My Race is the Best Race

If I want to feel that my race is superior, I have the right to do that, just as the Jews and the Blacks have the right to do that. America’s entire foreign policy and budget priorities are based on the false belief that Jews are superior to Christians, and no one complains about that. In fact they boast about it all the time, and go so far as to declare openly that their goal is to kill all Arabs. That’s just fine with everyone, and our Congress sends them money to do this.

This has worked very well for the Jews.

So now all the other races are imitating the Jews, claiming ‘Chosen People” status and wanting to kill off the non-Chosen.

I have always thought that my own race is superior, also.  If Jews can do it without censure, everyone can do it. Precedent has already been established. There’s no harm in believing it.

The crime is in wanting to kill or harm innocent, peaceful people, or providing money to others do so.

In the on-going effort by the media to create division and strife, in addition to the effort to turn all religions into Talmudic-Satanism, Louis Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam gang is allowed to boldly incite blacks to hatred and call for various forms of violence towards innocent white people. He does this  knowing that young blacks will follow his lead, even without their parents knowing about it. They’ll hide out and shoot at cars, steal from houses, boycott white businesses, rape white women, all as devout members of the Nation of Islam gang.  

Anyone else would have been jailed years ago, but Farrakhan flaunts his immunity, making it clear to anyone paying attention that he has powerful protection.  It doesn’t take much to realize that the culprit is Obama, who has been stealing American tax dollars to arm ISIS.  The connection between Nation of Islam and ISIS is so obvious, I won’t even expound on that here, but there are links in the comment section.  What I will do is study the attitudes and justifications for all this, and consider the strategy and thinking of the ‘enemy’.

One thing is clear, the level of awareness and resistance is heating up worldwide, as White Europeans face greater and greater violence and injustice at the hands of the people to whom they’ve given asylum.  It is the strategy of the Nation of Islam to avoid traditional male warfare, and to win “with their penis” as one person put it, by having lots of babies in Europe and America, while collecting welfare and thereby draining resources away from white taxpayers.  The population of Muslims is, as a consequence, increasing rapidly, white Europeans are in the minority in many areas, and being openly attacked.  Large swathes of the major developed cities in Europe are off-limits to whites, similar to the gang neighborhoods in America, because Nation of Islam is a Gang full of men who don’t have to feed their families since they collect welfare. They are full time penis warriors who avoid attacking other men, but choose instead little girls and old women to rape and beat brutally.

White Slavery
White Slavery

Their war strategy actually depends on taking advantage of white people’s goodness and willingness to give them asylum and financial aid. You tube videos show clearly that European police are protecting the Muslim invaders, and joining in with them to attack and jail white people. Those are old videos, however.  The resistance has already begun, the learning curve is past.

The Gang that calls itself Nation of Islam is an enemy not only to whites, but also to black children, from my point of view, as well as to their parents. I am much more concerned about innocent black children getting caught up in the violence and bad influence, than I am about white people in general, who can defend themselves.  I’m concerned because Whites are fierce warriors, and any declaration of war against them is a dangerous move and I hope that the blacks themselves will self-police their own community and put this movement down before it gets worse.

The fact remains, however, that warfare has been declared, that it is already well in progress in Europe and in America, that it involves dealing with enemies who are already living within our neighborhoods and in control of our governments and police forces. Most importantly, the enemy seeks to gain the advantage by keeping the warfare secret.  Obama has already funneled billions of dollars of our taxes to fund them world-wide.  At the same time he weakens our military by ordering them to stand down when facing ISIS.  This is becoming known to others, not just myself.  One can only conclude that the FEMA camps were meant for whites.

Nation of Islam is self-delusion on a large scale.  I can look around and see clearly which race is superior and which isn’t, which groups lie as a matter of policy and which ones are honest as a matter of policy, who is capable of creating a peaceful, functioning society, and who creates a living hell, who builds and who tears down.  I’m not brainwashed or angry, I’m prepared, and I was even before the threat, because it’s just good policy.

What is the justification, in their minds, for exterminating all white people?  Of course it’s really a trick by the Zionists to use racial divide for establishing greater controls, but let’s take a close look at that trick, in order to understand better how to deal with this sad turn of events.

The main thing to know about Nation of Islam, is that it is completely irrational. Do not waste time or energy trying to talk sense to them.

