The Lafayette Louisiana Shooting

It occurs to me, how miserably we are at the mercy of the media.  They can define your culture, your town, yourself. If something newsworthy happens in your town, they can decide whether to interview the toothless drunk, or they can interview someone else.  There is nothing that any of us can do about it.

In this case, two beautiful young women were allegedly murdered in a ‘lone gunman scenario’ that occurred this week, just a few blocks from my house.  I drove by the movie theatre today, and there could still be seen a true ‘media circus’ vans and satellite dishes still parked in the parking lot.  I saw the interview of the owner of the theatre, with her father.  I couldn’t help but notice the beauty of all the people involved.  And then, just for the sake of investigation, I typed in the words ‘Lafayette La. theatre shooting hoax’, because  I’m convinced that hoaxes are passed off as news.  That’s a subject worthy of years of study.

Sure enough, there is already out there on youtube, a video that attempts to demonstrate that the thing was a hoax.  Nothing convincing.

In the national interview with Anderson Cooper, the point was made by the theatre owner that we live in a sane community here in Lafayette, Louisiana.  When a notorious Baptist church came out with a threat to picket the funeral of the two deceased girls, the local on-line community came out with vows to form a human fence in order to protect the funeral service.

Meanwhile, I’ve been asking around, to find out who knows these girls.  One of them is getting more attention because she was a member of a local band and proprietress of a couple of head-shops.  But it was pointed out by a friend that she was not ‘from here’, as we say.  The other victim had a local last name, though I’ve never heard the name Macie used before by someone whose last name is Breaux. These details stick in my brain sometimes and I can’t let it go.

I’ve been following hoax shooting events for a few years now. I’ve never had one happen here in my community before.  I can’t say whether it’s a hoax or not.  I didn’t even pay attention to it for a couple of days, because there are so many cities named Lafayette that I assumed it was not us.

The Masonic Sword of Lafayette.
The Masonic Sword of Lafayette. The Freemasons make no secret of their control of the educational system in Louisiana. I found out about it by reading one of their publications in the university library near my house. They also make no secret about their determination to shut the local French Catholic population out of government. They don’t like the French language and they don’t like Catholicism, and yet, here we are in a city that carries the name of one of their most ardent members, the Marquise de Lafayette.

This one seems real enough, but I’ll have my ears open.

Anderson Cooper interviewed a friend of one of the victims, whose business revolve around commercialization of the culture of Acadiana.  When I was in Costa Rica with a young family, I saw this happen and realized what a destructive activity it is.  I appreciate that people appreciate what we have here, but there is a line that must not be crossed in promoting it.

Will this tragedy result in increased sales of t-shirts and music?  Would anyone be so crass as to indulge in disaster capitalism of this type?  I doubt it.  So maybe this one time it was a a random maniac, and so why isn’t the narrative focused on care of the criminally insane?  No, the narrative is focused, as usual, on gun control.

And everyone acquiesces on this narrative and goes on and on about gun control. If I owned the media, I could come up with a case against monopoly ownership of movie theatres, I could rail against closure of institutions for the insane, I could clamor for city walls and gates.

Yes, if I owned the narrative, I would make a case for city walls and gates that close at nightfall.  I would make a case for mandatory gun ownership and training.

I see that movies are much more powerful than guns. So why are movies allowed to be made by people who might be pedophiles, felons, bank robbers, weapons dealers?  Why aren’t there background checks for movie moguls? Shouldn’t script writers have to pass the same test as gun owners?  Which one has the most power to destroy?

If I owned the narrative, I’d ask why it is that this happened, on a holy level.  What was this movie about that they were there to watch, after all?  What are all movies about and why isn’t a movie considered a weapon of mass destruction? What is Hollywood about? Why are we going to these movies and what are they doing to us?

The coincidence in all of this, is that this little community in South Louisiana was also the home of someone who is now the top talent agent in Hollywood.  He was a friend of mine long ago, but he turned gay and that was the end of it.  There was no room for a straight person in a gay man’s life, and so I lost my dear friend. He wasn’t born gay.  He knew what was required to make it in Hollywood, and he managed to take Princess Leah’s heart and then he took their daughter and now the gay lovers who raised her and took her from her mom, where are they?  What a mess. That is all I can say, what a sad mess.

