Acadian History Decoded

Saltire Flag of Nova Scotia with the Lion of the Tribe of Benjamin.  Saul is of the tribe of Benjamin, the righteous brother of Joseph.
Saltire Flag of Nova Scotia with the Lion of the Tribe of Benjamin. Saul is of the tribe of Benjamin, the righteous brother of Joseph.

Why the cover-up, why the lies and slander?

Besides the fact of illegitimate ‘royalty’ today, which most people don’t know or care about, there are also many illegal grants of land, especially the ones for the Protestant ‘baronettes’ written in the early 1600’s, that play into the cover-up of Acadian history. The lawyers wrote these grants in such a way that, in order to protect the established early settlers, they were only good for unoccupied land, of which there was not much left on the Atlantic seaboard by the mid 1700’s.   Because they came much later than the French grants, English grantees were prohibited by law from claiming land already occupied by settlers, including the Indians who lived among them, the Catholic converts which genealogies show to have been intermarried with settlers for many generations by this time.

Every war that the Acadians fought, between Hudson Bay and St. Louis, had been won handily by the Acadians. There is no indication that they were helpless victims at anytime or unable to defend themselves. They showed themselves to be excellent warriors and the ‘English’ received defeat after defeat, their hired mercenaries often simply deserting and joining the French.   But since England and France had settled terms of peace, these ‘English’ are actually a band of thieves, mercenaries, nothing more, with no right to hand out titles to anyone.

Scholars of Canadian history agree that it was a General in Quebec who was bribed to hand over the fort at Quebec to English ‘merchants’.  These same ‘merchants’ have made sure that this is kept out of our history in the U.S.A.

Mural of the arrival of the Acadians at Louisiana.
Mural of the arrival of the Acadians at Louisiana.

The fact that remains in my mind is that, if there had been such an expulsion, why is it that I’ve never heard about it in my family?  Why all the melodrama in the telling?

What I did hear often in my family is are two concepts:  Selling the fort, and holding down the fort. One term refers to betrayal, the other to loyalty.  A complicated situation thus boiled down to a concise archetype.  I can’t imagine any of my relatives not putting up a fight.

The possibility remains in my mind that the ‘expulsion’ is exaggerated to make it appear that all the Acadians left, therefore legitimizing the titles of the English merchants. General Wolfe’s account describes the burnt buildings as ‘miserable fishermen’s huts’ which is all that would logically be constructed along the coast line. Living along the coast was almost guarantee of being captured by pirate slave ships at that time.

Raids to collect white slaves in Acadie had been going on for over 200 years, ever since Queen Elizabeth invested in her first pirate ship.  Certainly many Acadians and others were taken and sold as slaves in Virginia.  Isn’t the place named after Elizabeth, the Pirate Queen?  There are other reasons to conclude that number of people ‘exiled’ was much smaller than we are led to believe and I’ll be posting more on the subject.

However, there was a planned strategic retreat of the Acadians on record that was designed to populate the interior of America at this time, so we should also pay attention to the ones who left voluntarily.  The term ‘rosary of forts’ was used to describe what they were building along the major waterways.

Another issue to investigate is the true date of construction of all forts, chateau and castles in Canada.  This needs to be determined by experts, and all related documents need to be examined for forgeries.  What is hidden is probably the true and much earlier date of the first settlements.

The government sponsored histories go overboard in trying to ignore the obvious fact that the Protestants were very late in arriving, and that when they did arrive it was to collect white slaves, steal everything, murder and disrupt commerce.  Only after all that destruction did they change the names of the old towns and start pretending to all sorts of accomplishments that are actually those of the Acadians.  However, it is written in the Bible prophecies that one day the very stones would speak the truth.  We have the technology today to make stones and mortar speak their history, it’s time to listen to them.


Color Revolution in the Colonies

The American Revolution was the fraud that removed settler protections under the Crown.  It allowed the new government to ‘legally’ stake their claim 100 years after the questionable grants had been written under the Elizabethan Protestant Monarchs.  They were simply writing grants for land that had long been occupied by Catholics in America. So the wars of the Acadians were wars over these lands.  The new American government prohibited Catholics from holding office.