 In order for a white person to make sense of it, both Time Machines of False Historical Narrative and Secret Abductions are essential.  Farrakhan puts his followers into a time machine and it brings each one of them back to Farrakhan’s imaginary slave days where they become slaves of a white man and this white man then rapes, beats and humiliates them in a variety of ways.  Each white person is secretly abducted into the Time Machine also, to establish “White Guilt” by turning us all into white men. Even if you are female today, you still raped a black woman 300 years ago in the Time Machine, and you are still guilty. 

The result of the Time Machine experience for blacks, is that they suddenly wake up to the “fact” that everything, everywhere is already their property.  We simply have to give it back to them.  Secret Abductions include a memory eraser.  That makes whites dependent on the Nation of Islam to tell us our history. They know exactly what happened and we don’t.  There is nothing more that we can say to defend ourselves since we’ve falsified all the art and written testimony.  All we can do is hand over our property. It’s quite simple, as you can see.

Nation of Islam plays on the fact that most blacks and Arabs don’t know that Jews and Christians of any color are actually two separate groups, or that America is owned by Jews to the detriment of Christians who actually do all the work and come up with the inventions.  They don’t understand that the Jewish religion makes an enemy of all Christians. If Farrakhan’s name is really Ferrer-Cohn, as I suspect, he is a member of the Rothschild family who works to take control of the tax collection system of every country, and he would gladly annihilate any Christian of any color.  This is pleasing to their God, within the religious belief system of the Talmud.  Also, even white people don’t understand that Protestants, who despise Catholics, are a Jewish creation, just like Islam is a Jewish creation.

According to Catholic belief system, all protestant religions are illegitimate and heretical. Catholics don’t demand that others convert to their faith, but because of their way of life, they cannot live side by side with people whose religions allow them to murder, lie, cheat and steal.  It just doesn’t work out.

Muslims, if they would study, would realize that Muhammad was born in Catholic/Christian/Greek/Roman Byzantium and that he fought on the side of the Christians. This information is safely hidden inside the Encyclopedia of Islam.  They don’t understand that the name Rashid is Rothschild, or that the tribe of the Khaz’rj are the Jewish Khazarians. Islam has a long, untaught history that I won’t cover here, but it is well documented.

Farrakhan tells them that his historical narrative cannot be found written anywhere in any book and that anyone who searches any book for anything else is a traitor to Islam.  And in this he speaks truly.  When you listen carefully to the way Farrakhan phrases his sentences, you can see that he is tricking his followers by hypnotizing them into fully accepting slave status which I believe is what Farrakhan plans to make them once he reveals his true identity.  He is part of the entity that controls media worldwide, giving voice to murderous Islamic radicals like this, while quashing the voices of their white victims. They label any self-defense as ‘White Supremacy’ in their controlled media.

What the Nation of Islam depends on is that white people will continue to be nice and that we’ll also buy into the guilt mentality. They expect that we will sacrifice our selves and our families for the sake of proving that we aren’t racist.  This is a huge tactical error on their part.  For years now, White people have hated political correctness. However, the foreign controlled media has denied a voice to the American people for so long, and has portrayed Americans as stupid for so long, that our enemies have come to believe the lie. This is their mistake.

White people who are innocent also have God and Righteousness on their side, since the ancient law states clearly that the children shall not suffer for the sins of the father.  But their fathers aren’t guilty either. White Christians had more to do with ending slavery than any other group, and this is probably what Malcolm X found out.

The hidden history of the 2000 year Jewish/Arab slave business lurks, waiting to spring forth and shed light on the mechanics of this monumental historical lie being foisted on our children.

The Catholic Society of the Redemptorists, for example, was created for no other reason than to redeem Christian slaves from Jews and Arabs. To redeem a slave is to buy them back from their captors. This is what Christ did for us on the Cross. White Christians were the first to free Roman slaves for example, which is what created the original Freemasons, the ones who defended the Catholic Church before both groups were infiltrated.  There are many more examples, but that’s also for another time.

Many blacks have come forward publicly, warning their people not to make war on white people, not so much because it’s wrong, but because whites are already prepared for warfare, and because our minds are developed into reasoning and inventive instruments that we use for own self-preservation.  Our white skin unites us into one huge, world-wide force for resistance that will quickly annihilate our enemies, just as soon as they are foolish enough to show their intention to make war upon us.  We make wonderful allies, as the Israelis well know, but we make terrible enemies as well, which they are discovering.

