A Funders’ Guide to the Common Core State Standards

What Common Core will lead to can be seen today in Ontario Canada today. The following is an excerpt from an article written by Campaign For Life Coalition about the pornographic Sex Education curriculum being deceitfully implemented in all schools there, including Catholic Schools. “Impact on Catholic religious schools
The curriculum document encourages the use of condoms and artificial birth control to prevent pregnancy and STDs, something that is totally incompatible with the Catholic school system. Yet our Liberal Premier says Catholics are expected to teach it nonetheless. The 2015 curriculum adds a brand new reference to “reproductive health”, which is a known euphemism that public health authorities and Planned Parenthood use to mean abortion.

The Minister of Education and Premier Wynne have made it clear that the Catholic school system, like the secular public system, must implement this curriculum without exception. It is unclear how Catholic schools can implement teaching on birth control, abortion, the idea that being male or female is a social construct, gender expression, and the 6-gender theory, even if retrofitted with a “Catholic lens”. Catholic moral teaching forbids abortion and the use of artificial contraception as grave evils. The theory of gender identity, gender expression and the idea that there are more genders than just male and female directly contradict Christian anthropology of the human person.

Faithful Catholic observers find it hard to believe that the Institute for Catholic Education (ICE), which is tasked with retrofitting a “Catholic lens” onto these problematic teachings, will be able to accomplish such a feat since these ideas are fundamentally incompatible with Catholicism. That doubt is heightened by the knowledge that the board of ICE includes two member from OECTA, the same “catholic” teachers union which marched in the homosexual pride parade this past summer. OECTA is also fully in support of the gay pride clubs known as GSAs being in Catholic schools.” http://www.campaignlifecoalition.com/index.php?p=Sex_Ed_curriculum

deutsch29: Mercedes Schneider's Blog

In fall 2012, three philanthropic mega-organizations, Education Funder Strategy GroupGrantmakers for Education, and Growth Philanthropy Network, united to form the Common Core Funders Working Group (CCFWG).

The goal of this mega-mega philanthropic machine is to cement Common Core into American public education.

Here is a description of the purpose of CCFWG as noted in December 2013:

Recognizing the unique possibilities provided by Common Core standards, committed foundations are planning, learning, and acting together in a concerted way over the next two years as the “Common Core Funders Working Group.” A collaborative effort between the Education Funder Strategy Group, Growth Philanthropy Network and Grantmakers for Education, the Working Group seeks to leverage and organize the unique contributions of philanthropy——including resources, leadership, nimbleness, and independence——to support states and schools districts in successfully transitioning to the new Common Core standards.

The Working Group organizes funder interests and leadership…

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