Does America Have Two Presidents?

Apparently, we do have two presidents, or at least the Jews do.  One is Obama, and the other is Netanyahoo.  Both of them have as their top concern the State of Israel and the welfare of the Jewish people, way more important of course than the American people since according to their religious myths, the Jewish people are God’s chosen.  The rest of us have to give up our religions and provide cannon fodder in the form of our children in order to be truly patriotic Americans, as it stands today, anyway.

In their great and over-riding concern for Israel’s well-being, the welfare of Americans therefore must be set aside.  Netanyahoo and Obama are competing for the attention and approval of American Jewry, falling all over themselves to please them, as the rest of us look on from the sidelines.  The money that is automatically deducted from the paychecks of millions of minimum wage workers in the United States is the source of the largess that goes toward the continued well-being of God’s beloved Jews.  This automatic deduction is the treasure that every one seeks to attain by bribing our Congressmen.  Afterall, who wouldn’t want to curry the favor of people who get to heaven no matter what, and to get paid for it as well, it’s just too good to be true.  So maybe there is no truth in any of this “chosen people” myth, maybe it is a house of cards that depends on blatant lies, total control of everything and theft of everyone’s money in order for the Chosen Card House to stand.  Until we get a breath of air from Yahway, the card house is safe.

The article linked below details the competition between Obama and Netanyahoo for the approval of the Jewish people in the United States, apparently the only ones that matter to anyone in our government.  Is Chosen-ness something that can be obtained through osmosis, by going to their functions and kowtowing to their political action committees?  One would think so judging by events, but only for politicians.  The rest of us are not allowed to become citizens of Israel, much less qualify as God’s chosen, according to the standing law of delusion anyway.

2 thoughts on “Does America Have Two Presidents?

  1. The U.S.A ( corporation) may have two presidents. I have none.
    I am lawfully a citizen of a conquered nation.: The confederate States of America. And first and foremost a citizen of the City Of GOD.

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