Why Westerners Shouldn’t Insult Muhammad

About ten years ago I began researching the beginnings of Islam.  What I discovered then was published on Veteran’s Today website, and it was the standard, accepted history of Islam at the time. In the process, I revealed the existence of the Arab Jewish tribes and this was supposed to be a secret. Muhammad’s enemies were the Jewish Arab tribe of the Quraish.

I studied the Koran in detail, learning some basic Arabic in order to understand how it works, what the key words meant traditionally, what they mean today, and the degree of difficulty that would be involved in changing the words, or letters within words, or arrangement of words. I discovered that the word arrangement is not precise. For example the phrase, “Is he not more than a Prophet?” can be changed to “He is not more than a Prophet” very easily in English translation. Another very easy change would to turn the name ‘Saul’, to ‘David’.

I discovered that the true Koran had been taken to Spain by the last remaining member of the last Caliph of the family of Omar. From Omar we get the name Ummayad to describe his followers and family. The Ummayads lived in Christian Byzantium and fought on the side of the Christians. This was the original Islam, completely allied with Christianity and everyone worshiped in the same church.

This Koran was then stolen from Spain by the same group who had massacred the last Ummayad Caliph and his family, so no record remained of that book.  It was now in the hands of the Rashid/Rothschild and so the twisting of the truth began, way back in the 8th century, and Muhammad had nothing to do with that.

Besides changing some key words and phrases, commentary was added alongside the words despite the fact that this was strictly forbidden in the original words as given by the Angel Gabriel. The added commentary, I discovered, is so misleading as to be incredible that no one has ever noticed this before. They are even worshiping in the wrong place. The people calling themselves Muslims today are completely misled from the actual words or intention of the original.  However, to even say this is considered worthy of a death sentence under Sharia law.

After the invasion of Damascus by the heretic Muslims, more and more Ummayads migrated to Spain and created the Andalusian civilization, one of the finest that ever existed, and Christian alliance continued there.  From that point forward, the confusion of face began.  All of this information can be found in the older versions of the Encyclopedia of Islam, if they haven’t already all been destroyed.  The one I was originally using has been removed from the University of Louisiana library and replaced by a new edition that is full of contradictory information added to the original entries. The truth is still there, just much more difficult to decipher without very good reading comprehension.

When I see “Muslims” destroying Europe, raping little girls, beating up old women, abusing their own females to the point of pure criminality, I understand Muhammad’s prediction that in the final days, Islam would be a religion in name only.  The history of Islam includes the difficulty that Muhammad had in overcoming the cowardice of the Arabic men, which is legendary, and plainly seen in the way they abuse and bully their females.

Every Muslim today rejects almost every teaching of Muhammad and they do not even know or care. So I would advise Westerners to not insult Muhammad.  He is not the culprit for creating this horrible mob who call themselves Muslims.  My conclusion, drawn long before the present disinformation that is rampant, is that he did his best to teach them the very basics of civilization and humanity. The best that we, as Christians can do, is to try to teach them the true doctrine of Islam, focusing on the less controversial of the Sura.

Let me describe the religion that was being practiced, which Muhammad opposed when he tried to offer an alternative. What you will find is that what Muhammad opposed is almost exactly the same as what is called Islam today.

The pre-Mohammad Arabs had a religion which taught that female babies had to be buried alive. A burkha is as close to being buried alive as the real thing.  The actual live burials happen also. There is a story that Omar, Muhammad’s chosen successor, before his conversion had buried his little girl alive and that she cried “Daddy, Daddy, why are you doing this to me?”  But Omar converted, changed his ways and called upon others to do the same and to adopt the laws of Muhammad.  Omar was a warrior, and respected, and so his influence was helpful in converting others to a more humane way of life.

Another practice of the pre-Mohammad Arabs was to walk around the Kaaba naked. Muhammad demanded that people wear clothing. Temple prostitution was also practiced, and Muhammad condemned this, even at the risk of his own life.  Temple prostitution requires Temple pimps, and it’s no coincidence that the word Cohn in Spanish is another word for pimp, or that the slang word for gay in Spanish includes the word Cohn, or that the slang word for slavery also had the sound Cohn or Canne.  The Temple Pimps were not happy about losing their income, and it was they who constantly sought to kill Muhammad.

