Demonizing Those Who Question

As for the Lafayette Shooting incident, I live right down the street from the Grande Theatre too, and I use my real name and I’m known in the community and I see this Lafayette Shooting thing with many anomalies that ought to be discussed, but anyone who questions anything is demonized and ostracized.

That’s how this all works, and that’s how it divides people and that’s why they don’t bother with making it look very real by attending to details. Those who want to believe will not allow discussion of anomalies in the story. How can someone be so ‘evil’ as to even consider it odd that not one firetruck showed up after sounding the alarm? I know how expert the Lafayette Fire Department is, they would have been there in an instant.

I’ve been a teacher in Lafayette for many years and I teach my students to use their eyes by drawing from nature. That skill comes in handy throughout life in many different circumstances.

I have written the Chief of Police, Jim Craft, asking to comment on the use of Simulated Crisis Events as training for emergency responders.  I will post his comment when I receive it.

It’s very interesting to see the way people deal with cognitive dissonance.

First off, if the victim is portrayed as a ‘famous person’, many people want to claim some coat-tail association with someone ‘famous’.  So when this first happened, I asked a friend if he knew the victim and he said no.

But when I wondered if the event was real or not, suddenly my friend decided that he did in fact know the victim, and that I must be a demon to not care that an innocent girl was killed and my friend yelled at me a while and then packed up and left even though there was absolutely no other place to go.  Such is the logic of defending the Media.

However, the fact is that this issue cannot be pushed aside so easily as if it happened some place else.  Do you believe this happened as described on TV or don’t you? Can two people with different opinions on this issue continue to live together or work together or even just be friends or even family? The answer is no, because of the extreme emotional reaction that accompanies a pro-Media stance.  So this is the reason why they do it and why they leave the anomalies in place.

Divide and conquer.

The extreme emotional response is a result of the physical process of having received information regarding this event through tiny dots of light on the TV screen.  Unlike a real-life event witnessed first-hand, the mind takes this information into the brain through an emotional process, not an analytical process.  This phenomenon is well known among those who study the brain’s reaction to television and movie messages.

The crisis event therefore becomes a sieve with which to separate the community into those who believe in the Media and those who don’t.  This demonstrates the extent to which the Media has become a religion in America.  Richard Nixon has been quoted as saying that the American people won’t believe anything until they hear it on Television.  This is true for a certain percentage of people.

Those who work in the field of propaganda know that strong belief in God immunizes people from falling for lies. What better way to distinguish who believes in what, than to use these events around the country.

To not believe the news is to be a heretic, a traitor to your country, and a downright evil, heartless person.  Who wants to be called that? So someone who wants to get along in the world would believe TV news without question, and so this is how our society works smoothly and non-believers might as well just move someplace else far away…someplace with a nice beach and good surf.

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