False Education allows the oldest trick in the book to be replayed generation after generation.

This article has updates and new images in connection with George Washington and the British Crown.

Sumo Sacerdote

As long as we are all reading books that tell us nothing of importance, then we’ll never know that the same tricks are being played on us over and over again.

Following are excerpts from a rare book in a private collection, along with other historical references to the manufacture of revolutions as part of a tricky take-over strategy.  Written by Mrs. Nesta Webster, in 1921, “World Revolutions: The Plot Against Civilization”, Owens Publishing, Texas, compiled documents found in police archives around Europe; She references verifiable sources from the past 200-300 years, a time when people spoke openly of the Jewish people as a political force. The reason it is rare is because so many copies have been destroyed due to the fact that this subject was censored for as long as that was possible.


By: Suzanne Broussar

Weishaupt, given credit for the founding of the Illuminati, in one letter on…

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