Royal Batards Buy and Sell People

I received a list of children of Queen Victoria from
Joseph Gregory Hallett: The Hidden King of England Vol. I p. 152

According to this author, Queen Victoria had 10 known children, all of whom were illegitimate. An unlikely ‘secret king’ is the subject of his book probably not worth buying. What gives the book legitimacy is the fact that he’s recently been murdered perhaps by ‘accident’ or ‘suicide’. I received this from the publisher via email:

“Children 2–10 were all Royal Bâtards. They were used to render almost all the Royal Families of Europe and the United Kingdom illegitimate by the end of the Shin (2012)
In 2012 this took the form of a complete change to the Laws of Succession, which masqueraded as “religious and gender equality”, but was really a desperate attempt to create an entirely new Royal Family that stemmed only from the progeny of Prince Charles / Prince of Wales / Charles Wales”

This list begins with the so-called ‘secret king’, but in reality the last undisputed King of England was Henry II.  The present royal usurpers are desperate to claim even the slightest percentage of royal blood and they don’t care if it’s through legitimate marriage or not.  In reality, the only person eligible for the monarchy is one with pure blood completely untainted by Rothschild/Brown/Bowery inbred DNA.

King Henry II of England was the last King to have blood untainted with corrupted genes that carry hemophilia, dwarfism and other genetic deficiencies.  The only disease supposedly carried by the old Catholic monarchical families was the so-called “Royal porphyrea”.  This has been debunked for years when it was discovered that porphyrea is actually arsenic which was used to poison generations of Catholic monarchs, presumably in order for those close to him to take control.  Analysis of bits of hair of King George III first proved this. A court case at the time of King Louis XIV also proved the use of Satanic sacrifice, poison and spells by the King’s mistress which had left that King “a drooling imbecile” just when the American settlers were being attacked by Rothschild mercenaries.

Here are the illegitimate children (names are in bold type, with this authors notes added in non-bold type) of the illegitimate Queen Victoria, who are also intermarried with royal houses all over the world.

1. Prince le Favori Marcos Manoel, Sangrëal Exilarch and Hidden King
(Friday 25 April 1834–Friday 1 April 1910).

2. Princess Victoria ‘Vicky’ Adelaide Mary Louise
(Saturday, 21 November 1840–5 August 1901).

3. Prince Albert ‘Bertie’ Edward/ King Edward VII (Tuesday, 9 November 1841–6 May 1910).

4. Princess ‘Alice’ Maud Mary (Tuesday, 25 April 1843–14 December 1878).

Princess Alice of the United Kingdom was the third child and second daughter of Queen Victoria and supposedly Albert, Prince Consort.

Even Victoria’s mother was suspected of having an affair and that Victoria herself had unknown genealogy.  Who she had an affair with might be one of the Rothschild ‘uncles’ that Gregg Hallet refers to when he claimed that Queen Victoria “was used by her Rothschild uncles to “breed” these illegitimate children.

Alice is the illegitimate daughter of Queen Victoria, and is probably the second generation with Rothschild blood.  Alice is important because she was the mother of the last Tzarina of Russia, Alexandra Feodorovna.  Alice was the first of Queen Victoria’s nine children to die, and one of three to be outlived by Victoria, who died in 1901.

These family photos of Alice, her mother and her daughter, illustrate not just sadness, but something far beyond that. I perceive a deep trauma in the faces.  I find it amazing that even in a formal studio portrait, three generations of these women, even when very young, could not remove the deep sadness even for the moment of snapping the photo.  It’s as though they are trying to communicate something to us in the only way that they were able.

What could have caused such permanent sadness?
  • alice
    Alice as a young girl.

    Queen Victoria what is that look of terror on your face? If this is the official portrait chosen for the world to see, how bad were the others?
  • Queen_Victoria_60._crownjubilee
    Queen Victoria looking defeated and traumatized.
    Alice, daughter of Queen Victoria and mother of Tsarina Alexandra of Russia.
    Alice, daughter of Queen Victoria and mother of Tsarina Alexandra of Russia, looking like she’s about to start crying.

    oljemalning av G. Lundberg1775Gripsholm
    Possible source of negro blood in the Rothschild, British Royal family and subsequently every royal family in Europe. The rulers of Prussia were his first most likely descendants.
    Queen Charlotte of England at the time of the  establishment of the Slave Plantation of America.
    Queen Charlotte, proprietress of the American Slave Colony, who authorized the enslavement of the Acadians of Nova Scotia. She is known as the black Queen of England.

    Queen Charlotte with the next generation of usurpation.

5. Prince ‘Alfred’ Ernest Albert, the Duke of Edinburgh and Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (Tuesday, 6 August 1844–31 July 1900).  

Associates of Greg Hallett claim that the Duke of Edinburgh is the ancestor of Peter Sellers, which would explain much about why Pope Francis today looks so much like Peter Sellers alias Jonathan Pryce.

Jonathan Pryce
As Jonathan Pryce
As Peter Sellers in 1960.
Analysis of ears of Pope Francis as compared to Jonathan Pryce shows a match.


Peter Sellers looking for clues.