Early Elizabethan documents state clearly that the intention was to use Acadian slaves on their American Slave Plantation. Acadian at the time referred to Catholic exiles from all countries of Europe, who left to settle the lands from Nova Scotia, down the Ohio and Mississippi and along the Gulf Coast.

The myth of the “expulsion of the Acadians” gave the appearance of legalizing Protestant ownership of the American Plantation. With this understanding, it becomes clear that every war against the Acadians, even the ‘American Revolution’ had no other purpose than to allow men like Lord Fairfax to take possession of his completely illegal 5,000,000 acre land grant in America, but only after someone else had done the hard work of clearing and planting.

These grants were written at a time when America was French territory, so the English had no legal right to the land then.  But it wasn’t England that was making war on the Acadians.  It was the employers of George Washington.  Private Merchant companies were not actually “England”, though the Queen might own some stock.  There is record that George Washington, employed by Lord Fairfax and his West Indies (that’s America) Merchant Company, treacherously murdered an Acadian General after Washington lost a battle to him at Fort Duquesne. [reference]

Besides this, the Khazarian doctrine prohibits Jews from agriculture.  They are instructed to have slaves do this work for them.


The Khazarians have a history of secretly infiltrating to take over a government, going back to their infiltration of Christian Byzantium at the time of Basel II.  What they do is infiltrate all sides of any political equation, working from within, using some position close to the point of power, often as chambermaids and other household servants, but their favorite method is to introduce a mistress and adultery into a high and powerful marriage.  They always occupy as a foreign entity with a foreign army to suck up all the taxes and resources as quickly as possible, creating the Failed State.  They change identity easily and quickly.  So it will not do to blame the ‘Jews’ because then you just fall for their trick. One way to identify them, besides their criminal patterns of behavior, is the Khazarian ‘look’ of the hook nose, seen more and more on television and movie actors in the past few years.  One sees less and less of the smaller Caucasian nose or classic aquiline nose anymore in the media, just as it is rare in America to find a non-Jew in news, publishing, music and movie production.  You will find this nose in the Saudi family and in certain Evangelical Preachers.  Their strategy requires infiltration of all religions by closely related family members, a mafia in every sense of the word, the same family with representatives world wide, unperceived.
I limit my research sources to books found in university libraries and research centers, and I use encyclopedia references most of the time, just to prove that the facts are easy to verify, once you know what to look for.  When I did understand what to look for, I found the answers in books that had been sitting in our university library for about 100 years and some of the most important passages were in pages that had never been unsealed.
The following is a series of events and people and situations that are of consequence to the Acadians.  There is information here which links us to our European ancestors. This information is not for everyone. Those to whom it applies will recognize the significance of it.   This is a work in progress and the following is what I consider to be rough notes:

Antoinette de Pons, Mother of the Guise, Sponsor of early Acadian settlements and The Ayyubid Dynasty

From King Thibodeaux descends Antoinette de Pons and her family, the Acadians.

In twelve years of required schooling, our textbooks manage to leave out about 1500 years of Christian history and art. Even college textbooks contain flat-out lies about the ‘illiteracy of the Christian aristocracy’.  Far from illiterate, the Christians founded colleges, universities, sponsored musicians, writers, poets and religion. The first Christians eliminated slavery in the Roman Legions, thereby creating the first ‘Free Masons’, the real ones before the Khazar infiltration.  Everywhere that Christianity went, the slave trade was eliminated.  But the slave merchants did not give up, and now we live in an era of their dominion. Much has been destroyed, but much still remains and can be traced and acknowledged by us as our history if only we seek the truth.  One of the greatest kings, for example, was Thibodeaux:

 Thibeau II, King of Jerusalem, King of France.