While it’s true that public education and media work slowly to reverse all of our natural instincts, this is at work with all races, not just with whites.  Propaganda can twist your mind into defending your own worst enemies, all the time feeling very self-righteous and holy about it, truly believing you are doing the right thing even as you head for destruction.   This is a basic goal of propagandists. Yuri Brezmenov, ex KGB, lectured on this in the 1970’s, trying to warn us of this.  The question is, which race is by nature most susceptible to this propaganda?

The strategy of the Zionists, is to nullify the voting power of the majority Christian population of all races, by introducing Nation of Islam and other illegal immigrants and giving them both citizenship and voting rights.

The resulting inexpensive labor benefits Jewish International corporate interests. The purpose is to eliminate the ‘Bourgeoisie’ which is Jewish code word for ‘Christians’.  Elimination of competent Goyim enables Jews to seize economic, educational and political power, but the real prize is seizure of the tax collecting mechanism.  This is not a complex issue if you know that Marxism and Communism is a Jewish mechanism.

The only way out of this mess is to wait for it all to fall apart due to the lack of competent Christians to do the real productive work. As more and more Christian types turn to self-sufficient, mortgage-free lifestyles, they really don’t need to earn very much money in order to live a good life.  This results in having to pay less taxes.  As more whites drop out, the old system crumbles under the sheer weight of Zionist incompetence and greed.

A look at the Nation of Islam website would lead one to believe that Negroes are still enslaved by white people, and this is in fact what they believe.  They also believe that even the slightest deviation from this doctrine is traitorous, and the person who is traitorous must be ‘cleansed’ which means KILLED.  They use code words so that if someone wants to blind themselves to the truth of their intention to genocide all white people, this makes it very easy to do so.

From the Nation of Islam website we learn the following:

 America is Falling Her Doom is Sealed

BY THE MOST HONORABLE ELIJAH MUHAMMAD | LAST UPDATED: AUG 13, 2015 – 7:20:40 PM Allah (God) has found His people (the so-called Negroes), and is angry with the slave-masters for the evil done by them to His people (the so-called Negroes). Allah (God) is going to repay them according to their doings.


We want freedom. We want a full and complete freedom.

I suppose white taxpayers want freedom from paying taxes to support an enormous violent black population that enjoys the benefits of welfare under a system that blacks control at all levels.  It is not a big secret that they deny whites access to welfare benefits, I’ve witnessed this myself.


We want justice. Equal justice under the law. We want justice applied equally to all, regardless of creed or class or color.

If there were justice for blacks, they would not like that justice.   If there were justice, the black community would have to pay their own housing with no subsidies, and they would have to pay for dealing with their own criminals who are created and encouraged by their own selfish and blind leaders.  The irrationality of thinking that you can have both full freedom and full justice is something that most other people will recognize.  The two are opposite ends of the spectrum.  If you want justice, you must give up freedoms and submit to the rule of law.  If you want freedom to do whatever, then you will not have justice for yourselves or anyone else. When NOI calls for freedom, I suspect that they do mean the freedom to kill all white people and take their property.


We want equality of opportunity. We want equal membership in society with the best in civilized society.

Do they want to hang out with rich and powerful white people?  Aren’t these the same people they want to exterminate? They don’t consider themselves to already be that ‘civilized society’ otherwise why demand such a thing?  This is more irrationality that I can’t explain.


A rational mind can see that true equality of opportunity would eliminate affirmative action, all forms of welfare, all special tax treatment for special interest groups, all social services paid with taxes and all aid to foreign countries especially Israel. Whites will agree to this.


We want our people in America whose parents or grandparents were descendants from slaves, to be allowed to establish a separate state or territory of their own–either on this continent or elsewhere. We believe that our former slave masters are obligated to provide such land and that the area must be fertile and minerally rich. We believe that our former slave masters are obligated to maintain and supply our needs in this separate territory for the next 20 to 25 years–until we are able to produce and supply our own needs.


