Tsars and Wars and Subliminal Messages

Aldous Huxley, in 1932, described our leaders as a different “wild species”…Tsar Nicolas II of Russia is an example of the gradual infiltration of this “wild species” into the Royal Families of Europe.  How about those ears?

“Children are highly susceptible to propaganda”, wrote

Aldous Huxley in his book “Brave New World Revisited” published by Harper and Row in 1932.

In this book he describes

“Strobonic Injection:  A process of subconscious persuasion. A light hypnotic trance under the influence of certain drugs, debilitated by illness, starvation, physical or emotional stress…The lower the level of a person’s psychological resistance, the greater will be the effectiveness of strobonically injected suggestions…

Non Rational persuasion by association – to which a subliminal projection seems to lend itself well…

As proven in a study by the New York University, under auspices of the National Institute for Health, this will become everyday political fact…  [Really?]

Pure Science does not remain pure forever. “

Huxley, in 1930, describes for us the use of certain words or images that appear just beneath the level that we can see them consciously.

“By means of specially designed tachistoscopes, words or images were to be flashed for a millisecond or less upon the screen of the television sets and motion picture theaters during the program…the optic nerve would record these secret messages and respond to them in due course, subliminally, beneath the threshold of awareness, ears and subconscious mind takes in the message.”

He states categorically that the mind does take in the message even though the viewer has no recollection or awareness of it.  There is no conscious analysis of this information at all.  It is accepted, whole hog and without resistance and is implanted in the emotional center of the brain, not in the logical/analytical center of the brain.  Therefore, this information will be protected and defended with full emotional force if anyone threatens the truth of it.

“To us who are mind-bodies a knowledge of mind bodies is of paramount importance.  The differences between individuals are enrmously great.  Historical change can be of 3 kinds: economic change, poitical theoretical change or individual change.”

Huxley is quoting Bertrand Russell here.  Notice that he does not include God change, or Divine Intervention, something which may or may not be physically apparent to anyone else but the individual experiencing it.  In other words, a change of heart which would appear to be an individual change but could be much more widespread and of a higher source.  Without this recognition of God Change as the only acceptable change, we end up with a hopelessly unrealistic ethical system.  Here is Huxley’s warning to us about hopelessly unrealistic ethical systems:

“…an ethical system based on a view that is hopelessly unrealistic would justify persecuting heretics, and genetic standardization of servile human beings [created in] test tubes. “

Huxley writes explicitly telling us how to avoid this:

“If this kind of tyranny is to be avoided, we must educate ourselves and our children for self-government.  Children are highly susceptible to propaganda…”

Describing the result of this propaganda, those children will be completely controllable and will practically deliver up their own children and their parents to the tyrannical force…this was reported to happen in the Soviet Union.

“Conditioned from earliest infancy and perhaps also biologically predestined, the average middle or lower caste whose business is not to reason why, but merely to do and die with mimimum of fuss…”

At this early date, Huxley is warning us of:

“New and better chemical methods for increasing suggestibility and lowering psychological resistance” for reasons which “may help the dictator”.

Designer drugs are those which can specifically take away your courage, your pride, your love of family, and your memory of them, irreparably.  These “designs” may or may not be in the drugs that you take because you think they are safe.  Do you know?  There’s the risk.

Can you see the result around you as proof that this is at least possible?

For some reason, Huxley describes the ‘Elite’ as a different species.  And truly, to look closely at their skeletal structure and facial features, one can believe it.

The ears of our beloved ‘elite’ especially have strange animal qualities.  Anyone who has traced the genealogies of our present royals in EU know that they are all illegitimate branches of the Merovingians, extremely inbred among themselves in efforts to concentrate wealth.  By illegitimate, I mean to say, descended from mistresses, not legitimate wives within the Merovingian family tree.  The legitimate families were all Catholic and presumably have now lost knowledge of their identity.


One of the earliest of the people we call ‘elite’, among the first to break through into actual rulership, is a person I feel a great deal of pity for actually, Tsar Nicolas II of Russia, shown here in a silly costume.  Remember, the true Merovingians had been long gone by his reign, but he had some of their blood, as could be seen in his facial features.  Problem is, he had dwarfism, way too short and too passive to make an effective ruler.  Then his hair starts to bald very young, unheard of.  Then his son has hemophilia, a dead give-away that this is tainted blood, though surely many people already knew this.   It was getting to be more and more difficult to deny it.