Here are some of the projects that he initiated:

He instituted a regular yearly cycle of market fairs for the trade of staple goods and luxury items, the famous Fairs of Champagne, the Silk Road, and Christian banking with Knights Templar protection for merchants worldwide.

As early as the 9th century, he set up colleges to teach Arabic, Hebrew, Greek and Latin in France.

Thibodeaux and his family were sponsors of the arts, music, literature and science, much of which is hidden away and needs to be re-discovered.  They commissioned Chretien de Troyes to write the King Arthur stories.

They encouraged many large merchant families of Italy and Northern Europe to establish branch houses and guilds for training weavers, metal workers and other arts in the county.

King Thibodeaux’s family are called the Angevin or the Guise.  The word ‘Anglo’ derives from this group though it has changed meaning now.  They survived and prospered due to the qualities which we would recognize as ‘Cajun’:  Family oriented, cooperative, strong military, strong Catholic, and great emphasis on learning, tradition and mastering a skill.  The willingness to sacrifice for the sake of honor or righteousness has been a quality of both ‘Cajun’ and ‘Guise’.  Acadians and others who arrived after the dispersal share the exact same names and culture as the Guise in France, which is enough to convince me, using common sense alone, that these are our ancestors.  Did I mention that their portraits also resemble our facial features?  The Three Musketeers’ motto, ‘One for All and All for One’ was the Guise motto.

The Guise descend from William the Conqueror and Charlemagne c. 1000 AD, but some of the root families can be traced to the Roman era and before.  The First Duke of Guise was Claude (1496-1550). His grandson was King Francois I, also called the Duke of Tuscany, among other titles, and he sponsored the explorations of Verazano who first named New York.  We aren’t given Verazano’s real last name, but his first name was Jean. The surnames Gautier, Berard and Broussard plus others on our Acadian family tree are descended from these historical personages who are but a small part of an army of artists, scholars and military who’ve left us a treasure of literature, art, music and military strategy.  Even the name Jones (from Jean) derives from the Guise, whose assembly hall at the Chateau of Blois was on Mount Saint Jean, now Belgium.  Here is a sample of what we are missing out on by not knowing our own ancestry in Europe:

In 1083, Etienne-Henri married Adele, the daughter of William I, the Conqueror (1066-1087) of England.  Their son, Stephen of Blois became King of England.  His son, Thibeau II/Thibodeaux (1125-1152) became heir to both Champagne and Blois, and held the title of King of Jerusalem.  Thibodeaux received the title King of Jerusalem from his grandmother Adele’s family who was among the rulers of Delhi, India, Syria and Ethiopia and Yemen. This family is known as the Ayyubid Dynasty to the Arabs, but it is practically the same as the Guise dynasty both of which are based on the Broussard and Berard and include the Prophet Muhammad who lived c. 550.

The last three Grand Masters of the Temple have names that are on the Ayyubid, the Guise and the Acadian family trees:

Thomas Berard 1256-1273

William of Beaujeau [Boudreaux] 1273-1291

Theobald Gautier who left with the fleet of ships and the Templar “treasure” to go overseas c. 1300.


The Ayyubids

Saladin is a famous warrior who supposedly fought the Crusaders, only this can’t be so because his own father was a Christian named Tomasco Berard.  There was no massacre of Muslims by the Knights Templar.  There is no mention of the Knights Templar or the Hospitallers at all by any Arab writer at the time, no record of anything but the building of hospitals, churches and madrasas for religious training.  What the records do say is that the Knights Templar and Saladin removed corrupt infiltrators and repaired buildings destroyed by trouble makers who were actually Arab Jews pretending to be a new type of Muslim who is anti-Christian, anti-everything.  The name of the guilty party was Rashid Sion and all of the details can be found in any Encyclopedia of Islam, if you know which names to investigate and some basic translations.  This is what I hope to provide, and also show how this connects to our genealogy and history, so that each family can do the research that pertains to that family.

Saladin and the Templars were one and the same force who went on Crusade to get rid of some Khazarian usurpers who were causing strife.  These were the same Khazarians who ended up distorting the Quran and calling their distortions “the religion of Islam”.  They were doing the same to the Christian doctrines by creating divisions and schisms and heresies, the most successful of which were the Protestants.

