized by the Virgin Mary. It was a creation of the Freemasons as a wedge to further split the unity of Christ’s followers after the East-West split. It was spread through warfare, terror, and spying. It was a classic OTPR exercise. Strictly speaking, Protestantism cannot even be called Christianity. It has a poorly developed doctrine that basically gives power to the human being rather than to God, though this is cloaked in obscure language.

Even to this day, the main tenet of Protestantism is the imperative to destroy the Catholic Church, a purely negative foundation which is precisely in line with that of Zionist Jews.

Since Queen Elizabeth I, terror tactics and secret agents have genocided Catholic leadership. Catholic contribution has been censored but not eliminated. Protestant England and Walsingham gave us false history, the attempt to change reality itself. Lies rule, criminals usurp power, good becomes bad and bad becomes good. Normal is now a crime and Catholic priests are hunted to be murdered when Walsingham, Queen Elizabeth’s Spymaster, established the all seeing Eye, with agents throughout Europe and beyond.

He and Elizabeth’s Navy of pirates stole enough gold to pay for the ‘Turkish’ invasion of Constantinople, the true fall of the Roman Empire. As a Catholic during the Elizabethan era, you could run but you could not hide, except in the wilderness of America. As a Catholic in those days, your fellow guest at dinner in a French Catholic monastery might put you on a list for Elizabeth’s rabidly anti-Catholic secret police to take you to the rack. The rack is a wicked torture device in the Tower of London, the Abu Ghraib of it’s day. All of Queen Elizabeth’s relatives were Tower employee’s, professional torturers, for the Crown, of course. Their names are all familiar to us, since their descendants continue to rule today by the same tactics, as they did in Revolutionary France and America in Acadie and the American Revolution and the Civil War, until the Catholics rise and demand the right to live under their own religion. If only they knew it.

Until that day, we are here still Catholic in America, a country ruled by the descendants of those who murdered our ancestors and stole our inheritance. As a people, in general, we don’t know why we came to be here or who our enemies are. We are taught a false history. Somewhere it is written, “For lack of knowledge, my people are destroyed”.

But even if we knew, we might just forgive and leave vengeance to our Father in Heaven. Someone should protect our children from US Savings Bondage. This is a war of information and the weapons are lies and truth. Weren’t we warned that Satan would make war upon the woman, but that in the end she would crush him with her heal?

The best strategy for survival is hidden in Catholic doctrine because it has been tempered. Tempered means it has stood through time, 2000 years and some thousands before that going back to Aaron and Moses and Miriam. That’s a long time, with the best minds and hearts contributing to the literature, music, artwork, architecture, social net and doctrine of the Church and we’d be fools to sell our precious heritage for the mess of pottage that is multi-culturalism.

Putin asked Pope Francis if he would consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as the Blessed Virgin instructed during the Fatima Apparitions. The Pope said no, thereby, to my mind, demonstrating two things:

1. He is not Catholic, but an imposter.
2. He believes in the power that this consecration would give Russia, which would foil his own Masonic agenda, therefore he will not give Russia this power.
3. It’s not in his power to perform the consecration of Russia because he isn’t the real Pope.

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