I would like to see a court set up to examine the issue.  We would first have to determine exactly who are the descendants of blacks who owned slaves and participated in the slave trade, and who were the whites descended from those taken into slavery during the Acadian exile and before.  We’ll have to deal with the people who are a mixture of black and white, especially if it is proven that the black ancestor owned slaves but the white ancestor was a slave.  We should examine exactly who ran the slave trade, who owned the slave ships, who owned the slave markets, who established trade agreements and dealt directly with the Morrocan slave dealers.  We’ll trace their descendants and then make sure that their property is confiscated immediately and returned to the rightful owners.

The French Acadian descendants will be very happy to return to their rightful inheritance in Nova Scotia and France. The Palestinians will feel the same about their land. This gets especially interesting with Arab Muslims, famous slave traders since the beginning of history. I imagine large areas of the Middle East will be taken from Saudis, and this land will go to black Africans and European whites also.  Perhaps the descendants of white indentured servants will want their own separate territory of the Nation of Islam.

With this court, we might also be able to free the German people from their present enslavement to the Jews.  Perhaps the Germans can get reparations for all the money they’ve paid out on the Holocaust scam.

 It’s possible that whites would be willing to give blacks free territory and free everything in order to free ourselves of the burden of supporting welfare and prisons, to free our schools of people who have no interest in learning, to free ourselves of lies. 

 But from whom shall we take this territory?   


Perhaps the most likely scenario of all thoug, is that whites will hear this demand and will simply annihilate the entire Nation of Islam for even asking.


WE BELIEVE that the offer of integration is hypocritical and is made by those who are trying to deceive the black peoples into believing that their 400-year-old open enemies of freedom, justice and equality are, all of a sudden, their “friends.” Furthermore, we believe that such deception is intended to prevent black people from realizing that the time in history has arrived for the separation from the whites of this nation.

A fine demand this is, but woefully short of details for implementation.

But wait a minute, that’s exactly what white people wanted all along. Integration was a Jewish plot against Southern Catholics.

There are more demands besides these, but enough of that already.

The reason I began this study is because my black friends and neighbors have been lambasting me for having stolen their history.  My black neighbors tell me that Europe was never the home of white people, but was always fully populated by the black race.  According to them, I am personally guilty of carefully and systematically, in a conspiratorial manner, erasing all traces of the black features of the many royal families who ruled at that time, I deceitfully changed the religion to Christianity from Muslim.  As a white person, I even went so far as to knock the noses off the ‘Greek’ statues in order to hide the fact their noses were wide African noses, not small Caucasian noses.  The murals and paintings, the cathedral statuary, the manuscripts and their miniature paintings that depict white people were all carefully re-painted, re-sculpted, re-written, and even the corpses in the graves were switched in order to cover up the true black race of the people who created the civilization that we know today.   Any slight deviation from this narrative puts you on their death list, and I exaggerate not. If only you could ask Malcom X, he’d back me up on that.

I was first introduced to this history by a delivery man.  As it is, I can no longer order from that company because the blacks who load the truck always send me damaged goods. That is one small, locally owned white company that they will probably sabotage, according to Nation of Islam instructions.

“Oh, I’m not racist”, he tells me.  “Blacks cannot be racist. Only whites can be racist.”  That’s because white people have the power and blacks are helpless victims of the white devils. We have stolen what is theirs and we have to give it back. They are committing no crime in killing us or taking our property, it’s already theirs and they are recovering it from white thieves.  White people just have to give it back and then die, that simple.”

What they clearly do not expect is that white people would defend themselves.  They’ve been told that whites are weak and stupid and easy to destroy.  Farrakhan has told them that the Greek and Roman armies were actually black men, that the Benjamite warriors of the Old Testament were actually black men, and that black men must fill themselves with Black Pride.

You Tube pays commissions for each reposting and replaying of Black Supremacist rants, so before you listen to them, you might want to download them to avoid adding to their income.

Uploaded on Sep 28, 2011

Tireo’s message sent to our youtube channel: this TIREO
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Secret Nation of Islam doctrine can be found in comments under these racist rants. Despite having attended Nation of Islam university, it’s doubtful they’d  have the reading comprehension to study one of those true history books sitting forsaken on the shelf of a university library.  It wouldn’t occur to these people that it takes about 20 years of serious study to understand actual history as separate from propaganda history. They are not told that some knowledge of Latin, Greek, French, Italian and German would be necessary for a full reading of all the censored books out there.