  The Khazarians rarely make open warfare, and when they do they depend on mercenaries and they generally loose.  Their weapon is propaganda, treachery and infiltration which creates internal strife and division.  The only way to fight their treachery is to be aware of it.  It is necessary to maintain strict adherence to proper behavior, to refuse bribes, to do the right thing and not be deceived with lies.  The Guise who didn’t do this were overcome; those who maintained solidarity survived.  When the infiltration reached the top levels of government in the early 1600’s after the death of Francois I and the assassination of his family, the only option for many was to leave France forever and go abroad, mainly to Acadie.

Al Adal b. Salah al Din or the full name with title: Al Malik Al-Adal Abu ‘l Hasan ‘Ali Nur al Din (1169-1225) was the son of Saladin and Saladin was the son of Toktamish Berard.  On Saladin’s death, Adal was recognized as ruler of Damascus and head of the Ayyubid family.  Egypt, Damascus and all of his Syrian fiefs became a dependency of the Saldjuk Sultan of Rome, which, at that time, was the Patriarch of Constantinople, also in the family.   Christian and Muslim are obviously one and the same as late as 1280.  Muhammad also had sought refuge with Christian Abysinnia during his lifetime so he also saw no difference in the doctrine of the Christians and that of the Quran before it was twisted.

About 600 years before the Crusades, shortly after the revelation of the Quran, Caliph Omar had been installed as Marquise of Christian Damascus under Roman rule, which could explain why his son was called Al Rahman which is to say, the Roman, and why Caliph Omar would be married to a Christian woman and why the Roman Eagle would remain their symbol.  There is much to expand on this subject and the political implications should be obvious.  Needless to say, this is all hidden from both Muslim and Christian by our Khazarian overlords today.

The family interrelationship between rulers of various countries and various religions worldwide is seen in the Ayyubid dynasty where one Ayas Pasha 1482-1539 who was Grand Vizier of India and who had 3 brothers who were monarchs, while his mother was the Christian monarch of La Valona, Ayas b. Mehmed [See Aya Sofia].  It’s an interesting puzzle of pedigrees which begs to determine the identity of Aysha, Muhammad’s first wife, and Amini, Muhammad’s mother, both names with connections to the ancient Barras/Berard clan.


Exiles Seeking Sanctuary is a frequent theme of Poussin's art. Here the tomb says, "I am in Acadia".  Not exactly cryptic.
Exiles Seeking Sanctuary is a frequent theme of Poussin’s art. Here the tomb says, “I am in Acadia”. Not exactly cryptic.

Learning to Decipher the Documents

Here is an exact quote, [with my comments is brackets], from Volume 1 under the entry for Beau Soleil which lists the titles as they are misspelled in the Dictionaire Geographique y Biographique:

Chateau de Beau Soleil

“Compte d’Allonnes-sous-Mons-oreau.  La maison principale, reposant sur trois caves voutees, dont une contenait une fontaine d’eau morte, avec deaux petits pavillons et importantes dependences, appartenait a l’émigré Francois d’Alongny-Rochefort [de la Roche of Acadie?], de St. Verge pres Thouars, et fut vendue nat+ la 18 messidor IV.  [An ‘emigre’ refers to someone forced to leave France due to religious persecution, and whose property is confiscated by the government.  In this case, the property was sold during the French Revolution.  ‘Compte’ is the same as Marquise or Baron and it refers to the person responsible for maintaining a defensive border fort, troops and the gate of commerce where taxes are collected.  I’m leaving out the accent marks in the French words because my computer is not set up for it, sorry.]

Compte de Avire, [Anatolia, Ayyubid dynasty?]

 de Baune, [Bayonne?]

de Beau preau, [Beaupre in Acadie?]

 Le Bordage de B., [Brabante?]