But to spread this mess to an entire nation through the power of movies and music, that is something else entirely.

New Iberia and Duck’s Drive Inn and Prioux Street and we had a good life then, even though the fabric was getting frayed…we could have saved the world if only we’d not been pulled off track so badly.  A family, a union of male and female, a natural attraction brought to it’s logical conclusion, an extended family and history that goes back generations…this is our birthright.  How can we throw it away for the mess of pottage that is this…men with men, women alone, our daughters and sons adrift in a culture of death.

I could tell you Mr. Big Shot of Hollywood, that it hasn’t been worth it.  Whatever you thought you’d have in exchange for selling your precious birthright, to mix your seed with the money lender’s daughter, to climb the stairway to heaven. Yes, I’m talking to you, Brian.  Do you realize that you have the power to change it all back to being right?  Repent.  Yes, it means admit your mistake publicly and take steps to change. Or else we are all doomed.

16 thoughts on “The Lafayette Louisiana Shooting

  1. ” we live in exciting times” -JOB

    This type of disinformation( mentioned in this article) goes back to IsURAL, ( not IsRAel) when Nimrod cut an unclean animal (pig) and offered the ” choice” piece as a holocaust ( burnt offering)
    to his grand-father, Ham.
    Thus, “Ham”from this animal gets its name.
    I have a friend I grew up with that is a medical specialist that will debate endlessly on the reliability of the press. But remain coldly silent on the ” injuries” of the Boston Bombing ” victimes”

    Great article, thanks for it.


    1. danielsion First of all, in the consonant-only alphabet of Proteo-Hebrew, I have not come across a way to differentiate between IsUral and IsRael. If you have, please forward the information. As to any particular person’s inability to prove or disprove any aspect of our present news, it should not be our responsibility to do so. If our own government is not taking care of this for us, then we have precious little use for it. As to any real or unreal injuries in Boston, there are two points. First, a Hollywood type bomb which directs the explosion directly upward, rather than outward, is certainly capable of causing injuries, but only due to lack of precaution and the injuries would not generally be fatal due to the direction of the blast. Second, what proof do any of us have that the injuries portrayed to us on camera are actually real. Some of the portrayals are laughable to expert eyes. So at some point I will desist from making these points and retreat to some comfortable corner of the planet and watch the destruction of Sodom and Gomorha from afar. For the fact is that, my opinion isn’t worth a hill of beans. If I am demonized for questioning the media, and I’m a descendant of Beau Soleil and the situation in America is so corrupt that not one square inch of the soil remains to his descendants on this land, while strangers push and shove to locate his grave so that it can be exploited for tourism, all the while mysterious deaths occur in the ‘alrededors’ of their hunting grounds,then you know what…maybe it’s time to leave. Does it matter to anyone here in Acadiana who owns the media in Acadian? Is there anyone who doesn’t understand the power of that monopoly ownership, especially to the minds of our youth? Does it matter who owns the textbooks or the educational system or the government. We enjoyed sweet isolation for a few generations, but those days are gone. If it doesn’t now matter to anyone who controls the education or the media in Acadiana, then perhaps the last few Acadians leaving the place need to be reminded to turn out the lights. As for the source of the name ‘Ham’, that is a new one for me, perhaps you could include a link to a reference? Thank you for your compliment.


  2. This is pretty callous, you know. Dismissing the deaths of two women from our community like it is nothing. Because they’re “not from here” or you had never heard a name like Mayci Breaux, it’s probably a hoax? You know how many people were in that theater? You know how horrible you are to attack anyone involved in this senseless tragedy? You may say you are from here but I doubt anyone that is actually from Lafayette, LA would eschew compassion and the small town values that we all learn the way you have in this post. It sounds to me like you have too much time on your hands and too much hatred. Also sounds like you don’t even live here anymore. Linking in your personal hatred of a gay man also adds nothing to whatever point you are trying to make. My husband and I were in that theatre the NIGHT BEFORE. Our apartment is literally 300 yards away from the theatre. Both sides of our families also live within 3 blocks of the theatre. We have mutual friends with the “allegedly” deceased. I hope God judges you and dismisses you as harshly as you do to others, especially those from your own hometown. What people need to be doing in the aftermath of a horrifying event such as this is to cultivate compassion, love and mercy. Not searching for ways to invalidate their deaths. I hope that one day, in your fierce religion (what seems to be Christianity), you can learn the true, underlying message of all religions, which is love and compassion. Show some respect for the dead.


