Pope Francis as Herod

‘Pope’ Francis presumes to have the power to change the ancient laws of the “One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church”.  This is nothing but material heresy, hubris and self-delusion. He follows in the footsteps of Herod.

Josephus, in the Antiquities XV.x.4 wrote:

“At this time Herod released to his subjects the third part of their taxes…to recover their good will which he now wanted, for they were uneasy at him

because of his innovations he had introduced in their practices to the dissolution of their religion, and the disuse of their own customs,

and all the people everywhere talked against him…against which he greatly guarded himself…enjoining them to work, nor did he permit the citizens either to meet together or to walk or eat together but watched everything they did and when they were caught they were severely punished, many were brought to the citadel of Hyrcania, both openly and secretly and there put to death…spies set everywhere…in city and roads…who watched those that met together…and those that could be in no way reduced to acquiesce under his scheme of government, he persecuted them in all manner of ways.”

Josephus writes at the time of Jesus, but he doesn’t mention that the “custom” which had been discontinued was the High Priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek which was established in the old testament, with Aaron.  This is why the Virgin Mary is called “Sister of Aaron” in the Koran, though there is always some question as to which Mary the writer is referring to in scripture. The King or High Priest Zachiariah, at the time of the Herods, should have been John the Baptist, and then Jesus.  The background to all of this has been covered in previous articles.

When the Temple was usurped by Herod, Jesus’ apostles left the building, but brought with them a continuation of the most ancient customs and a new covenant. So who really created the new religion?  Was it Christ, or was it Herod?  Clearly it was Herod who made the changes.  Jesus spoke out clearly against Herod’s innovations, and then predicted the destruction of the temple buildings.  Pope Francis behaves as Herod, and the true Catholics walk away from it and gather in small chapels around the world to continue to practice the ancient rites that Herod/Francis has banned.  This has all been predicted, so no one is surprised. Catholicism is promised to remain rock-solid, though eclipsed for a time, in prophecies by several of the proven Miraculous Apparitions.

The strategic thinking of the Satanists is that yes, while there are 1 billion Catholics around the world, more importantly to them is that there are 4 billion non-Catholics.  So by accepting those who practice non-Catholicism, and getting rid of those who practice Catholicism, they suddenly find themselves with a church of 4 billion people instead of only 1 billion.  Of all the misguided people in the world, wouldn’t any of them welcome the embrace and approval of other misguided people at the pinnacle of worldly power, all in the firm belief that up is down, and right is wrong.

In Cuba, the much beloved and worshiped man who calls himself Pope Francis chose a quote from Matthew in which Jesus warns that those who follow God’s words would not be beloved by many, and would in fact be hated.  What should we say to the Catholic martyrs who suffered and died during the Communist take-overs world-wide, when The Guardian newspaper quotes one Cuban as saying that he was “happy that it was now possible to be both a communist and a Catholic…There was a time when there were differences between the church and the [Communist] party.”  Not anymore.  Do they want to believe that so many people died for nothing? Do they imagine that suddenly Communism will no longer be a deadly slave system?

Considering the fact that the Communist Party is a Jewish creation, what Pope Francis has confirmed is that the the people who occupy the buildings of the Catholic Church are now Jewish, no secret to many of us.  Why could they not be satisfied with their own lavish synagogues?  Why the necessity to deny others of their choice?

Jewish SynaGOGue Interior.

Though the Catholic Church fought off Muslim hoards for close to two millenia, Francis now instructs his “Catholics” to take the Muslims into their own homes. This directive is heretically/Herodically anti-Catholic. God’s word tells us to cast the evil one from our midst, to leave any town that does not accept the word of God and to shake the dust from your shoes on the way out.

Featured Image -- 981


Francis’ many dangerous and heretical mis-guidances seem to have the ultimate goal of preparing people for slavery to other humans.  The worst example of this is to tell Cubans that in the Catholic Church “we do not serve ideas, we serve people”.  Wrong.  We do not serve ‘people’ or ‘ideas’. Catholics serve God, and God is not an idea, but a fact.  When Pope Francis’ mouth moves, Satan speaks of the worship of man as a God being, he leaves God out of the picture, speaks almost nothing of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior, and he says nothing of the Virgin Mary or the salvation of souls or the Consecration of Russia to the Sacred Heart of Mary.

This new religion has an imminent expiration date, just as Herod’s heretical temple did.

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