Blaming America and the “West”


‘America’, (United States of), is a tiny part of the American Continent, and an even tinier part of planet Earth.  It’s barely noticeable on this old map, above. It equals about one third of the African continent.  It’s little more than a physical speck in the universe, a mere 1.5% of the Earth’s surface. Since 20% of America is uninhabited desert, the habitable part of the USA is .3% of the Earth’s surface.

The true size of Africa shows that it dwarfs both America and Western Europe combined.
The true size of Africa shows that it dwarfs both America and Western Europe combined.

America was the place where Catholic families connected to the monarchy of Europe lived after the Protestant Terror of the 16th century.  Catholics today make up about 20% of the American USA population, and more than half of those are considered to be racial or ‘ethnic’ minorities who immigrated long after the arrival of those first European Catholics.

Over 53% of ‘Americans’ in the U.S.A. are now Protestant which is a version of Jewry, which is another 2-3%, so this allied group of Judaeo-Christians combined have a clear majority, especially when you throw in atheists, all of whose political ideologies are roughly equivalent, all anti-Catholic.

This video talk explains how the USA is a Freemasonic creation that is in direct contradiction to the Catholic faith.  Catholicism does not support separation of Church and State, or most everything else that the U.S.A. was set up to promote.  More on this subject can be found at the Youtube channel called TradCatKnight.

Taking out Judaeo-Christians and atheists, this leaves a mere 10% of the present American USA population as true descendants or followers of the white Western European Catholics who arrived in America and who built forts, farms and cities at least as far back as the late 1400’s. You’ll find remains of their structures if you know how to search, but you won’t find mention of them in any American Judaeo/Humanist public school textbook, or any modern historical novel written by the likes of NWO spokesperson and author James Michner.  Only Protestants and Jews are allowed  a voice in NWO mythology and media.

Some people falsely believe that Protestants are Christians, but strictly speaking they are not. The only true Christians are Catholic, by definition, simply because Christ set up One, Holy, Catholic (one group of believers, not many) and Apostolic Church.  This is a misunderstanding that America’s owners like to propagate, mainly to cover up the fact of Jewish control of American government.  The first Protestants, Pilgrims and Puritans were ‘converted’ Jews of Arabic descent who had settled in England and parts of Germany, and they were pirates and slave traders besides.  Hardly Christian by any stretch of the imagination, but such is the history of America.

Compared to the rest of the world, America (USA) is nothing more than a small final last stand for whites, and especially for Catholics.  President Reagan mentioned this in one of his speeches. There’s no place to go from here.  In Hawaii, one must look East to see the West, and West to see the East.

Those early settlements of Catholics and their fellow Indian converts and relatives were sidelined, bit by bit, mainly through bribery and lies, by corporate mercenaries and secret agents posing as ‘British’.  If we don’t know the grandparents of our presidents, then we don’t know who those presidents are.  It was unthinkable in Old Christendom, “Western Europe” that a monarch would go by a fictitious name or that the people would not know who their great, great, great, etc. grandparents were.

Few of America’s owners have ever actually lived in America.  From Elizabethan pirates to Saudi Arabian princes, the place has been handed down from generation to generation of people who value secrecy, engage in the slave trade and wouldn’t dream of doing productive work even if it meant death.  The cannibalism at Jamestown among the Pilgrims is evidence for that.  I’ve heard them try to pin that one on the Catholics, but the fact is, just a few miles from Jamestown, Catholic communities were thriving.  The Jamestown Pilgrims were there looking to capture Catholic and Indian slaves, an activity that did not make the Indians or the Catholics feel motivated to help them. One of their members, a person by the name of Levy, abandoned them and left with one of their few remaining ships.