    1. I also live a few blocks from the theater, but it does not logically follow that therefore this event could not be anything other than reported. However, it is a well-known psy-op technique to demonize people who question events reported on television. So there, I am allowing you to demonize me on my own wordpress site. It is you that I doubt is from this community where Catholicism and compassion are a hallmark of our culture. However, the community is quickly changing and the media is not locally owned, neither is the almost anything else, and anyone now can get on the internet and claim to be one of us but few of us actually can prove it.


      1. First of all, I would like to apologize for attacking you. The shooting is still very fresh and brings up a lot of emotions for me, and I shouldn’t have been so harsh with you. My intention was not to “demonize” you, it was to encourage a more positive sentiment and attitude towards those who were so deeply hurt and affected by the shooting. Also, I realize that this is what you write about so I’m sorry for attacking your hobby.

        Why does it even matter who is “one of us” (whatever that means)? We are all human and all deserving of compassion and mercy. We all bleed red and we are all children of God.

        I am from Lafayette. I come from a deeply Roman Catholic family. We have been attending Our Lady of Wisdom since I was probably 6 or 7. My family is very well known in the local community and has been doing ministry with the poor since I can remember. If you are at all involved in the local Catholic community, you most likely have heard about us because we were in foreign missions for several years with Family Missions Company. Father Bryce Sibley is my mother’s spiritual adviser. Robin and Easton Hebert did a marriage prep class with me and my husband before we got married. Father Chester Arceneaux confirmed me. You know, I can name drop until my fingers are numb, but seeing the kind of stuff you write, I doubt you would even believe me, since questioning and doubting everything is something you seem to espouse rather vigorously.

        I’m curious as to what information you have that makes you think this is a hoax? This is a very impassioned if somewhat disjointed narrative but after reading through it several times I am still at a loss as to what was the point of it and how you went from saying that the shooting was a hoax to talking about gay men in Hollywood to linking a picture of the masonic sword of Lafayette. How do these things fit together? How do they support each other in your argument? What bearing do gay men and the free masons have on a movie theatre shooting and the manipulation of the media? (I’m with you on that one; the media is definitely screwed up; I’m just unsure of what your line of thought is)


      2. Madison Berrio, thank you for your apology, but I am from Loreauville and it doesn’t get more ‘us’ than that. I am a direct descendant of Beausoleil and I grew up on the land that belonged to him there. You and I go to the same church and if you want to know why I question everything in the media, then below is a link to an article that attempts to explain. The names have been slightly changed because I don’t want to deal with the corrupt legal system in case of a libel suit, but I am writing about my own experience.

        Despite the slightly modified name spellings, you will recognize who I am referring to if you live in Lafayette. It’s a story that begins when I was a 16 year old student at Mt. Carmel in New Iberia and I took a year book field trip to visit a now well-known photographer who later arrived in Acadiana to write about us and publish big coffee table books describing us and portraying us with quite a bit of disrespect. If you really knew these people like I do, you’d understand that kind of snide disrespect and why I talk about ‘us’ and ‘them’. So please read this very short story about my many experiences with fake news. It’s a sad story, especially the incident with a young man named Jeff Doucet who was shot on camera in a horrible hoax set-up in Baton Rouge.

        Also, please note that questioning a news report has nothing to do with disrespecting the dead. That is not a logical conclusion. Have you seen the bodies? Have you tried to find any record of these people in the past, their families and relatives, childhood photos, anything? Why aren’t these being shown? Do you know who their Daddy is?