1641 de Botx, [Tuscany?]

de Bouzville, [Broussville?]

 de Corne, 1618, [Cornwall?]

 de la Ferriere, [Ferara?]

de Fief-Sauvin-V. Bosoreille de Fougere, [St. Severin de Virge, Beau Soleil of the Forge]

 de Freigne, [Frontenac in Quebec?]

de Fleur. [Florence?]

 Compte de la Jubaudiere, [I have no idea, yet]

autre fois nomme le bordage du Vigneau [Border forts of Vigneau?]


 1643 un incendie y eclate cette annee la 12 Mars et fait perir deaux enfants.  Cetait alors un groupe de Huttes de pauvre gens.” [2 children perished in a fire there, it is now a place where poor people live in huts.]

Under the entry for Chateau du Bellay:

Compte d’Allones-sous-Mont-Soreau is located 2400 meters north of du Bourg.  Described as “Ancient lands with Chateau given to a chivalric family who took the name Du Bellay in the 13th and 14th centuries.  Included Saumur, Bourgueil, paravent de la Brosse en Allone, Abby of Belle Fontaine.”

Another entry in a Dictionary of Biography states:

“Compte de Mont Soreau also called Jean de Chambre [Chamberlain to the King] was assassinated at Paris 15 September, 1575.”

The Chateau of Du Bellay last occupied by:

1684 Jean –Francois de Bruc, counseller and aumonier [Miller] du roi, died in 1704.  His brother, Henri de Bruc, born in 1647 but resigned in 1683.  [This de Bruc is written ‘de la Brouss’ in other documents]

The sum of the titles of Beau Soleil amounts to a Kingdom or possibly several of them.   Brabant is both a Kingdom and a line of border forts on the Eastern edge of France bordering with Germany and Italy which corresponds to the Norman territory of the descendants of King Robert the Bruce of Scotland.  The purpose of a Compte is to collect taxes and provide defense and basic government services.  The list of about 16 Comptes is an immense territory whose confiscation amounts to a huge political upheaval.

It’s important to recognize that these titles may apply to anyplace worldwide that is French territory, not just in Europe. France did not have dependent colonies.  All of her territories were equally part of France.

In the list, the word ‘Bosoreille’ makes no sense in French and sounds much like Beausoleil. I find this often in history books, and on internet genealogies, and usually the misspellings are insulting. Someone somewhere thinks this is funny, like ridiculing ‘Cajuns’ on television and movies, while no other racial group but ourselves can ever be ridiculed.

A chemist in France discovered forgeries in the names on records of the trial of the Duke of Brabant, Baron Jean and Baroness Martine de Beau Soleil, who were accused of witch craft around the early to mid 1600’s.  The Baroness was a gifted chemist who was able to locate mineral deposits ‘worldwide’.  Cardinal Richelieu, Khazarian Catholic prelate, put her on trial for witchcraft.  The entire family, including young children, was sentenced to life imprisonment in various miserable dungeons, their lands confiscated.

The downfall of the Beau Soleil family was due to propaganda. Posters that incited violence appeared and a well-trained mob came up against the Baroness and burnt down her home in the classic wicthhunt.  It is this fire that is described in the entry for the Chateau de Beau Soleil.  However Poussin’s famous painting, “Les Bergeres de Acadie” hints that they survived, probably by escaping through the underground caves mentioned in the description of the Chateau.   He also portrayed them as the Holy Family arriving safely in Egypt.  Her name could be Gautier if she is related to King Francois, which is likely, but all of her records have been censored.  There is a Martine Gautier listed on one ship’s list around this time with children and a husband named Gaudin which is often used in place of Gautier, and she also appears in genealogies of the Dugas, Duke de Coigny, but her prior ancestry is never listed. Her portrait appears in many of Poussin’s paintings and it happens that her face strongly resembles the lady of the Statue of Liberty, made by a French artist named Gautier.

