>The Jews’ Participation in the Slave Trade

Found in Louis Farrakhan’s book entitled, “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews” Volume One, The Historical Research Department of the Nation of Islam. Divulges who really owned the slave trade.

Kerux Replies

“The Jews Participation in the slave trade, particularly their trafficking in non-Jewish slaves, incited the moral indignation of Europe’s Gentile population. The Europeans reacted by taxing the Jews and some were expelled from their host countries for this activity.”

Following is a list and partial record of the countries and dates Jew were expelled from various European localities.

Mainz 1012
France 1182
Upper Bavaria 1276
England 1290
France 1306
France 1322
Saxony 1349
Hungary 1360
Belgium 1370
Slovakia 1380
France 1394
Austria 1420
Lyons 1420
Cologne 1424
Augsburg 1439
Upper Bavaria 1442
Netherlands 1442
Brandenburg 1446
Mainz 1462
Mainz 1483
Warsaw 1483
Spain 1492
Italy 1492
Lithuania 1495
Portugal 1496
Navarre 1498
Nuremberg 1510
Brandenburg 1510
Prussia 1510
Genoa 1515
Naples 1533
Italy 1540
Naples 1541
Prague 1541
Genoa 1550
Bavaria 1551
Prague 1557
Papal States 1569
Hungary 1582
Hamburg 1649
Vienna 1669
Slovakia 1744
Bohemia/Moravia 1744
Moscow 1891

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