When the ancient Israelites arrived in the land of these vile pagans, they witnessed this ancient religion in which children were either buried or burnt alive and women were required by law to have sex with strangers in the Temple. It is vaguely described in the bible, but the Encyclopedia of Islam gives full detail.  So hideous a religion was it, that God ordered the Israelites to destroy every man, woman and child of them. What the golden calf was in actuality was an oven in which children were thrown, and when the mouth of the calf was closed, the cries of the children would sound as if the calf were lowing, or mooing.  This was their entertainment.

What Muhammad dealt with were the remnants and revival of that sad excuse for a culture.

Yes, the Koran does seem odd and barbaric to Westerners.  But what Westerners need to understand is that the Koran was a vast improvement over the common practices at the time, and that Muhammad appears to have sacrificed much in his mission to improve the situation.

As for the pedophilia, I suggest a closer look at the situation. No where in the Koran does it say that Muhammad consummated any of his marriages.  In fact, it appears quite the contrary, that he gave charitable refuge to old women and young girls who would have been taken into slavery after their guardians had been killed in battle.  In fact, Muhammad seems to have been quite a handsome man who had to deal with too much demand on him by his women. He tried his best to give good advice to others about the situation.  His advice was to have only one wife, but he knew that this advice would not be heeded.

The historical record includes his learning process, whereby, after collecting several wives which was their custom, he realized that he could not keep them from competing for his attention, and so he advised his followers to take only so many wives as they can ‘give justice to’.  He made it clear at that time that no man could give justice to more than one wife, but it was only his own experience that made him realize this. There was no peace in his house with so many women and he suffered greatly for it. However Muhammad, much like Trump does today, had to go along with the standard thinking of the day, to a certain extent.

Understand the difference between Hadith and Sura.  The Hadith is a collection of commentaries collected after the death of Muhammad.  The Hadith is not at all the same thing as the Koran.

The Koran is made up of verses called Sura and each has a number and a title. So you’ll have for example the Sura of the Spider, the Sura of Mary, etc.  The only thing that Muhammad left were the words of the Koran, nothing else.  Everything in the Hadith is hearsay.  The only dependable Hadith are the first two collections from immediately after Muhammad’s death, the one’s compiled by his direct followers, those who knew him. No other Hadith can claim legitimacy, and no Hadith takes precedence over the Koran. This is not to discredit all Hadith, but since there is no way of authenticating any of it, why not just avoid it completely?

Also, there is a rule of three in all scripture, even Biblical.  Any statement or law in the Koran, if authentic, must be verified or backed up by three other verses anywhere else in the Koran, or else it is suspected as being an innovation, a forgery, or some other misunderstanding.

Now there are lines of the Koran that uphold Christianity and proclaim Jesus Christ as the Messiah, and other lines of the Koran that claim that Jesus was not more than a Prophet. This is contradictory to the extreme, and gives evidence that the Koran has either been tampered with, or never was holy scripture to begin with.  I tend to think that it was tampered with for the following reason:

Muhammad was born during the time of the greatest strength of Byzantium.  Our lovely Jewish occupiers in America have kindly taken control of Western textbooks and eliminated 1500 years of Christian history because it offends them.  If we had been taught this history, we would not be in the peril that we are in today.  This hidden history hides, not only our royal ancestry and advanced culture, but also the fact that Christians put an end to the slavery, cannibalism and human sacrifice to gods that once was widespread over the entire planet.  A study of the Christian martyrs reveals details of this campaign.

White people around the world have been marked for extermination by both Jews and Muslims based on the false historical narrative that is the complete reverse of the truth.  This false historical narrative is being spread by Jewish trolls all over the internet, all over the world, and this is what is fueling the hatred and the call to exterminate the white race.

This is serious business, and it’s high time to put a stop to false historical narratives.  It’s a deadly weapon aimed right at the white race, at our children and our grandchildren.

So if Muhammad did not invent what we call Islam today, then who did?  A glance at Muslim doctrine and laws reveals that it is a copy of the Judaic Noahide philosophy.  Judaism despises females and so does Islam. Judaism despises Christians and so does Islam. Judaism seeks world dominion and so does Islam. Judaism justifies child rape, lying, cheating, stealing and murder in the name of religion and so does Islam.  So whoever created fanatical Islam has the exact same mentality as whoever practices Zionist Judaism.  It just so happens that the entire budget of the United States of America is under the control of Zionists who proclaim themselves to be Jews. It also happens that a large part of that budget is used to hire internet trolls. And it also happens that most of the military budget is in black ops.

