Tsars and Wars and Subliminal Messages

Aldous Huxley, in 1932, described our leaders as a different “wild species”…Tsar Nicolas II of Russia is an example of the gradual infiltration of this “wild species” into the Royal Families of Europe.  How about those ears? “Children are highly susceptible to propaganda”, wrote Aldous Huxley in his book “Brave New World Revisited” published by Harper and Row in 1932. In this book he describes … Continue reading Tsars and Wars and Subliminal Messages

Catholics in America

The best strategy for survival is hidden in Catholic doctrine because it has been tempered. Tempered means it has stood through time, 2000 years and some thousands before that going back to Aaron and Moses and Miriam. That’s a long time, with the best minds and hearts contributing to the literature, music, artwork, architecture, social net and doctrine of the Church and we’d be fools to sell our precious heritage for the mess of pottage that is multi-culturalism.

Putin asked Pope Francis if he would consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as the Blessed Virgin instructed during the Fatima Apparitions. The Pope said no, thereby, to my mind, demonstrating two things:

1. He is not Catholic, but an imposter.
2. He believes in the power that this consecration would give Russia, which would foil his own Masonic agenda, therefore he will not give Russia this power.
3. It’s not in his power to perform the consecration of Russia because he isn’t the real Pope. Continue reading Catholics in America

Is Jesus the Son of David?

And who are the Bourbons? Addressing the misconceptions concerning the Knights Templar, I finally found an interview that clearly covers them all one after another so that simplifies the process of comment.  It’s in Spanish, and is posted at the end, but it’s a mixture of truth and lies. The first two misconceptions are connected: Were the Knights Templar invaders?  No they were not invaders. … Continue reading Is Jesus the Son of David?

The True Mis-measurement of Education

This focus on money or ‘paying for incentives’ is an outrage. I was shocked to see one Charter school in New Orleans rewarding good behavior with what they called ‘Ashe Cash’.  The name of the school had even been changed to Ashe, instead of the name of the woman who founded it, a name it had for many generations.  I tried to explain to the … Continue reading The True Mis-measurement of Education

Decoding Gog and Magog Khazarian Roots

The earliest mention of the tribe of Gog is found as invaders of the Hittites about a thousand years before Christ. The Hittites lived in what we now call Turkey. The double G sound is the way to trace Gog in history.  In Hittite history, the name is spelled as Ghazga, a sound very similar to Khazar. Since it’s difficult to transmit these languages into English, think of … Continue reading Decoding Gog and Magog Khazarian Roots

The Art of Making People Homeless

Described as “America’s most important ally”, Israel has attacked American buildings and military many times over the years, assassinated our leaders, misled our public. They spy against us and sell our military secrets, they trick us into wars so that our sons and uncles and fathers end up dead or maimed at a very young age.  We must accept this with joy and gratitude to … Continue reading The Art of Making People Homeless

Salic Tribes, King Saul and the Rebel Flag

Modern technology allows me to publish my own words to the world, and it allows me to see that no one reads it.  It’s no different than a private diary, except that people are interested in private diaries. It’s true that virtual reality is a great escape from actual reality.  And the worse actual reality gets, the more we turn to the virtual.  Virtual reality … Continue reading Salic Tribes, King Saul and the Rebel Flag