For the sake of investigation, let us take a look at Nation of Islam blog comments:

@PixelDansIronFist do u kno who the real arabs were? arabs are a collection of indigenous, black, north african tribes that the semites invaded and assimilated with. the latter happened because these east european hypocrites got jealous and fell in love. now they go around calling themselves arabs and deceiving the less informed and the ignorant. these r the same ppl who tried so hard to kill prophet muhammad till he fled to the kingdom of saaba (sheba). it s all in the quran, suprising huh?


The Koran is a continuation of the Bible, both old and new testament. During the time of the Caliphate, there was no difference between Christian and Muslim, everyone worshiped in the Byzantine Christian churches in Damascus and included Muhammad’s message.  Obviously the words of the Koran were acceptable to them at the time, so certain words must have been changed or rearranged by Rashid after his invasion of Damascus and slaughter of the last Caliph and most of his family, but that is a subject for another time.

whatrudeboy 3 years ago in reply to rayj1013

@rayj1013 He quotes the Bible because thats the book most of us know. So his teacher The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught him to go from the known to the unknown got it now?

Someone in this following comment tries to talk sense, but it’s a waste of time.

KaceBo27 3 years ago in reply to tj king

@tjblyden Divide and Conquer read what you wrote you’re just a puppet.


Ali Ali 3 years ago in reply to iKNOWledgeIsPOWERv2

Muslims believe in Quran, Torah and “that which was revealed to Jesus.” – Quran 2:4. so it makes perfect sense for MLF [Minister Louis Farrakahn] to quote the Bible. / Arabs did not create Islam, Abraham and Ishmael did. / Yes, offcourse Muslims and offcourse Christians enslaved Black folks. / Islam is not useless. It leads Muslims to eagerly await Jesus’ return to follow him wholeheartedly when he returns. Jesus said Everyone will follow him. Can’t you foresee it all coming together? Or r u of little faith?


This one comment confirms what I’ve discovered also:

Omahni K. Kenyatta 3 years ago



This comment is classic:

marqos ben yahsharaal 3 years ago

i cant lie he say real shit

Here’s the New Age version of ‘Blame Whitey For Everything’:

Alan Thao 10 months ago

+derek upshaw These White doesn’t belong on this Planet, they are not in tune with this planet, they spread perversion into all nation and even try to destroy Muslim nation. I’m sure there was a time Muslim was peaceful accepting other religion with love and care. Who the Muslim today were because of what the White did to them. These White’s way are destroying this planet.

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Nation of Islam Strategy in a nutshell:

derek upshaw10 months ago

+Alan Thao Like I’ve said many times, the white race has shown so many times that they are incapable of living in peace with any other race on this planet, They are a plague that has to be irradicated.

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Nation of Islam ‘moderates’ speaks out, and this is as good as they get:

Alan Thao10 months ago

+derek upshaw These White deserve to live and be respected, just like any other race, but for those race and nation they done wrong to, these white need to pay a price no matter how heavy it is even if it requires the USA to go down. This is why God commanded the Muslim to go against the White until the White’s resource are exhausted and their son and daughter are tire of fighting. No one else in this world are confronting these White accept the Muslim. If you notice, them Muslim didn’t slit throat a Chinese, Indian, or Black, they slit throat only White. The White stirred these Muslim up from the beginning.

Show less

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derek upshaw10 months ago

I agree that everyone has the right to live with dignity, freedom, respect and to be able to pursue their happiness, but it seems that the only thing that makes the white race happy is when they make the rest of the worlds peoples miserable. I say give them 1 continent to themselves and just leave them alone to destroy themselves. I guarantee that they will soon turn on one each other as they are only happy when they are at war

A few white people show up to post reasonable comments below, but it’s a hopeless task…

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Robert Miles10 months ago

+derek upshaw You call us racist, then you make up the most inaccurate, bigoted, bogus nonsense about us. For shame, hypocrite.

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theshow2k810 months ago

We did nothing to you. Jews and Arabs were the enslavers.

Reply · 1 

Grey Wolfe10 months ago

+theshow2k8 They’re not even real Jews! Fake ass greedy invading murdering bunch.