Charters of religious institutions always contain the names of the founder, and usually include the full names, in Latin, of the rest of the family.  Copies of these charters are in the UL Library.  In addition, these religious institutions were closely held by the families and had an orderly system of government by relatives of the ruling King and Queen.  This is how we can trace our ancestry throughout the era of Catholic monarchies, which is a very long time.  Here, for example, is a partial list of charters in the diocese where the Chateau de Beau Soleil was located:

The Diocese du Belley, in the Middle Ages, had no less than eight Carthusian monasteries. It was the birthplace of the Joséphistes; of the teaching order of the Sisters of St. Charles; the Brothers of the Society of the Cross of Jesus; the Brothers of the Holy Family of Belley, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Bourg; and a  Trappist monastery.

For thirty years of its existence (1701-31), “Le Journal de Trévoux”, a valuable repertory of the literary and religious history of the period, was published by the Jesuits at Trévoux, in this diocese. The church at Brou, near Bourg, is a marvel of architecture and contains some wonderful pieces of sculpture. It was built between 1511 and 1536 under the direction of Margaret of Austria, widow of Philibert (II) the Fair, Duke of Savoy.

Count Jean Berard in France is recorded occupying  Beau Soleil territory in 1467 and another Jean Berard is established 300 years later at the Poste des Atakapas in St. Martinville in 1765 upon arrival of the Acadians and he marries Anne Broussard, daughter of Alexandre de Beausoleil

“In 1467 the Compte de Virge at St. Martin du Bois, the Domain de Virge was an ancient domaine relevant to Chambellay it is occupied by Jean Berard, Ecuyer in 1467 .  In 1530 it is occupied by Charles de Virge, in 1648 it is occupied by Rene du Bois Berenger for his mother, Renee de Virge, and it is occupied in 1697 by Charles du Bois-Berenger.”


By extending our family trees into Europe and Asia, we gain an awareness of the factions involved in the continuing Acadian saga.   These are the four things that must be understood when searching for ancestry:

  1. Illegitimate bloodlines of the Christian kings through their Khazarian mistresses or through usurper kings can claim descent from Christian Kings, but not legitimate descent. This group aligns itself against the ancient families in war after war, always attempting to gain territory by breaking the rules. They either hire mercenaries or align themselves with foreigners or other renegade princes.  The legitimate Christians consistently win in open field warfare against them, but sometimes lose in intrigues and treachery within government or out of it, due to bribes, poisoning and assassinations.
  2. The illegitimate branches were given landed titles and positions within the Catholic Church by their Catholic ‘step fathers’ and this resulted in much mischief.  Having openly broken the law against adultery over many generations, this army of enemies has written for our children a distorted history that is very insulting to us.  This makes it imperative that we compile our own history that goes way beyond the ‘Expulsion’.
  3. The legitimate bloodlines are clearly the Acadians. They are the progeny of the sponsors of the Acadian settlements whose family trees can be traced through the many Church charters, or through military or government documents.  For example, anyone descending from Abraham Dugas and Margaret Doucet is related to the Duke du Coigny, one of whose family is close to the last Queen Marie Antoinette.  The same can be said for many others.  Their relatives trace to military and religious leaders, explorers, scholars and great artists and benefactors whose records and accomplishments are part of history just waiting to be discovered and translated.  I personally don’t think it’s necessary to have an absolutely complete genealogy, though it’s fun to attempt.  It’s enough to use our common sense and to recognize our culture as it exists in various contexts.  To limit ourselves to the relatively brief period of the so-called Expulsion is to rob ourselves of much.   When we understand that we are part of a very rich history, then we can start mining it for the valuables that have been left behind.  By valuables, I mean knowledge, art and architecture, religion and medicine, agricultural, military and industrial technology:  The accomplishments of those from whom we descend.
  4. Beware of vandalized genealogies and lies on the internet. For example, I‘ve seen Barras replaced with his worst enemy Borel on Barras’ own family tree! Because of the anti-Christian and anti-Catholic bias that we are subject to, we have a duty to be aware of these lies and to repair the slander written about many of our very good ancestors who’ve defended the faith and fought against slavery.
  1. o trade, where the taxes were collected on commerce, was in the hands of the Sikh alliance at the time of the Acadian wars. I’m still doing research on this but the word Gaurhept refers to the forts located at each of these gateways, called Gaur.   There was a High King for the alliance of all Gateways.  The Stone of Scone, was to be located wherever the High King is located.  The Coronation Stone that is in India today, may have gotten there due to the Alliance of the Crescent and the Lilly made by Francoise I who appealed to the Sikh Christian Maharaja for help. The full name of the last legitimate Sikh overlord needs to be ascertained, but he is called Jassa Singh, Jassa is Joseph.  The words Gaurhept and Sard are connected to the Sikhs.
  1. The series of wars fought between Khazarian England and the Sikh Christian alliance in India was for control of the gates which rightly belonged to the Sikh Alliance who had established it.  The last Sikh palace was never completed.  Whoever began it left and never returned.
  1. The arrival of Joseph Gaurhept Broussard de Beau Soleil at the Poste des Atakapas occurs just when the Sikh alliance was being destroyed by the intrigues of the Jindal. The Lord of the fort was called the Sard.  Hept is the number seven, so Gaurhept may refer to a seventh gate of commerce.  Sard added on to Brous makes Broussard of course.
  1. In India, around the early 1700’s the Jindal family appears as illegitimate usurpers calling themselves the Maharajas, but they broke the rules of succession through intrigue. The Jindal were of an inferior bloodline introduced through children who were passed off as offspring of the Maharaja. Given to intrigue and betrayal, their presence led to the defeat of the last legitimate Maharaja.
  1. Plunder and chaos reigned in the Sikh dominions after the departure of the last legitimate Sikh Maharaja Jassa Singh. The Jindal family settled in London after selling control of Sikh dominions to City of London merchants. All of this was concurrent with the Acadian migration to Louisiana.
  1. What was called the ‘Ottoman Empire’ was actually Christian Sikh whose organization is exactly like the Acadian organization described by the Canadian historian Bryce. This is the same system that emerged from the decentralized Roman border forts and which resulted in rapid expansion and a healthy economy that came to be the Guise dynasty. It had no caste system other than a strong military, an educated and well-trained ruling family and dedicated religious teachers, exactly like the Guise.  Their palaces which survive today in India are decorated with scenes of the Virgin Mary and the Christian Saints which is a stark contrast to the previous rulers of India whose artwork was pornographic. Guise genealogies indicate a strong connection to the rulers of Delhi and Afghanistan over many generations through several names that are found simultaneously in Persian, Muslim and Christian histories.
  1. An important companion to Mohammad was Barra, who bequeathed to Muhammad a third of his “considerable fortune”. Al Barra was from a family of worldwide merchants known to us later as Berard and Medici.  The four volume ‘Memoirs of Barras’ by the Viscount Paul Barras contains a footnote linking the Barras family to the Counts Raymond and Guillaume of Toulouse, and other families of the nobility, and therefore ultimately to William the Conqueror, Muhammad and the Acadian settlement sponsors.   Viscount Barras writes that during the French Revolution it was decided that the genealogy ‘must be forgotten’.  Barras helped many people escape the guillotine, including, according to his memoirs, Queen Antoinette and her three children.
  1. Genocide of the noble families was the agenda of those who instigated the French Revolution. Secret agents used the genealogies to identify the people they intended to eliminate. Barras reveals the lists that Napoleon was given of both French and Arab (while in Egypt) people to behead.  It appears that they targeted the best warrior clans.  The de la Brouss and Berard were military families.

The Benjamite Tribes of Aksum:

Connecting to Ancient History through our Names

King Robert the Bruce is associated with the River Ard, and the Declaration of Ard.   The Old Testament informs us that Ard is “like the rose”, that Ard is the youngest member of the family of Benjamin. The first Israelite King Saul was a Benjamite and we are one of the Sallic tribes, the Benjamites.