But what a wonderful photographer he was, as well as apparently a great husband and father.  Here he finds himself, some strange mixture of genes, totally out of God’s correct order, as is his extremely sad wife Alexandra, granddaughter of Queen Victoria, who refused to give them sanctuary, all of them usurpers painfully aware of their inadequacies, but trapped with the tainted blood of this “wild species”, to use Huxley’s precise words.


Queen Victoria might be sad because she looks like a chamber maid rather than a Queen, but why the sadness of her granddaughter, Alexandra Feodorovna? That’s the same last name as Rasputin’s wife by the way.  And it’s doubtful that Rasputin (family name similar to Putin, notice?) deserved the slander laid upon him by the Rothschild family, as distraction from their own guilt for the slaughter of the Russian Christians.  In reality, even the Tzar himself had little influence over events, much less this simple man who was so brutally murdered.


This caricature shows her clearly with a Rothschild nose, though it isn’t apparent in official photos.  Textbooks say that the Russians resented her because she was German, what they really mean to say is Jewish, and this must be hidden because Russia was a Christian nation.  We know well enough now of the child molestation that goes on in ‘those’ families, and she herself hinted at this when she said that she’d missed some innocence of her childhood.  Whatever happened to her, it left a permanent mark on her face.

Tsar Nicolas of Russia with strange snake ears.
Tsar Nicolas of Russia with strange snake ears.

I mean no disrespect to the man who was a victim of his own family birth, but I am amazed to what extent his ears have a snake-like shape.  What species of human is this?

“The upper Caste will be members of a wild species heretical and rebellious to be liquidated,”  wrote Huxley.  Those are his exact words as I copied them.  If they are somewhat cryptic, he meant for them to be.

Mary crushes the head if the serpent, an end-time prophecy.
Mary crushes the head if the serpent, an end-time prophecy.

There were literally no men left in all the villages of Russia by the time Tsar Nicolas died.  I don’t know the figure, but it’s many millions.  There are films of women doing all the farm work, and letters with all the terrible details of the slaughter and lack of supplies for the soldiers and the complete absence of men in the villages.  The story of what was truly being fought over lies within an attempt by the Jews and the Freemasons to take-over control of the Vatican, a story detailed by Father Gregory Hesse in a series of interviews.  Of course this is not what the people were told, and maybe even Tsar Nicolas himself didn’t know.  Tsar Nicolas II was a Calvinist.

–JOHN CALVIN (1509-1564)

Describing a short period of Calvin’s rule he says, “One counts 30 executions of men and 28 of women, subdivided by method of death: 13 persons hanged, 10 beheaded, 55 quartered, 35 burned alive after being tortured.”(9)

Reporting the religious persecutions of Calvin, author Jean Tet affirms that “from 1542 to 1546, which was the softer period of his government, we count 58 capital executions, 76 banishments and 900 imprisonments.”(10)

In the blindness of his pride, the head of Swiss Protestantism issued the most extravagant moralizing prohibitions. He forbade sweets to be served at wedding banquets.(11) He forbade all kinds of amusement – especially gambling, singing and dances – as inventions of the Devil.(12) His despotism reached the point of forbidding people to drink from a mountain spring that was famous for healing the fever under the pretext that it was a form of idolatry. There were en masse denunciations of persons who were interrogated, placed under arrest and punished because they were healed in that manner.(13)

Notwithstanding this “moralization,” Galiffé concludes, never before did immorality take hold and spread as it did in the period of Calvin’s government.(14)

Excerpt  from http://www.traditioninaction.org/religious/e034rpCalvin_Franca05.htm

In his first editions Aldous Huxley wrote: “Universal infant conditioning and the other techniques of manipulation and control are still in the future.”

But in later editions, of course, he had to admit that he had been wrong about that one point.

For details about who owns our schools with Bill Gates, I highly recommend:


Within the plan of Bill Gates for total control of education, are plans to make a lot of videos as ‘learning tools”.

The very day that this article was written, the following news item appeared:

Putin Invites the House of Romanov back to Russia.


It wasn’t until the double-whammy of 1) his wife’s car accident in 1993 and 2) a life-threatening house fire in 1996 that Putin began questioning his atheism. During a vulnerable moment before Putin departed for a diplomatic trip to Israel, his mother gave him a baptismal cross. He said of the occasion:

I did as she said and then put the cross around my neck. I have never taken it off since.3

Now, Putin has become a bit of a zealot. He seems to want to reestablish a pre-Soviet combination of church and state, saying:

First and foremost we should be governed by common sense. But common sense should be based on moral principles first. And it is not possible today to have morality separated from religious values.4

Furthermore, Putin has proposed compulsory religion and ethics classes for Russian students.5

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