6. Princess ‘Helena’ Augusta Victoria (Monday, 25 May 1846–9 June 1923).

7. Princess ‘Louise’ Caroline Alberta (Saturday, 18 March 1848–3 December 1939).

8. Pr. ‘Arthur’ William Patrick Albert, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn (Wednesday, 1 May 1850–16 January 1942).

9. Prince ‘Leopold’ George Duncan Albert, Duke of Albany (Thursday, 7 April 1853–28 March 1884).

The Dukedom of Albany was one of the most ancient titles of the Catholic Nobility. The family who rightfully bore this title is key to Acadian history which is also the history of the Guise dynasty who held fiefs in both England and France.  The title represents one of the first territories settled in the New World.  The family was the Berardi, or as most people know them, the Medici. The name Stuart was first used by this family.  They were celebrated warriors reponsible for leading armies to defend the Catholic king and therefore called ‘Stuarts’.  They also descend from the family of King Robert the Bruce. This was also part of the family of the assassinated King Francois I, whose mother, Antointette de Pons, sponsored some of the first recorded settlements in America. These settlements were made up of younger members of her family in the early 1600’s.  It was King Francois’ expedition of discovery that gave New York and Albany their place names.

These titles were stolen and ended up in possession of the Jewish Lords of Trade, and are not legitimate to this day.  The Acadians held these titles and settled the lands using fortified towns from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. There were also many Catholic settlements in the Spanish territories all the way down to South America.  These Catholics consisted of Europeans from many countries as well as converted Indian tribes and descendants from intermarriage with Indian princesses. All of this made for a tight network which can only be demonstrated by looking at genealogies, and seeing that this group is a continuation of the Guise Catholic dynasty from Kings Thibeau II King of France and Jerusalem, and the assassinated King Francois I, all with roots to Charlemagne and William the Conqueror.  These were the upholders of Christianity, the founders of Christendom who are called Catholic.

These were the first American settlers.  They fought to defend  themselves against the mercenary army of the Rothschilds headed by George Washington.  I’ve found this information in several places, perhaps not worded so concisely, but these facts check out if you look in the right places. George Washington was employed by the Trading Company of the Indies, owned by the Jewish Lords of Trade who sought to genocide or enslave the first American settlers who were Catholic.

He did live in the household of Lord Fairfax, and he was accused of having murdered the General of Fort Dusquesne after having lost a battle to him.

The exaggerated drama of the Acadian Expulsion is a distraction from the corruption that resulted in the selling of key forts to agents of the Trading Company of the Indies, probably George Washington himself.

The Acadians, aware of corruption which was draining the settlements, aware of the corruption in France by Cardinal Richeloup and Queen Elizabeth, had been migrating way from the coast, according to plan, for many years.  The French monarchy had been co-opted ever since the assassination of King Francois I in the latter part of the 1500’s.  The Acadians were not dependent on France for necessities.  Settlers travelled often, back and forth from America to France, the trip taking 2 weeks in a small boat with an experienced sailor.

Another factor leading to the movement of the population to the interior of New France(now U.S.A) was the continuing harassment of the coast by Elizabeth and Walsingham’s pirates. When they could, they captured white slaves for transport to their Virginia Plantation. Some Acadians ended up there, but they generally managed to escape.

Since these slave raids had been going on since the late 1500’s, the result was that the only buildings along the coast were fishing camps. General Wolfe discovered this when he conducted the admittedly embarrassing campaign of “burning down a few fishermen’s huts” while other agents were bribing the Governor at Fort Frontenac.

The highly exaggerated ‘expulsion’ is typical of historical propaganda that seeks to avoid mention of the fact that Catholic settlers were invincible in warfare.

The corrupt governors sent to New France by this time were sent there by the courtiers who were poisoning King Louis XIV.  This king is on record as complaining that “all my best Nobles are in Nova Scotia”.  There’s a famous court case called the Affair of the Poisons that reveals the use of Satanism during the reign of Louis XIV.  The witch hunts occurring in France at this time had a direct effect on the movement of the Nobility to the New World.

Witch hunts make use of a legitimate crime to create an atmosphere of fear whereby innocent people can be accused and in the process have all their goods confiscated by the court.  This strategy can be observed today in the Charleston false flag where an actor is pretending to have murdered several people in a black church.  Mass hysteria aids in what is basically a technique for robbery.  It is clear in Obama’s speeches that the next step will be confiscation of property belonging to selected descendants of former slave owners.

The most prominent and most innocent person accused of witchcraft at the time of Louis XIII was the the Catholic Baroness Martine de Beausoleil, who I speculate might be the model for the Statue of Liberty, but that’s a subject for another article.

This map demonstrates English attempts to remove the names from maps of the old Catholic settlements, which creates an illusion of having been there first.

The goal of the Catholics was to populate the land and to build a string of forts to protect the interior and facilitate the spread of Catholicism.  Acadians and peaceful Indians fought side by side to expel the raiding Indians and their allies, the Lords of Trade.  These wars were all very successful in expelling the worst of the Indian tribes and this success is what opened the way for the Lords of Trade to safely enter with their alcohol, bribery and treachery.