King Robert the Bruce, from whom the name Broussard derives, had land grants in Normandy, France in addition to his Scottish and English domains.  He carried the Azure Flemish Lion of Louvain (Lorraine, Lotharingia), and the well known Sallic arms in the red and gold colors of Boulogne.

  1. What does Sallic mean? The Sallic tribes would be the Benjamites and all others who followed King Saul rather than King David at the time of the split of the Israelite tribes in the Old Testament.  The Davidic Jews introduced a corrupted scripture based on Khazarian doctrine, which Jesus spoke against. Jesus himself said that it was not possible that he could be descended from David, therefore he was not a Jew.  Mary is identified as a Levite of Zadok, the family of the legitimate high priesthood in Jerusalem, to which Jesus was next in line.   In the Quran and also in the Hebrew Mishna Jesus is Joshua bin Levi.
  1. The 11 non-Judaic tribes of the Israelites are called Sallic tribes, not Jewish tribes. Only the tribe of Judah should be called ‘Jews’. The Sallic tribes are generally considered to include all the tribes of Gaul, which are the Celts.  The word Jerusalem (Hierosolimna)  in Latin actually means ‘Refuge of the tribe of Saul’.  The Acadians represent the Sallic tribes and particularly the tribe of Benjamin.  Benjamin is the root of the name Boudreaux.
  1. To Certain political factions these historical and biblical issues are still cause for continual warfare against us, even though we have forgotten such things as tribal identity, legitimacy of birth and legitimacy of rule. Therefore we are completely unaware of this war and have lost all concept of righteousness in our rulers; we don’t even expect it anymore.
  1. Kush was a Benjamite of Aksum which is Ethiopia and Yemen when white tribes inhabited that area, which is also where Muhammad was born. It is the Benjamites, not the Judaites who are called ‘the Lion’ in the original Hebrew, Latin and Greek scripture.  Only in the description of Benjamin is the Greek word for Lion mistranslated into modern English as ‘ravening wolf’.  The Lion symbol for Benjamin is important as an architectural and heraldic clue in tracing our ancestry. The true Heralds of the Catholic nobility who invented the idea were outlawed early in the 1600’s, but they are still stored in the Vatican library.  There is no true nobility in Burkes’ Peerage and all later coats of arms simply bogus.  Burkes’ Peerage is limited to Protestants who confiscated the lands of the Catholics, but you can read about who they confiscated the land from, to learn about our own ancestors.
  1. Of all the twelve sons of Jacob, Benjamin and Joseph were the only fully legitimate sons both of Rachel, and Jacob. This is the reason for the jealousy of the other brothers. Jacob attempts to keep Benjamin safe from his illegitimate brothers after Joseph was already sold into slavery by them. In the end Judah warned his children not to repeat his own errors which were based on jealousy. However, the present day Jewish people are not descended from Judah, they are a group who converted to Judaism, Islam and Christianity c. 900-1000 AD.  The Khazarians are found in every religion, yet maintain their own cohesion as Khazarians and have virtually no Semitic DNA, though they claim to be ‘Jews’.  For this reason they call themselves the thirteenth tribe.  They comprise about 2% of the population, yet they hold about 100% of the key positions of power in America and Europe especially.  They emphasize their own need to remain unperceived, otherwise no one would accept the situation, since their own secret religion instructs them to enslave and exterminate non-Jews.  The use of extensive brainwashing techniques on the masses through modern media makes it impossible to even name them without a severe backlash, prison or even death in some cases.  Imagine hundreds of years of history having to be written under this tyranny, and you understand why our own history is such a puzzle.

Ezekiel 33:33
“When all this comes true–and it surely will–then they will know that a prophet has been among them.”

One thought on “Acadian History Decoded

  1. Hi Suzanne, thank you so much for helping me understand the Broussard line through Joseph brousard. I found my line of 9th generation descent from beausolei. I love your writings from the link you gave me on Facebook in Templar in arcadia. Please let me know where else to research or is it just this website.

    With kindest regards,

    Sir Kevin Howell KTpl


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