        Yet, I know a real local musician who truly needs support, whose grandfather was a musician and no one knows about her because she gets no media attention, no one covered the fact that she was in an serious accident recently and can’t work and I’m talking about the very talented Sarah Jayde Williams, the grand daughter of Hadley Castille. But because she isn’t part of the media mafia like all these others whose roots are not in Acadiana, she is dealing with this completely alone and so why is that? While everyone is defending what might be a fictitious person, the real person whose family I know and whose background is anything but mysterious, is isolated and ignored. So please read about it at because I am the only person who is trying to help her with media attention.

        As for my gay friend in Hollywood, I wrote that particular article for him alone, and if he would read it he’d understand exactly what I wrote, and so would his daughter. Maybe I’ll go into more detail in future articles.


      3. I completely concur with the observation that the media chooses to inflate some issues and completely ignore others. It’s weird and unfair and I’ve never been a fan. To put your mind to ease a little, Mayci Breaux is one of my best friend’s cousins, so she is a real person. And I’ve seen the Figs play several times and I can assure you that Jillian Johnson is also a real person. I don’t know how I would see any bodies….that is something that only the families would most likely see. I don’t have unrealistic or grisly expectations about things being proved to me personally.
        I think that accepting the fact that we cannot know the complete truth about anything is a freeing thing, but I do applaud you for your questioning. Question everything and the truth will come out at some point. But if it doesn’t, that’s to be expected because the world is full of evil and lies.


    2. Madison, you are a shill and not a very good one. Is it because you are lazy and plagiarize the worn out diatribe of other shills? Or is it because you are incontinent and cannot help but shill?
      Read Daniel 12:11 and report back to me. ( that is an order)

      Liked by 1 person

    3. Madison, you are a shill and not a very good one. Is it because you are lazy and plagiarize the worn out diatribe of other shills? Or is it because you are incontinent and cannot help but shill?
      Read Daniel 12:11 and report back to me. ( that is an order)

      Oh and your respect for the dead: I am thumbing through my list of active abortion dissenters. I do not see your name.
      Do tell me what group you are with.
      I am sure you deeply respect those murdered babies.

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      1. First of all, I don’t take orders from people on the internet. You’ve got to be kidding me.
        Second of all, nothing you have said while aggressively insulting me makes any sense or has any bearing on what the discussion is about. You’re very rude.
        Third of all, does someone have to be on some arbitrary personal list of abortion dissenters to have a respect for the dead?
        Some of us do not have time to be active dissenters about anything. Try having physical disabilities and a family to care for on top of 2 jobs and then add “active abortion dissenter” to your list of titles. It’s not very doable.
        I don’t have to prove myself to you to be validated as a person. I’m a beloved child of God and my main mission in life is to follow the golden rule and love others. I do my best but I fail sometimes, as do all of us, including you. “…the greatest of these is love” said someone once. Not “the greatest of these is to be an active abortion dissenter”.


      2. Thank you for confirming my first assessment of you. You are not only a shill, you are a hopeless one.
        You apologised to Suzanne then began your shill tactic again of mindless insults.
        You a beloved child of God? No greater love hath a man than to lay Down his life for another. What saith your ” Golden rule”? Scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. Exactly your mission in life.
        You are disabled and holding two jobs? ( And your” Love missions”)
        You are every wit the problem the Church is submerged in today.
        You have no mediation to scripture because you are carnal. You love Sodomites and hate correction.
        You, I fear, are too far gone to grasp what I am saying to you, instead you will call it insults.
        It is not an insult. I am slapping your face!
        Better is a slap from a friend than a kiss from the enemy.
        Now this is my final admonition to you.
        GO READ WHAT I TOLD YOU TO AND REPORT BACK TO ME! other wise expect no further response from me.


  3. Carlos Guerrero 1 day ago
    Another day, Another hoax.
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    Russianvids 1 day ago
    +Carlos Guerrero Sad but true my friend.
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    boom anxious 1 day ago
    And another one! Crazy white person goes on a shooting spree hoax! Let’s see what they’ll bring up about him. Christian, patriot, veteran, racist, anti-government pro-gun radicalized doomsday prepper and/or conspiracy theorist? Hmmm…
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    Utahstrong 20 hours ago
    +boom anxious They are saying he was an anti-tax person now. Like there are pro tax lovers running around somewhere. They’ve included everything except the kitchen sink in this one. In a way we are living in exciting times. I’ve never seen anything like this.
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