Who is Bernie Sanders?

Do we have a non-evil candidate to vote for this time?  Is there a candidate who vows to defund the killing-machine that is the military industrial complex?  Is there a candidate that isn’t lying to us about everything?  Looks like not.  Sanders at first seems to be a good alternative.  Yes, it seems that a non-Jewish candidate is far too much to hope for, but what is he not saying when he campaigns?

He is not saying that he will de-fund Israel at a time when Israel is clearly the root of all world problems, due to Jewish stranglehold on so many governments.  Oh it’s working just fine for them, but the rest of us are taxed without representation.  In fact, certain sects of the Jewish religion require the extermination of all non-Jews first in order for the Jewish Messiah to finally appear.  We live in an age of complete religious tolerance, so that a religion that requires our own death apparently has as much [or more!] right to exist than a religion that requires we love one another. After all, according to the new theory of moral relativity, it’s just a matter of opinion whether being alive is better than being dead anyway, so we can’t make an argument for our own survival without being politically incorrrect and thereby getting on a ‘no-work’ list.

The notorious Brother Nathaniel reported something about Bernie Sanders but it’s been scrubbed.  That fact says so much, because it requires power to scrub bad news.  Here are few important facts about his voting record:

“When public opinion rebelled against the Bush administration’s penchant for war that same year and the GOP lost control of both houses of Congress, Bernie claimed that impeachment was “impractical.” The organizer of the impeachment resolution campaign in Vermont, Dan Dewalt, said in response, “We think we have quality politicians in Vermont. We’re wrong. We have politics as usual in Vermont. Our so-called independent congressman, Bernie Sanders, can’t get far enough away from impeachment.”

Something less than a profile in courage.

On practical issues of war and peace, Bernie has been something less than a profile in courage. Sanders voted for the September 2001 Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF), which permanently let slip the dogs of war starting with Afghanistan and continuing down to the present day. Congresswoman Barbara Lee had the courage to vote no; she would be a much better bet than Bernie to resist the next war hysteria.

Most recently, Bernie joined in the 100-0 stampede of the US Senate to endorse the Israeli bombing campaign against the Palestinians of Gaza in July-August of 2014. This was Netanyahu’s Operation Protective Edge, which killed 2,300 captive Palestinians…”

The reason Israel is the most important issue to the people of the United States right now is that paying the expenses of Jewish world dominion is destroying the American economy, which is part of the plan of achieving Jewish world dominion.  Yes, we must die, and it’s happening as I speak,  in terms of quality of life, life-span and health during that span.  It’s all not looking good, and though the solutions and alternatives are infinite, our own tax dollars support the various governmental forces that prevent any change whatsoever from the present death spiral in which we live.

The fact is that, in order to hide from the American public the full extent to which we are daily robbed and exposed to a deadly environment, it is also necessary to take over education and that is where the real death occurs.

Is Bernie Sanders a viable alternative to the usual puppetry of candidates?  No, absolutely not.  In fact, our present system is designed specifically to make sure that we will have only one choice when we vote.  That one choice will have different faces, names and party associations, but it will be a choice limited to a yes vote for continued taxation without representation, continued endless warfare and continued repression of healthy, happy, quality lifestyles for everyone.

Is not voting a solution?  Is voting a solution?  The answer is no to both questions.

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