Like all professional criminals, they operate in the dark and use disguises and assassinations to throw blame onto scapegoats.  The word “Freemason” is often used as shorthand to describe both the authority and the duped helpers of America’s criminal upper class owners. We simply don’t know who our king is, and most people would swear that we have none. As a result, any criminal who manages to take over control of ‘America’ can, like King David of the Old Testament, get away with the total destruction of the known world, the murder of millions, theft of trillions, enslavement of all, and rather than pay for these crimes, the world blames ‘America’, or ‘France’ or ‘England’, while the media films radicals on the CIA payroll burning American flags, applauding the beheading of Christians and ignoring the on-going genocide of Catholics.  The American people, the French, the British and the Scottish have no voice, it is not allowed, and this leads the world to assume that we don’t speak out against crimes because we don’t care or else because we approve of the crimes.  The world-wide Saudi-owned media encourages this misconception.

Tidal waves of propaganda have encouraged the rest of the world to hate this ‘thing’ called America that is a name on a map with an imaginary boundary penciled over God’s green earth. This patch of land, .3% of planet Earth, has, through carefully orchestrated mis-education, lies and media control, become the world’s scapegoat for every evil ever conceived in the mind of man or beast.

Because America is not a human being, nor is it represented by a Royal family, but is simply a piece of land that can be bought and sold for engravure-printed pieces of paper that we call money, it therefore cannot defend itself, serve prison terms or go to trial.  It cannot make a protest or hire a lawyer or demand a jury of peers.  It’s nothing but a legal corporate fiction with a mercenary army, exactly like the West Indies Trading Companies were.

Without hardworking people on it, America is simply worthless land, and quite dangerous to live in. America, without people to improve it, has poisonous snakes, vicious deadly spiders, alligators, bears, wolves and coyotes;  it has hawks that eat farm animals, too little rain in most places, too much in others, a vast interior whose only access to the ocean is through the most dangerous river on the planet, the Mississippi; or else over long distances of both deserts and mountains with few lateral waterways.  Add to this, certain savage, cannibal tribes of natives, and it is understandable why the place remained uninhabited for so long.

Americans have been well taught to hate themselves and take responsibility for evils committed by others, which explains why Americans are the most generous and charitable of any other nation.  It’s what public education exists for.  A fair trial would uncover a lot of innocence, but where can a fair trial be found?  Without a fair trial, the unseen “Ministry of Propaganda” declares upon us a guilty verdict and the inevitable death of the people whose ancestors have taken this formidable terrain and made it into one of the most productive slave plantations the world has ever known.  The world hopes for our death, including the self-hating white Americans who live here without voice or power to even find out who owns the place or why anyone came here in the first place.

It’s an absurd notion to blame a piece of land and the people born on it on for the actions of anonymous corporate pirates, but it works very well for the guilty.  Or I should say, it appears to be working very well.  The pseudo-slaves on the American Plantation have been getting restless, thanks to internet communication, and so it might help those corporate pirates to replace us with more docile people, like the drug addicted, the severely ill, or like the Chinese for example.

To the New World Order Freemasons, the ideal human is either a dead human or a docile human. The ideal kind of docility is that which accepts a communist government that does this to the land:

A child drinks water near a stream in Fuyuan county, Yunnan province March 20, 2009. World Water Day will be observed on March 22. Picture taken March 20, 2009. REUTERS/Stringer (CHINA ENVIRONMENT IMAGE OF THE DAY TOP PICTURE) - RTXD19C
A child drinks water near a stream in Fuyuan county, Yunnan province March 20, 2009. World Water Day will be observed on March 22. Picture taken March 20, 2009. REUTERS/Stringer (CHINA ENVIRONMENT IMAGE OF THE DAY TOP PICTURE) – RTXD19C
The Yellow River
A villager carries buckets of water from a white polluted stream which is used for his daily drinking water, in Dongchuan district of Kunming, Yunnan province, March 20, 2013. REUTERS/Stringer
A villager carries buckets of water from a white polluted stream which is used for his daily drinking water, in Dongchuan district of Kunming, Yunnan province, March 20, 2013. REUTERS/Stringer

More horrifying pollution pictures here:

As China grows, according to the above referenced article, it expands its pollution to other countries, but the resulting growth and productivity does not go to the people in China, it goes to fund the military and Communist Elite.  The Chinese get barely 1% of the output and benefits of all this pollution.  Americans get no benefit from it at all, but even Chinese pollution is blamed on America.  Here are some blog quotes, with my comments [in brackets] as an example of the distorted logic and flat-out lies that justifies finding in America the fault for absolutely everything:

“The fact [no reference is given for this questionable ‘fact’] that 66 percent of all American citizens are considered to be overweight, and that 32 percent of those people are obese – with a body mass index of over 30 – did not go without repercussions on the automotive industry, and especially the cars most [reference?] US residents drive. Over the past two to three decades, as the average weight increased, so did the size of the cars, and, implicitly, the amount of fuel they took up.”

