My Race is the Best Race

If I want to feel that my race is superior, I have the right to do that, just as the Jews and the Blacks have the right to do that. America’s entire foreign policy and budget priorities are based on the false belief that Jews are superior to Christians, and no one complains about that. In fact they boast about it all the time, and go so far as to declare openly that their goal is to kill all Arabs. That’s just fine with everyone, and our Congress sends them money to do this.

This has worked very well for the Jews.

So now all the other races are imitating the Jews, claiming ‘Chosen People” status and wanting to kill off the non-Chosen.

I have always thought that my own race is superior, also.  If Jews can do it without censure, everyone can do it. Precedent has already been established. There’s no harm in believing it.

The crime is in wanting to kill or harm innocent, peaceful people, or providing money to others do so.

In the on-going effort by the media to create division and strife, in addition to the effort to turn all religions into Talmudic-Satanism, Louis Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam gang is allowed to boldly incite blacks to hatred and call for various forms of violence towards innocent white people. He does this  knowing that young blacks will follow his lead, even without their parents knowing about it. They’ll hide out and shoot at cars, steal from houses, boycott white businesses, rape white women, all as devout members of the Nation of Islam gang.  

Anyone else would have been jailed years ago, but Farrakhan flaunts his immunity, making it clear to anyone paying attention that he has powerful protection.  It doesn’t take much to realize that the culprit is Obama, who has been stealing American tax dollars to arm ISIS.  The connection between Nation of Islam and ISIS is so obvious, I won’t even expound on that here, but there are links in the comment section.  What I will do is study the attitudes and justifications for all this, and consider the strategy and thinking of the ‘enemy’.

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Satanic Elements in the Novus Ordo Mass

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Putin and The Blessed Virgin Mary

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