Science of Propaganda

Promoting the worship of government

     Whether the earth is flat or round has come up for discussion.  Technology that is widely available today is bringing up some technical difficulties with the idea that the earth is anything but flat.  There’s just no evidence for the globe shape, other than what we see in the distance in the form of other planets, and even then, we are really only seeing circles and not necessarily globes as this researcher is proving by examining the ‘Moon Wave”.  This is a very interesting phenomena that needs to be seen here.
An alleged satellite, allegedly in orbit around the alleged earth in this verifiably Computer Generated Image (CGI).
     From a propaganda point of view, I see that many flat-earthers are playing up the idea that our World leaders have some sort of ancient knowledge and control over mankind. The fact that they are the bloodline of carnival freaks, inbred liars, morons and thieves is what our mis-leaders don’t want people to know.
     I will say with no proof at the moment, other than my own opinion, that they throw out information stolen from us, the people whose computers they have access to 14 hours a day.  Since they own the dollar printing presses, their limitless supply of money gives them the ability to put 4000 youtube videos out at the same time, all with their promotional twist on the latest research being done by us, which is more or less what happened with this topic.
     The promotional  idea being placed into our head with this one is that the people who have usurped all of our institutions in order to steal our tax dollars, are something other than a bunch of assassins.  The truth is that they are a bunch of assassins who need to monitor our computers to steal our research.  Control of money and media allows them to throw our own research back at us with the message that government is god.
     The secret to understanding propaganda is in this: “You will know them by their fruits”.
     Ask yourself this: Does this message make me feel powerless?  If the answer is yes, then ask the next question:  Who is claiming power?  If the answer is anything other than our Divine Creator, then you are dealing with propaganda.
     If this propaganda is designed to make home-schooling mothers look ridiculous, I would say that it is backfiring.  This is an opportunity to expose your children to the fact that even the experts cannot agree, that all is confusion unless we stick with the age-old information.
     This science topic also gives you a good opportunity to appreciate the value of traditional art skills such as drawing from nature.  The ability to see and interpret details is developed by drawing from nature with pencil on paper. This ability, once developed, remains for life and gives great advantage to whoever has taken the time to develop it.
     Examining videos of planets and the moon is a good way to develop a critical eye when watching videos.  People who have already done this are realizing that the images we’re being shown of the earth and planets are all computer generated.  Simply put, we have no image of earth from the moon or any satellite.  Not a single one that has not been pasted together from non-space photos.
No photo of the earth from space exists. This computer generated artwork is a layering of other images. Likewise, we have no photos of satellites in orbit, only artwork.
     This knowledge has led many researchers to question whether there are any satellites, space stations or Mars landings.  The evidence for any of these technologies simply does not exist.  But don’t take my word for it.  Look for it yourself.

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