Another Hoax

Is it another Crisis Actor staged event presented to us as news?  Is it now time to stop this?

Here are some comments that I found:

Carlos Guerrero 1 day ago
Another day, Another hoax.
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Russianvids 1 day ago
+Carlos Guerrero Sad but true my friend.
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boom anxious 1 day ago
And another one! Crazy white person goes on a shooting spree hoax! Let’s see what they’ll bring up about him. Christian, patriot, veteran, racist, anti-government pro-gun radicalized doomsday prepper and/or conspiracy theorist? Hmmm…
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Utahstrong 20 hours ago
+boom anxious They are saying he was an anti-tax person now. Like there are pro tax lovers running around somewhere. They’ve included everything except the kitchen sink in this one. In a way we are living in exciting times. I’ve never seen anything like this.
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yeah its obvious i was watching “the news” this morning cnn to be exact this whore of satan was interveiwing  “the witness” he said he heard the gun shots then the alarm went off. then he runs outside there was already 10 to 15 police cars out in front of the theatre “wow at the response time of the police in that town
I’m from the uk and i cant even watch the news anymore, 10 mins will be about a shooting in america, 20 mins will be about isis domination in the middle east 10 mins on the need for us to give away more freedom for security. what a load of crap
+Natapier Yeh were fucked, the funny thing is it’s actually legal for news stations to use actors to portray certain events. seems legit right.
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Soon, all of us here will be bundled into this group of people. We will be hated and thought to be dangerous. My own mother says I am exhibiting Lone wolf behavior and would not be shocked if they framed me as someone who shot up a bunch of people in a mall or something. THAT is what you call brainwashing and preconditioning. My All my siblings are addicted to drugs, their lives are in turmoil and drama, yet I am the one that she thinks would be capable of such an act. Wow

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