Consecration of Russia

I don’t intend to create another forum for Catholic bashing.  I have the greatest respect for the Catholic Church and it’s traditions.  Much more than our present Pope does, in fact, but the Church has survived heretical Popes before and it will again.

A question from Huffington Post of all places, from over a year ago, is this:

“…will the pope and President Putin respect the explicit directive “Consecrate Russia,” which began in 1917 from Our Lady of Fatima, the holy woman they both hold as “Mother of the World.” Will Pope Francis unequivocally “Consecrate Russia” to Her Immaculate Heart so the maternal promise of world peace and ultimate good may come to fruition?”

While many would consider this mere superstition, the cost of following the directive is nil, yet the cost of not following the directive is the risk of total annihilation in a nuclear holocaust, a real holocaust this time.  It could be like the kind that Russian Christians went through under the Soviet regime, or worse, and it will be aimed at Christians and especially traditional Catholics. At Fatima, Mary referred to the ‘errors of Russia’ back in 1917, and warned that these errors would spread.  It’s the error of humanism that she is referring to, I supposed, the error of a godless existence.

Even Lao Tsu taught in the sixth century BC:

“All-under-Heaven have a common Beginning. This Beginning is ‘The Mother of the World.’ Having known the Mother, we may proceed to know her children. Having known the children, we should go back and hold onto the Mother. In so doing, you will incur no risk even though your body be annihilated (Tao Teh Ching 52).”

The article went on to way:
:Wise advice. Can’t hurt, except maybe grownup pride, to take heed and obey the Holy Mother to spawn virtue and harmony for good, confronting the evils of corruption and violence. Pope Francis made the first bold move toward true world peace and unity by responding to his Holy Mother’s call on May 13, consecrating his papacy to Our Lady of Fatima.”

Right, but he didn’t call the bishops to consecrate Russia. Father Gruner was director of the Fatima Center for many years and he always said that the Pope won’t do the consecration because he doesn’t believe in it.  I differ from this opinion.  It seems to me that they do believe it will work, and won’t perform the ceremony because the Pope at present wants to preside over the destruction of the church, along with his questionable organization of known Jews who’ve invaded the Vatican.  Like Obama, he arrives at the helm of an organization that he fundamentally disagrees with, and so they use their power to obliterate what they represent.

This should be no surprise.  It has been prophecied that Satan would sit on the throne of Christ’s church in the end time.  I speak of Satan as a body of men with distorted ideas of conquest.  The Jews are well known to be infiltrators of organizations that they don’t approve of, so certainly they would set their sights on the Mother Church.

I even found it on the subject on wikipedia: “The Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by a specific act of a Pope along with all the other bishops of the world has been demanded in the belief that this will usher in a period of world peace following Armageddon and the final return of Jesus Christ.”

What we are seeing is another and more erroneous ‘Protestant Reformation’, which is euphemism for the destruction of Catholicism using terrorist tactics. I was surprised to learn that Catholicism does not allow protest against the government. We are told to use prayer, patience and penance, as a means for solving problems of a powerful secular government.  This must have worked because the church is the only institution that has survived for 2000 years, not all of those years with earthly power.  The reason for this is the understanding of Catholics that the church is the body of people who profess faith in Jesus Christ.  The buildings can fall in a heap or be occupied by Jews, but the church is carried within our hearts and minds.

Without the Church, our only recourse is protest. It occurs to me that people have unconsciously adopted a new religion of Protest, as if it is the magic solution to all problems, as if now that we are so evolved we don’t need that old religion. The ‘religion’ of Protest is a trick, as pointed out by those who study the organizational tactics of the liberal agenda, and when people get wise to it they will hopefully return to their traditional religions and way of life, as many so wisely suggest.

What the Catholics understood well was the importance of implanting sane ideas in people’s heads. Not pride, but humility, not happiness, but patient suffering, these things don’t sound very good, but in the long run it’s the best course.

This path works best when the government has the same belief system  as the people, a voluntary union of Church and State would solve many of our problems.  It doesn’t work with foreign interlopers as governors.  Ironically, the Pope himself is a foreign interloper within the Vatican.  He doesn’t want to practice Catholicism and everyone loves him for telling the world that they don’t have to practice Catholicism either.  He’s the most popular Pope ever, because he has rejected the true faith, even to the point of having lawfully resigned as Pope by admitting publicly to being a heretic.

Are we doomed?

Without supernatural assistance, how do we get rid of these alien forces within our home governments?  We bicker and argue back and forth, but no one has a good answer to that question. No one, that is, except Mother Mary.

For those who are interested in this subject, here are links to the top experts on the subject:

Father Gruner, now deceased, of the Fatima Center.

Father Gregory Hesse, Canon Lawyer of the Vatican.

Pope Francis claims that he cannot judge those who oppose the teachings of the Catholic Church, and he even welcomes them into the church to continue sinning, while he ex-communicates true Catholic priests like Bishop Williamson.

Bishop Williamson, ex-communicated by Pope Francis for not giving up Catholicism like the rest of the Vatican has done.

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