Surreal: Muslim beheads woman in IKEA. Swedish police reinforce security – for Muslims…

European media and police cover up the beheading of one, possibly two people in a retail store. Muslims are given free reign to terrorize by the European police. Europe is in a brutal war, with no military to defend the people.

The Muslim Issue

Photo of woman beheaded by Muslim asylum seekers at IKEA in Sweden
Photo: A witness from the IKEA attack took this mobile photo of the decapitated woman Carola Herlin, 55 years of age, from Hemvattnet outside of Skelleftea. Her son, 28-year old Emil Herlin, may also have been beheaded but there is not enough witness accounts to confirm this yet.

You can read one (of several) witness accounts to confirm the beheading here.

Swedish media has shined with its absence on revealing the truth of this brutal murder of a shopper at IKEA. From the country where Muslim rape of a child ended in community service, the Swedish police chief referred to the reported “stabbing” as an “act of madness” while the Swedish media is covering the whole story up. There exists no free speech in Sweden in 2015. The socialist system is a pseudo free society.

When has an execution-styled beheading been called a stabbing? Only in Sweden. Yes…

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