This map shows the old French fort called Fort St. Louis with English names written over it.
This map shows the old French fort called Fort St. Louis with English names written over it.

Acadian Expulsion creates a false narrative, as if helpless and stupid Acadians fell for the tricks of King George III.  In reality, King George III was poisoned with arsenic and his Lords of Trade controlled everything.  In reality, the Acadians were excellent warriors who never lost a battle. Nova Scotia, and America was the victim of bribery and corrupt Protestant/Jewish leadership then, as it is today.

George Washington worked for Lord Fairfax who held a bogus 5,000,000 acre land title to the “Plantation of America”.  This was to be his slave plantation, and it is on record that he planned to use Acadians as slaves.

Under British law, Lord Fairfax’s land grant could not be used to remove settlers who were already established.  It was George Washington’s job to remove the settlers by making incessant war on them with his Indian allies.  This is what the records demonstrate.

The Lords of Trade did not plan to use blacks as slaves; they planned to use whites.  The Queen of England, Queen Charlotte, consort to King George III, was a negro.

Queen Charlotte was from an obscure province called Mecklinburg-Strelitz, right next to Prussia, shown here in yellow. This is the area of the old Hansa slave route which supplied white slaves to the Ukraine plantations of the Khazarian Tartars.
This is identified as LaFayette’s Masonic Sword. LaFayette was one of those who held title to fiefs stolen from the legitimate Catholic Nobility. Without his support, the dissolution of English protections for settlers could not have occurred. He is widely considered to have been a dupe for the Masons.
This engraving is from the Jewish Encyclopedia showing Napoleon Bonaparte at the Sanhedrin, a meeting of Jewish Rabbis and community leaders held in France. We are told that he was rewarded by them for selling the entire French Catholic territory of New France, roughly one half of what is now the U.S.A. We were sold as serfs to the Masonic Jewish Rothschilds. Napoleon’s reward was the crown of Emperor of France. This sale includes the entire French speaking area around New Orleans and Mobile where a core group of descendants of Catholic Nobility had been established since early 1700’s. The Louisiana Purchase happened in 1803. Immediately upon taking possession of New Orleans, the American General had the most prominent and beloved members of the French speaking community hung publicly. Complaints were silence when  U.S. General Claiborne threatened to turn New Orleans into rubble, to show those Frenchmen who’s boss.
Queen Charlotte of England at the time of the establishment of the Slave Plantation of America, centered in the state of Virginia.

It was George Washington’s job to help Fairfax get rid of the bothersome settlers.  The problem was that George was a terrible warrior.  His record is clear on this, and I’ll provide details in future posts.

What is George Washington’s background? Francis Walsingham is the name of Queen Elizabeth’s Spymaster and handler.  Walsingham was the true power behind the throne and co-investor of the Company of the Merchant Adventurers, the corporate name for their Pirate fleet and also owner of the Corporation of the American Slave Plantation.   At this time there was no standard spelling of any words or surnames in English, so the slight difference in spelling of a name or word at that time doesn’t mean that it’s not the same word.  There weren’t so many people in the world in those days, so it’s not unusual to find someone with various spellings for their name.

George had no natural followers.  He was head of Hessian mercenaries who lost every battle they fought against the Catholic settlers.  I suspect that many of the hired Hessian soldiers were the impoverished relatives of the settlers, young men who’d been asset-stripped in Europe and who then hitched a free ride to the new continent.  It has long been told that these soldiers tended to disappear from the ranks once they arrived in America.

Canadian history has record of these wars and charges brought against George Washington for murder.  There was no official war declared between France and England at that time.  Although most of his battles were fought against settlers in what is now the United States, this is not included in our history except for the misleading title of ‘The French and Indian Wars”.  When war against England in the form of an “American Revolution” is started in 1776, the mercenaries can rightfully be called British soldiers.  Before that time they are a private army of the Lords of Trade.

And finally, the last two members of Queen Victoria’s illegitimate tribe:

10. Princess ‘Beatrice’ Mary Feodore Victoria
(Thursday, 14 April 1857–26 October 1944).

11. Louise Brown….sired by John Brown and funded by Bertie PoW. (b. 1948) – to establish a completely new Monarchy line of usurpers.

Mervyn Fairclough, in the book “The Ripper and the Royals” provides evidence that the ‘Jack the Ripper’ murders were actually Masonic ritual sacrifice performed by the father of Winston Churchill and other ancestors of Princess Diana. This was the blood sacrifice that was allegedly  necessary for Winston to receive the post of Prime Minister.

In the foreword of this book, Joseph Sickert writes: “Household staff called John Brown, ‘the Queen’s Stallion’. He had a bedroom next to Queen Victoria, who allowed him every conjugal privilege, resulting in a daughter.  ‘Louise Brown in Paris received the £250 every quarter through the Royal Coutt’s account under the name: ‘His Royal Highness Prince Albert Edward Prince of Wales’ – Bertie’.” p. 152 from Joseph Gregory Hallett THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND — Unveiling the Rose Vol. I

This article will be continued in future posts.

Copyright property of Suzanne Broussard.  Please acknowledge the author and weblink when reprinting.

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