Video: Islam in Britanistan: Undercover Mosque

Very important undercover report from a mosque in England shows American Muslims teaching the same call for violence as the Nation of Islam followers. All of their plans and intentions for forcing their rule are revealed. Please take note.

The Muslim Issue

None of this has been stopped in Britain by the government, who did not care to protect thousands of children raped, threatened, sold, drugged and many even killed by Muslim men. This mentality amongst Muslims that the video shows, especially Sunni Muslims, will be common in virtually every single mosque not only in Britain, but throughout Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the US.

The Muslim hatred continues to flourish throughout the country, all because of a weak and incompetent leadership and EU policies that protect hate preachers and terrorism. The permission for Islam to grow and exist – a fascist ideology of the medieval ages – is the root cause of growing terrorism growing and expanding into the West.

It is not difficult to see what Britain’s future will be. Islam is a far greater threat than Nazism. But the Nazi’s did not infiltrate the country and was easier…

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