The result of educating children with lies and propaganda is clearly demonstrated by a transcript of a conversation with a volunteer in the Kiev army.  This is the group that has illegally taken over parts of Ukraine and continues to shell homes in Donbass. One of so many rebel armies being funded with our tax dollars now it’s hard to keep track.  The volunteer being interviewed displays the kind of cognitive dissonance that is the result of being exposed to lots of propaganda.  He has beliefs in his mind that are completely out of sync with real events.  The journalist posted this 21 hours ago:

“After a year of war, the morale in volunteer formations is still high, even in battalions which, like those at Mariupol, operated practically without UAF support.

I believe these young kids. Since a day earlier I saw them teeming with life Mariupol, I feel a certain admiration for them. But I am struggling with thoughts. All these runes and swastika, all the Nazi swag are bothering me. Plus the sign on one of the seaside villas occupied by Azov: Dirlewanger. Skinheads….
1815. After leaving the beach we move to the trenches which are Mayak’s first line of defense. Deep, with solid dugouts which give a good view on separatist positions. Here Ross, an Irish operator who joined us in the meantime, is recording a conversation with a Ukrainian volunteer. I’m sitting by the entrance in a tourist chair, catching the rays and listening to the conversation.

–You see, Ross–the soldier says in broken English–whites are threatened by blacks. I read that in the US the blacks have a saying: you want to have a good day, kick a white.

–I haven’t heard that–Ross, who is shooting a documentary on Donbass volunteers, is not betraying any emotions. –But I lived in Mexico, not in the US.

–Where there are Latinos–the Ukrainian sighs–They are also trouble.

–I haven’t noticed, and I’ve lived there for four years. And I have a Latina girlfriend–Ross sounds every bit as professional as before.

His interlocutor falls silent for a few seconds. Ross was at Mayak before, they liked him–and now this confession…

–Let’s not talk about blacks and Latinos–the Azov guy recovers his composure–We are not just fighting for Mariupol and Ukraine, but all of Europe. The entire white race–against Russian encroachment.

–But Russians are also white–Ross notices.

–Not white, and not European–the soldier says that very emphatically. –They are an Asiatic horde.

What the kid doesn’t realize is that Russians are not the Asiatic Horde, they are mostly Greek and Roman. The Asiatic Khazarian horde is precisely who he is fighting for, because that’s who runs the Government Scam and they are worldwide.  He doesn’t realize that he is killing off his own kind in order to help the Asiatic Khazarians and he cannot understand that to these Khazarians, he is the Russian that they also want dead.  They fill his head with negative and demeaning propaganda.  Like American whites who are taught to hate their own race, this kid’s mind is so twisted he is ashamed of his own language.

“–You speak of the Russians as the worst of the worst, yet you speak their language–I notice.

–Russian is a language of pigs. It’s not my fault I speak it since childhood, he adds with obvious regret.”

I’ve seen this once when an anarchist refused to believe that I lived in a town with a volunteer fire department.  To an anarchist it is impossible that such a thing could exist since they had all been very well trained to believe that anarchy (no leader) is chaos and violence.  They don’t even know the meaning of the word, nor do they see that they are being led by others. Anarchy simply means a state with no one person or group in charge.  It was the idea originally of a group of professional tradesmen, middle class people who wanted to try a community without government.  It can be functional if everyone is well trained in the rules.  Imagine a world where everyone agrees that the propaganda will be about getting along with each other and keeping our families together and feeling healthy pride in our separate cultures.

I believe it is in our power to take control of our immediate environment which is our own selves, by being a propagator of good.  Just plain, simple politeness and being vocal about stopping the stuff that assaults our senses.  If everyone started taking that little bit of action by controlling our own television set, the world could change in no time.  TV thrives on advertising sales. If no one is watching, no one is paying, and if no one is paying, no one will be playing that particular tune anymore.

I know that there are already lots of people who are already doing this.  Now if investment groups  would band together and take back control of our media so that it can do what media is supposed to do, well wouldn’t that be wonderful, and so much cheaper in the long run than bombing things and so much more effective too. If the bad guys can do it, the good guys can do it better.

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