“Main buyers = USA + Europe have been constantly pressuring China’s manufacturing for more and cheaper goods” [In reality Americans are furious over the closure of their factories.  Also, Chinese factory exports have been plummeting as American unemployment increases.]

“What kind of [presumably Western] humans are we to overlook a situation like that ? Why are there no [presumably Western] countries who pressure China to cease these actions? “

Not only China, but also the hoards of Arab, African and Indian Muslims headed toward our little .3% of the planet also believe that “America” is responsible for all of their problems.   Consider that of the 5% of the world’s adults who live in America, fully 1/4 are in prison. Another 2%, who for being Jewish can’t possibly be blamed for anything without the blamer being forced to join the others in prison,  leaves little more than 2% of humanity supposedly working diligently daily to destroy the lives of the other 98% who are supposedly innocent of any wrongdoing.  It would hardly leave us time to eat and sleep, much less build roads, bridges, airplanes, high rises, internet, windmills, oil wells, pipelines and other labor saving devices that our detractors enjoy daily.  That’s not counting the charities and teaching that white people provide around the world.

That’s a big job and surely you would think that all of us Americans would be exhausted from the effort, or else we’re really good at multi-tasking.  And to think that we allegedly do all this destruction for free, especially considering the homelessness and unemployment rate in the USA, especially for white people, surely one must question the accusations of the 98%.

Follow the money, and it’s clear that the benefits of all this destruction that we are allegedly responsible for simply does not manage to reach our pocket books.  In fact, the cost of wars and secret agents enslaves the next two or three generations of our progeny.  The taxes and hard work required to live in the USA, in addition to the outrageous cost of having a baby, is furthermore guaranteeing that few of our babies are born, and so the fact of gradual white extinction is clear and undeniable.  So we are even doing the work of killing ourselves so that the other 98% doesn’t even have to make that effort.

All facts aside, our guilt without trial has the result that the goal of most of the planet’s people is to kill whites, every last one of us, in the certainty that there lies the end to poverty, pollution, ignorance and strife. We’ll see then who’ll pay for welfare, who’ll be the scapegoat and how long before the whole structure collapses.  As for who is going to decide which shades of light brown, gold, tan, off-white, etc. skin colors are eligible for survival, let’s just not even go there.  such rational thinking has been outlawed as ‘politically incorrect’.


Blaming the WEST

Corporations worldwide, and maybe even fake-Martian based, have been given the right to purchase American politicians, with no limit to the price paid.  Most of the corporations in America are licensed in the State of  Delaware.  Even President Obama has 27 aliases and a social security number issued from the State of Delaware.

The man called De La War was the power behind the wars to place Edward I, II, and III on the throne of England, in opposition to the long established Christian Catholic French families, whose presence traces back to the time of Jesus.

Thomas De La Warr supported usurper Richard Lancaster.  Later, a Sir Thomas West, Baron de la Warr, without heirs received permission to pass his title on to his nephew, the son of his half-brother, George West.  This nephew then poisoned his rich uncle, and so lost his title. Without explaining how this was done, we are informed that George West later succeeded in regaining the title to become William West, First Baron de la Warr.

At his point, I will venture to write that the source of the name “de la War” is actually the name “Warburg” of Rothschild/Rashid ancestry.  The ‘pedigree’ of this family is published in the Jewish Encyclopedia, early 1900 edition.