Nation of Islam teaches the Bible verses which call Jews the Synagogue of Satan, “those who call themselves Jews, but they do lie”.  This is where the betrayal of the Jews enters into the Zionist plot.  It has often been predicted that the Zionists will sacrifice the Jews and then slip into their Islamic persona as Saudi Arabs.  That’s not working out so smoothly since Wayne Madsen revealed the fake genealogies of the Saudi family, and their true identity as Zionist Jewish Rothschilds/Rashid. The following comment attempts to claim Middle Eastern descent for the Yiddish speaking fake Jews:

Robert Miles10 months ago

+Grey Wolfe Actually, European Jews are just Middle Easterners who came to Europe in ancient times and made their offspring turn whitish-looking by doing the worm with the local females. That stuff about European Jews being whites who converted to Judaism or being anciently descended from relatives of the Mongols (Khazars) is just the usual crap I hear from the mouth of the hypocritically bigoted American Negro and of course Mugabe’s sort.

Read more

This following comment declares that the Palestinians are God’s Chosen People in this competition for exemption from God’s basic rules:

Reply · 1 

Grey Wolfe10 months ago

+Robert Miles DNA don’t lie. They had not one relative who ever set foot in Palestine who are closer to the chosen than the Europeans who run the banks, in bed with the Rothschild’s, and Vatican.. The Palestinians have been the persecuted. I will agree with you about blacks who think they are chosen-no way. Also, I respect your opinion, but we can agree to disagree I would hope.

This next one talks about how white devils “commit racism”, and so “indigenous people” should unite. It appears that they believe whites are from another planet. These are strange ideas about white people, to be sure.  They seem to not be aware that their attitudes and behavior are completely foreign to Christians of any color, or that we actually don’t look at skin color. He can’t understand that we look at behavior and attitude and so that despite his white skin, he is still recognized as a foreigner. So he makes the hilarious comment that “Even if all world would be white these people would commit racism.”  WTF?

Reply · 

RezaSalaam10 months ago

+derek upshaw True Brother. Indeed, I’m a light skinned brown Muslim born and living in Germany. In America I would be considered white (my skin is like Farrhad Muhammad) but still these racists call us “Kanake” and sandniggers. Even if all world would be white these people would commit racism. They are truly white devils! Indigenous people UNITE!

Here’s the comment of one white man who is not falling for the delusion, or else it’s a troll here to stoke the flames:

cliff lynch10 months ago

+RezaSalaam and its easy to talk shit, you and your pussy isis brothers do it all the time. a bunch of mask wearing pussy boys. who dont have the balls to unmask. hey bitch, go make me some lunch, or fetch me a slurpy, or get me a buritto.

This blogger tries to convince the American to turn traitor to his country:

Reply · 1 

RezaSalaam10 months ago

No its just the rich in your community don’t want to give anything back to the people and they fight against a simple social system. Dude, everyone even your own white “brothers” hate USA! XD

But the American cures him of his delusion:

Reply · 

cliff lynch10 months ago

reza salami. or we will rename you rectum lips. you have no idea what the hell you are talking about, you are a bunch of inbreeders, you talk shit about the usa, untill you are sick with ebola or hungry, if i were president, id nuke your shit country back to the stone age. my advice to you is if you dont live in the usa, then dont ever cross the border, id put your ass back on the next ebola boat, and send you on your way, learn to wipe your own ass before you speak,

Franko has a good idea:

Reply · 2 

Franko Weldon10 months ago

+Robert Miles… Farrakhan need to be dead

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This commentary is quite certain of Muslim victory, certain that Farrakhan would be a great martyr if killed, certain that this puts white people in an inescapable quandary:

RezaSalaam10 months ago

+Franko Weldon That’s it? Try and you will get killed instead for good. Or you succeed. Then he is a martyr. Bad huh?

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Franko Weldon8 months ago

You are a SICK bunch of fools

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Franko Weldon8 months ago

+Robert Miles Yep all in vain, I feel bad for the whites that fought for their rights, this is what happens when you help disloyal people, they even Kill their own, constantly

The Nation of Islam is generally known to have been initiated by a Jewish man named Wallace Fard, who passed it on to Elijah Muhammad, who passed it on to Malcom X, whose assassination led to Louis Farrakhan.