Everything is kept away from the people of the United States: the money, the information, the power to change or implement programs…everything except the blame.

What is Nation of Islam?

It is Satanism pure and simple, as I have detailed in the article called ‘My Race is the Best Race’.  Louis Farrakhan has perfected the methods of misleading huge auditoriums full of his followers.  His sermons are almost three hours long, and demonstrate his mastery of the art of deception.  Of the three hours, about two and half are pure truth and goodness, but this is just the bait.  Right towards the end, just when he has everyone in a trance with his words, he suddenly takes the whole message and twists it into the most evil conclusions imaginable, but by this time the people have been agreeing with him and that agreement simply continues from pure momentum.

The evil conclusion that he always arrives at is that White people are to be blamed for everything bad that has ever happened, especially as it relates to the failures within the black community, and that we must not be allowed to continue living.  By this time everyone is standing, applauding and yelling ‘Amen’, ‘Amen’.

While he claims that his litany of declarations about black inferiority are the thoughts of white people, his sentence structure is such that he could as easily be giving them his own thoughts on black inferiority.  His sermon is often a long list of negative statements about blacks, but always these insults are attributed to the thoughts of white people, none of whom are allowed in his cult.

One of the marks of Satanism is the belief that any goodness shown by any person is just hypocrisy and pretense.  A basic element of the belief system of “Nation of Islam” is the belief that when white people show kindness to black people, it is only our hypocrisy and deceit in action.   He tells them that whites who befriend blacks are only doing so in order to have a black ‘mascot’ and he advises them to not fall for these tricks of the white man.

His followers are so imbued with this belief, that I can only advise white people to avoid them if possible.  Just about anything that you do, even kindness or attempts at friendship, will offend them. Once you offend one of them, they pick up their Iphones and put the word out to their network that your are a racist. From that point forward you are tagged, and in danger of being one of the first to be targeted at the time of their ‘arising’ or before.

They have a countdown to that day, and it can be found on their website.  The day, week, month and year are biblical time periods.

Muslim military training camps are dotted throughout the United States. They are training to take over America to establish Sharia Law which is actually Talmudic or Noahide laws, and our present government is perfectly well aware of it and is protecting it.  The trainees are now within the local police forces and in key positions in government.

White Europeans who have been trying to work with local police to stop Muslim crime, have already woken up to the fact that the police are betraying them to the Muslims, protecting and defending the Muslims…in other words, White people and their allies of other races are surrounded and without military or police protection.

The only hope for the survival of the white race is to band together now before it’s too late.

The hollow point bullets, the FEMA camps, the militarized local police all seem to be connected to these Muslim training camps, only because none of this can happen without Obama’s approval and protection. The members are recruited and indoctrinated within our private corporate owned prisons, whose stock holders are a complete mystery.

The amount of evidence linking President Obama to these forces of destruction is so overwhelming that it’s almost impossible to present it all in one article.  While Obama calls for vetting and background checks on gun owners, he himself will not submit to one. Background checks are not required for Congress, or any governors or legislators in this giant corporation of which we are the stock of slaves and we don’t even know the identity of our owners.

So my advice to people is this: When you insult Muhammad, you are on the wrong track.  Leave that alone and focus on the real issue, which is Satanism disguised as a Godly religion. Understand that any media attention on them is an opportunity for them to spread lies, so the media is as complicit in crime as the police and the entire governmental structure.

Notice that news coverage never, ever gives voice to the white people who are the targets of Muslim extermination.  Notice that American media is controlled by the Saudi family, who have already been outed as the Arab branch of the same Rothschild family that controls Israel.

Notice that white people are surrounded by enemies everywhere, with no place left to migrate to.

President Reagan himself warned us of this.  This is our last stand, we have to turn and face the enemy.

On the positive side, I hear through the grapevine that the retail market has been flooded with hollow point bullets and that they are cheap.

On the positive side, one of my own favorite pass times is target practice with rifle or bow and arrow.  Sometimes my arrows are words of truth on the internet or in conversation, which I use to shoot down lies.

On the positive side, white people are waking up to the fact that the Muslim Book of Instruction tells them to make friends with white people and then kill them.

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