Electric Yerevan and Lessons on the Color-Spring Tactic

Revolutionary tactics had their beginning in Europe when they were used for the ‘Protestant Reformation’, which is euphemism for the destruction of Catholicism using terrorist tactics. I was surprised to learn that Catholicism does not allow protest against the government, that it provides other means for solving problems, which must have worked because it survived for about 1500 years in power. It occurs to me that people have unconsciously adopted a new religion of Protest, as if it is the magic solution to all problems, as if now that we are so evolved we don’t need that old religion. The ‘religion’ of Protest, that you describe in this excellent article is a trick, as you’ve pointed out, and when people get wise to it they will hopefully return to their traditional religions and way of life, as you have so wisely suggested. What the Catholics understood well was the importance of implanting good ideas in people’s heads. Not pride, but humility, not happiness, but patient suffering, these things don’t sound very good, but in the long run it’s the best course, as long as the government is the same as the people. It doesn’t work with foreign interlopers as governors, as we have here in the United States and also in Ukraine. What is interesting is that both Ukraine and the United States were both set up as slave colonies by the same Khazarian race, both are under their dominion now, and both have a population that tends towards white and christian. In both cases, ‘confusion of face’ occurs. This is a situation where identities are switched, costumes and even theatrical make-up is worn and phony events are staged, The trickiness is the main element at work here.

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Electric Yerevan & Lessons on the Color-Spring Tactic


old-english-calligraphy-alphabet-the Electric Yerevan protest provides us with an excellent opportunity to review some of the basic underlying mechanics and psychology of the Color-Spring tactic.  It is important to share these publicly, for it is indeed probable that the Color-Spring tactic will be increasingly applied in the world as a “hybrid soft-power/hard-power tactic”.

A moral principle held by Gene Sharp, who was one of the tactic’s main developers, was that violence is not necessary for revolution. What is strange, contradictory, even dishonest here is that violence is reduced taxonomically to the physical violence of the state’s gendarmes against the civilians.  But we know that violence comes in many forms.

We live in a time of great violence; physical, psychological, legal, economic, spiritual violence.  Not only has the Color Revolution tactic engendered the latter four, but its mutation into the Arab…

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