By David Livingstone

Satanism does seem to be the original cult of the Nation Of Islam (NOI), as its founder was accused of instigating ritual murder.  That was Wallace Fard, who, according to the FBI, had as many as 27 different aliases, and was a sometime petty criminal.  Fard initially joined the Moorish Science Temple, a quasi-Masonic and pseudo-Islamic organization, and seems to have been involved in a conspiracy to usurp leadership of that order, by having its leader, Noble Drew Ali, killed.

Fard finally got in trouble when one of his followers committed murder to, in his own words, “bring himself closer to Allah.” He had quoted from Fard’s booklet titled Secret Rituals of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam.  Although not charged with any crime, Fard was asked to leave Detroit in early 1933 and to never return.  He finally disappeared without a trace in 1934.

But he had already initiated a devoted follower, Elijah Mohammed, to whom he taught Masonic superstitions dressed in Islamic themes, and who went on found the Nation of Islam, and claimed that Fard was God.  We already know of the corruption that was discovered by Malcolm X.   And I fear too about Louis Farrakhan, who too is listed as being a Freemason.

At the higher levels of the Nation of Islam, like all other occult fronts, Lucifer is recognized as “true God”…

Taking a closer look at the writings of Wesley Williams, the Nation of Islam is seen to be so enmeshed with Freemasonry that the two are basically one and the same.

Looking at his “The Book of God”, he basically sets the occult as the “true Islam”.  Everything is there.  The “Sons of God” or Nephilim, also the Fallen Angels, are God, a man, and his council to guide the select of humanity.  He even places them in “Shamballah” in the Gobi desert, as the “Great White Brotherhood”, or the “Hidden Chiefs” or “Hidden Masters” of the occult.

History in its entirety is co-opted to his version of Islam, claiming that the Hebrews, Moses, the Greek and Roman warriors, Jesus and his apostles, all monarchs, inventors, artists and thinkers were all actually black people, as were the Gnostics, Knights Templar, Cathars, and the people of the Holy Grail.  He invokes Masonic historian Manly P. Hall as a source, and also Blavatsky, an avowed Satanist.  He even has a chapter about the “Masonic secret”: that “Man is God”.

The creed is a hidden method of preparing the “unsuspecting masses” for the acceptance of the god-man Messiah of the Kabbalah.

The “Book of God” of Mr. Williams, it’s online here:

Ancient Catholic Prayer

Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host –
by the Divine Power of God –
cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits,
who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.

Narcissism and How it Works to Help the Enemy

Narcissim- 1.) inordinate fascination of oneself; excessive self-love; vanity.
2.) Erotic gratification derived from admiration of one’s own physical or mental attributes, being a normal condition at the infantile level of personality development.

One of the attributes with which people tend to preen themselves is the idea of being God’s Chosen People, classic example of the delusion of the Narcissist.

Historically speaking, this narcissism began with the Protestant ‘Reformation’ they call it, but in reality it was nothing but Protestant Terror.  The murder of priests, the burning of holy objects and churches, the theft of church property, instigated by the Jews whose descendants are still living on the stolen property all over Europe where they hold Satanic Masses.  All of this is the basis and foundation of every protestant religion, including Islam.

Everyone who protested against the one true church that Jesus established to prevail against ‘the gates of hell’ was an agent of Satan, even with the best of intentions. It was prophesied that Satan would sit on Christ’s throne for a time in the end days.  Satan is there now, but his true church of humble followers remains loyal to Jesus’ church.

What the Protestants did to the Catholic majority was much worse than what the Muslims are now doing to the Protestant Atheists of Europe, and that’s saying a lot.  So what was the Protestant advertising slogan?  “Faith alone, Scripture alone, Works alone”.  Not only is this Judaism, but notice the word ‘alone’.  It’s that alone-ness that weakens society, which is exactly what Nation of Islam wants when it forbids independent research.

The following is an anonymous commentary found on You Tube concerning Farrakhan:

He’s a bold liar, he works with Obama, and he plays on the narcissism of blacks and Arab Muslims.  He’ll bring them all to perdition.  White people, when pushed to a real defensive war, will annihilate these spoiled whiny babies, no matter how big and bad they think they are, They forget that they are using our technology and enjoying the safety of white Christian society.  They are just like the Jews, making war against their neighbors in the very nations where they live.  God is setting them up for mutual annihilation, and it all starts with pride, hubris and narcissism.