John, the 6th Baron de la War, Treasurer of Excise and Exchequer married the daughter and heir of John Freeman, Jewish merchant of the “City of London”.  His son John, 7th Baron and 1st Earl of De la Warr, a general in the British army and governor of New York in 1737, of Tilbury Fort in 1747 famous today for it’s hauntings, and of Guernsey in in 1752, was born in 1693.  He married first the daughter of Donagh McCarthy, Earl of Clan Carty. One of his sons married a daughter of Nehemiah Walker, possibly the same family as the Bush presidents.  He was named the Viscount Cantelupe and Earl De la War.

Another name associated with the ‘USA’ is Forbes.  Forbes is a derivative of Frobisher, an early slave trader in America, last seen around Nova Scotia, from whom the name Bush also derives. This first Frobisher was eventually buried in a pauper’s grave in England.

This genealogy published in the Jewish Encyclopedia contains the names Felbush (Frobisher) and Wurzburg (Warburg), two names closely involved in the creation of the U.S.A. corporation.
This genealogy published in the Jewish Encyclopedia contains the names Felbush (Frobisher, Bush) and Wurzburg (Warburg), two names closely involved in the creation of the U.S.A. corporation.

Later, these De La War ‘Baronettes’ of Nova Scotia, were awarded in 1626 by patent March 30, to himself and all male heirs of the lands, baron and regality of Nova Scotia in ‘America’.  They logically then considered all the settlers that were already occupying and rightfully owning the land to be their enemies. The expulsion of the American settlers by them is skipped over in history books, but the result was a movement towards the Far West, beyond the deserts.

Duncan Forbes obtained the Priory Lands of Monymusk at the “Reformation” which means that the stolen lands of the Catholic Church were awarded to him after he successfully rid the place of monks, nuns and other other rightful owners. Sir William Forbes of Moneymusk, Aberdeen County is titled the 6th Baron, and is described as a “banker of great eminence in Edinburgh who married Elizabeth, daughter of James Hay of Hayston.  This is the Hay family from which all American presidents are descended.

Andrew Gordon Duff is listed as progeny who served in 1945-47 World War.  I mention this for those who follow the man who calls himself Gordon Duff, American military veteran and journalist, who has been conducting independent diplomatic missions to Syria.  He rightfully tries to inform the Middle Eastern leaders of the fact that this corporations called ‘USA’ is an organized crime syndicate that brutalizes and victimizes the people who live in America, as much as they brutalize and victimize the people who live everywhere else.

Another Baronette of Nova Scotia, Sir William Bruce of Airth/Ard obtained Stenhouse from his grandfather in 1611.  He first married the daughter of General Middleton of Letham.  He next married Rachel, widow of John Jackson, daughter of Joseph Johnston of Hilton.

Without going into great detail, it is clear that these people were awarded titles and grants that directly conflicted with long established settlements in ‘America’.  It is also clear that these are very familiar and oft-repeated names in American history as it appears in Freemason approved school textbooks.

Much of the information on the members of Freemason/Jewish Rothschld/Rashid crime syndicate is located in a big fat book called “Burke’s Peerage”.  Of course these people had to censor out the true ‘Peers of France’.  You can only find out about them by reading the passages that provide some detail about who the present ‘peers’ stole their land from back during the “reformation”.  By the time thenon-Catholic usurpers came along, the true and rightful titles were into the 15th and 16th generation.  But in the 16th century, stolen lands provided new titles that start over with the First Baron of De La War and other ‘Firsts’.  After that, instead of Barons, they call themselves Baronettes of Nova Scotia, and gave themselves titles to more Catholic lands that had to be stolen yet again from descendants of the same Catholic families who’d lived in Europe.

So blaming the West, and a corporation called the “United States of America” is a highly oversimplified exercise in futility.  Cartoon history is useful as a propaganda tool, and for those who have no belief in a higher power of Justice, it appears to be all that is need to protect the guilty.  However, Catholics have always understood that the Lord works in mysterious ways.  Even the false history is approved, since free will is in our contract, but it’s all for the ultimate goal of testing our character and strength.  The end game may be a bigger surprise than many imagine, and not so much of a surprise for those who pay attention to Catholic prophesies.  We have been told that the truth will be revealed, when the time is right.

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