3 thoughts on “German authorities use morally dubious measures to evict its own citizens from their homes to fill them with “refugees”

  1. DanielSion, It’s time for the Sallic tribes to unite and fight the usurpers who’ve taken over our countries and do dirty deeds in our name. It’s not fair to call criminals by the name of the country that they’ve enslaved. Germany is not run by Germans, and neither is America. Time to change that.


  2. Gideon ..mispelt.( I knew that.)
    I updated my post and added what I could not find at posting. Read I AM AN ACTOR again. I retitled it I AM A famiLIAR ACTOR. I tied Sandy Hook into it.
    Great reading your posting again.
    I look for your postings every chance I get.
    Your heritage and grasp of ( REEL) history is awesome.
    Remember one day we are going to see this all corrected and be a part of it all.
    See you there!


  3. What part of Der überfall ( invasion) does Germany not understand? Let me get this right: the German government wants to throw their citizens out into the bitter winter so that refugees will be warm and safe.
    Ich bin sicher, Werner?
    Gee wish you had guns Hörst?
    Verdämmt untermensch! Where is Hitler when you need him?….miss him yet?
    Mein Gott im Himmel!
    Personally I take the position of Gidion:
    All cowards retreat and go home.
    I seriously doubt that the saviour wants you embiciles in his Army. Don’t wake up! Go back to sleep! Nothing to see here!
    The rest of you get armed and stand at the ready.
    The enemy has sounded his horn; prepare to answer!
    The Saviour cometh and he sendeth for thee!


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