Narcissism is Satanism… is the worship of the self…. the governments want this because it makes the ever growing population easier to control w materialism or New Age doctrines, it is not just the governments and the Elites that are satanic, is the VAST majority of the general population regardless of what religion they claim to be.

Satanism and Narcissism keep people trapped in small reality bubbles… the lack of real connection causes them to be easily manipulated in terms of the bigger picture… it also stops them from growing in an emotional and intellectual level, they are only concerned with things they think would benefit them, not in things that would benefit those around them, this is perfect for population control and to stop any type of evolution that can harm the Status Quo.

It’s all actually black magic and necromantic magic…. but things are so messed up that I’d be called crazy for saying that by most people.

Those people leading blacks into their slaughter are doing it on purpose. They know what they are doing. It’s pathetic how the only way these people were able to hurt Europe, and America was by taking advantage of our Democracy. Pathetic cowards make me sick.

Now that the necromancers have changed the liturgy of the ancient Latin Catholic Mass, every time someone goes to new mass (Novus Ordo) they are repeating the incantations of the devil without even realizing it.  The same is true for every Protestant mass. Every main stream rap song, porno site, movie and tv show today is an incantation to call forth the demons.  The only defense, we are told, is to pray the ancient prayers. The Our Father and the Hail Mary, especially in the form of the rosary, but most people are too proud to do things like that.

Even though Islam strictly forbids listening to slanderers and Muhammad warned them to verify information before condemning someone, they do it anyway.  Muhammad himself fell for this once, and regretted it later.  He condemned a young man to death for committing adultery, but found out later that the boy had been tricked by his step brothers into believing that Muhammad had promised God’s grace to him if he would commit adultery.  Muhammad blamed himself for not investigating more closely, after he understood that both he and the boy had been tricked by his enemies.

I have added some comments to the discussion myself.  I wrote that Muslims should be defending their own countries and that white men have always been the best warriors. I informed them that white people will defend themselves and that many are ready.  I wrote that even the decent blacks would rise up against the thugs that follow Farrakhan.  It’s one thing to keep the war secret and back-stab your white neighbors, it’s another thing to stand face to face with an army of very angry white men armed and organized for defensive war. I wrote that I’m a bible reader who understands that open warfare is God’s way of achieving justice. I tried to warn the blacks that Arab Muslims traditionally have believed that God made blacks to be slaves.  I wrote that I suspect that Farrakhan is leading them down the path to sell them out to the Saudis.  I advised them to look up modern day slavery on youtube to see that it is an Arab business.

For this, I was told to “Keep your racist remarks out of here!”

10 thoughts on “My Race is the Best Race

  1. “Anti-Christ UNVEILED: The Sun Rising in the West” is a research video that identifies Obama’s father as Muhammad Subud or Subuto, video posted on the youtube channel of
    Please download and repost.


  2. How Jews have the power to allow illegal immigrants into our borders, even with a fence:

    The Department of Homeland Security allocated to Jewish institutions $12 million, or 94 percent, of $13 million in funds for securing nonprofits.
    The Jewish Federations of North America’s Washington office director, William Daroff, said Tuesday that the allocation made sense particularly in light of an intensification of threats on Jewish community targets in the United States and overseas.
    “In the current environment there are threats to nonprofits and to Jewish institutions,” he told JTA, noting a swell of attacks on Jewish institutions in Europe in the wake of the Israel-Hamas war in the Gaza Strip.
    “We see it clearly in Europe, but we also see it here in the United States in Kansas City, in Seattle and numerous occasions that are not made public or do not come to fruition,” Daroff said. He referred to attacks in recent years on Jewish community centers in Kansas City and Seattle.
    The allocations, announced July 25, are based on applications that are then assessed for threat by local and federal law enforcement officials.
    The $13 million disbursed last week brings to $151 million the amount disbursed since the program started in 2005, most of it to Jewish institutions.
    Leading the lobbying for the program have been the Jewish Federations of North America, the Orthodox Union and Agudath Israel of America.
    In a statement, the JFNA thanked Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson as well as lawmakers for championing the funds, among them Sens. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.), Richard Shelby (R-Ala), Mary Landrieu (D-La.) and Dan Coats (R-Ind.), and Reps. Hal Rogers (R-Ky.), Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.), John Carter (R-Texas) and David Price (D-N.C.).

    Read more:


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