Why Not to Join a NATO Mercenary Army

New Russia captures mercenaries who were tricked by their commanding officers into an invasion of Donbass that they had refused to do. So they were lied to and told that they were to go in and remove the injured, when in reality they had been unwittingly led into an offensive. The New Russian army defending Donbass has many in captivity but most of them were killed. It was a slaughter that their own government in Kiev tricked them into. They are paraded in front of the townspeople who react in different ways.

“Donbass is a repetition of WW II and the fight against European fascism. The true heart of antifascism can be found at exactly this point, in the continuous struggle for one’s own humanity in the face of darkness.”

by Dagmar Henn, The Saker: 

TheSakerburied-alive-by-the-Ukronazis-275x200_cThis is a long text, and I don’t know how many readers are really willing to get involved. This is not about geopolitical considerations or rendering diagnoses. I have tried to grasp the inner nucleus of the struggle and to turn it transparent on the level of ethics and morality, to explain why I (as an atheist, to be honest) perceive in this Donbass war the very struggle between good and evil, which concerns us all and is of global impact, although its consequences might not be felt everywhere with the same acuteness.

Many of the videos which serve as examples and evidences in this text are very…

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