After The Catholic Monarchy (Part 3)

I just made a new enemy today.  It was an elderly white neighbor, one of many white people who have been telling me lately that white people are being discriminated against for having caused all the world’s problems. I didn’t believe this. I defended her.  She grew extremely angry at me for defending her. She faulted me for defending the white race.  I will never do that again. I’ll remind myself that white people don’t consider me to be white, even though I always thought I was myself.  I won’t think of myself as white anymore, because now I understand that by ‘white’, what they are really talking about is religion and not skin color.  What is the religion of the white man?  It is Protestantism and Protestants are very much Anti-Catholic.  It’s the main tenet of their religion.  A Catholic to them is something else entirely, because Catholics come in all races and all colors all over the world. Being ‘white’, to some people has nothing to do with skin color, it has everything to do with being a Protestant. I have come to understand this.

It was Aldous Huxley who predicted and warned us back around 1930’s that in the future, “The Upper Caste will be members of a wild species, heretical and rebellious, to be liquidated”.  He doesn’t say who would liquidate them, maybe God would strike them, maybe they would eliminate themselves.  Huxley also warned that the average and lower caste would be conditioned from earliest infancy to not think or use their reasoning minds.  He warned that this would be accomplished through “biological conditioning” as well as education.  Huxley left out the details, but obviously biological conditioning can only be accomplished through the genocide of intelligent, independent thinkers and family groups.  The facts bear out that Catholics are and have been targeted for genocide.  From old France, Scotland and Ireland, from Nova Scotia to Hiroshima, Hurricane Sandy and Katrina, Catholic Communities have been targeted, so that all that would be left are people “whose business it is to do and die with minimum fuss”, and not ever to reason why, according to Huxley.  When Protestants first protested against the True Church that Jesus Christ saved for us, they protested against the same ancient rites that Herod tried to change, for which Jesus died.  Those Protestants joined the Jews in their continual protest against all truth, against all reality.  Here is Huxley’s warning to us about ethical systems:

“…an ethical system based on a view that is hopelessly unrealistic would justify persecuting heretics, and genetic standardization of servile human beings [created in] test tubes. “

Aldous Huxley warned us that new and better chemical methods for increasing suggestibility and for lowering  psychological resistance would help the dictator class.  Propagandists have always described successful propaganda as that which convinces people to help their enemies.  People would dig their own graves enthusiastically when exposed to enough propaganda.  That describes every white person who insists that all the world’s evils have been caused by white people.  Even when I tried to warn my elderly white neighbor that she was doing an injustice to her own grandchildren, she was unmoved.  Describing the result of propaganda, Huxley wrote that children will be completely controllable and will practically deliver up their own children to the tyrannical force. Those children are now grandparents in retirement, arguing vehemently for their own racial guilt, oblivious to the danger that this creates for the little ones, oblivious to the slaughter of Christians around the world.

To her, I am a Catholic and therefore I simply don’t know anything worth knowing.    She told me that the Catholics are ‘horrible’.  To my face, she says this.  Yet she almost started crying telling me the myth of all the terrible things that white people supposedly have done to the poor Jews. Even as she told me that I would not be allowed in a gathering of her church of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I realized then that she’d enjoy a holocaust of Catholics.  I’ve kept my door closed since then, and I’ve vowed to avoid Protestants.  Their friendliness ends with their discovery that I am a Catholic.  It’s a very thin veneer of friendliness here, so I make sure to identify myself as Catholic as soon as possible.

If this sounds hard to believe, I understand.  I’m having trouble believing it myself, it’s making me firmer in my faith.  I’ve been so thoroughly lambasted and insulted by white Protestants lately that I’ve vowed never to defend white people again.  In defending white people, I only take on their guilt and I don’t deserve that.  I told this lady to not include me in her guilt.  I’m Catholic, not Protestant and I know for a fact that it’s not in the Catholic agenda to hurt people.  I pay no attention to lies in history books because I know who’s writing them and I know the difference between fact and fiction. This ability to see clearly is promised to us by Jesus, if only we adhere to his truth.  He left us with one church, not 440,000 sects, and the only way to have one church is to stick with the first one, and to defend it through thick and thin.  I understand now why there are so many atheists wherever there are Protestants.  It’s the better choice of the two, once Catholics are eliminated.

How have a group of people become so convinced of their own guilt?  Practically speaking, no white person alive today has ever had a slave or killed an Indian. Never mind the number of Indians who killed whites or blacks who owned slaves, or that the lack of pure blooded Indians is proof that European Catholics at least, got along with them just fine.  Yet my white Protestant neighbors enthusiastically prepare their offspring for the upcoming genocide of white ‘Christians’ for which Muslims so proudly prepare?  Aldous Huxley explained it very clearly: “By means of specially designed tachistoscopes, words or images were to be flashed for a millisecond or less upon the screen of television sets and motion picture theaters during the program…the optic nerve would record these secret messages and respond to them in due course, subliminally, beneath the threshold of awareness, eyes, ears and subconscious mind take in the messages.”  The conscious, reasoning mind plays no part in the process. This is the magic of televised and pixelized light, Lucifer, that creates images and messages that bypass reason.

But who is putting out these messages and why are they not affected by the messages? Perhaps it’s because the messages are in their favor.  The first subliminal message ever discovered can be seen in the old National Anthem that used to play at the close of each day’s programming, late at night.  Hidden within the words of the song on the screen is the message: “You love your government.” This was found by a recent researcher.  Is our government made up of the best, the strongest, the most able?  Or is it made up of the trickiest and most dishonest, the least compassionate and the greediest?  Those of us not in government all know the answer to that.

Protestantism is like Judaism.  It is a religion where they claim that monkeys are their ancestors.  It is a religion of ‘survival of the fittest’.  This is another way of saying, ‘only the strong survive’.  The problem with this theory is that the only way to know who is strong or not is to see who is killable.  Babies and children are easy to kill, so they go first.  Old people aren’t strong either, so they are eliminated.  Eventually and logically, there would be only two people left and one of those would be less strong then the other so then we begin to understand why Jesus is our Saviour.  He gave us a new philosophy of love and this is the Catholicism that is targeted for elimination, not by the strongest, but by old men in wheel chairs with heart transplants and organs stolen from orphans.  Hardly the strongest physically, but certainly the most willing to engage in trickery, certainly the least compassionate, and certainly the pattern for Protestants and Jews worldwide, along with anyone else who wants to call themselves anything they want while actively not loving their neighbor.

My exposure to Protestants has made me very much firmer in my belief in Catholicism, the traditional Catholicism with rules and regulations, with reverential sacraments and factual history and science and training in logical thinking.  It’s an underground religion for certain.  There are hardly any schools left to teach it anymore. But we’ve been promised that it would survive.  If Catholicism doesn’t survive, neither does anyone else.

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