Narcissistic Personality Disorder is the New Religion

As Narcissistic Personality Disorder becomes rampant, ideas about it have changed, especially as EKG studies are demonstrating that the suffering of others activates the pleasure centers in their brains. There are even some psychiatrists realizing that these people can no longer rightfully be called human beings, since they take pleasure in destroying other humans who don’t share their brain characteristics.

Current thought challenges the old notion that narcissists and other criminals secretly suffer from low self-esteem or insecurity, or that they suffer as much as we thought in the ways that we thought. Recent findings indicate they take pleasure in successful manipulations. Putting down unsuspecting, soft-hearted souls in their midst is a sport. They truly believe in their superiority even if objective evidence does not back it up. More than one psychiatrist is realizing that it’s a simple matter, that they make everyone around them feel badly precisely because they don’t feel badly themselves, no matter how much we wish they did.

“His Blood Be Upon Us and Our Children”, they cried when demanding the death of Jesus, and as for confusion of Israelite identity, “You will know them by their fruits”.  All of this we are told in scripture. What is the religion of the guilty?  It is the religion of liars and destroyers of the truth, destroyers of the hierarchy and the bloodline that Jesus defended with his life, with Peter as the first Patriarch and his mother as first example of what was to be expected of women.  It is the religion which the Roman Empire accepted and which we call Catholic, the religion through which that Roman Empire continued to exist and expand world-wide for almost 2000 years.  What Jews, Muslims and Protestants have in common is their hatred for Jesus’ One True Church. Without this hatred, they have no other reason to exist, it is this very hatred that gives them pleasure. Catholics come in all races, all colors, all languages, all over the world.  The whole meaning of ‘Catholic’, is the universal, pure Mother Church, the only one that can solve the problem of the infinite number of schisms, the only one to which we can all return.

Humanism is another schism replacing the central authority of the Church with the central authority called ME, which is Narcissism.  Yes, like Jews who called for the murder of God’s annointed High Priest so that a usurper could reign, and like the Protestants and Muslims that they created and guide, the Narcissist loves lies and rejects Jesus, the Son of God who gave us the ultimate example of humility.  This is an idea that did not start with Christianity.   Quite the opposite, Christianity fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies and continued the age-old concept of one true God, along with the rules of behavior that God gave us, and the humility that was practiced ever since Abraham walked away from the false gods and privileges of his father.  With the worldwide rejection of these rules, society crumbles, no one can agree on anything, and we all approach a day of reckoning.  The lies that are told daily to make Anti-Christians feel invulnerable, righteous and superior has resulted in an epidemic of Narcissistic Personality Disorder worldwide.  Every history book, every newspaper, magazine and internet site is so full of these lies that it’s impossible to refute them all. We are swamped with a flood of lies, all designed to make the guilty feel innocent and the innocent feel guilty with the result that mental illness is the norm, the only sin is to tell the truth, and the truth teller is condemned by the majority who are mentally deranged.

Narcissism is pleasant self-deception, whether practiced by a person, a nation or a religious group. When criticized, they tell themselves and others, “It is them – not me.” They are experts at deflecting, projecting, externalizing and thereby feeling relieved of the problem. All that is necessary is to convince others that their offensive behavior is justified, did not happen, that they were the victim rather than the perpetrator.  These techniques are learned early through such things as the Narcissistic Historical, Political and Cultural Narratives that are taught everyday in schools and in the widespread media.  It is the way to escape responsibility for wrongdoing. These false narratives turn envy and ineptitude into arrogance. Rather than doing the hard work required to compete and learn, the False Narrative eliminates the feeling of inferiority that would normally push one to develop and grow in a healthy way. In the short run, this is very ego gratifying. In the long run, this self-deception leads to trouble. The only skill that a Narcissistic Person, Nation, Culture or Religion develops is to avoid being caught and confronted, which can never be fully achieved.  As the skill at avoiding the painful consequences of ineptitude is increased, more people believe the lies, and everyone falls deeper and deeper into deception, covering up more and more truth until life itself becomes rotten through and through. The result is that the most inept, the stupidest, and the least competent rise to ever higher positions in all spheres of life, most notably in medicine and food production, “space” exploration, government, journalism, history and the arts.  And now we have two men with the legal right to adopt test tube or surrogate children, truly the height of the Peter Principal.

The goal of the Narcissist is the complete elimination of anyone who might criticize or expose their incompetence.  Once that is done, they roll merrily along, creating chaos and misery without censure, because there are so many others who are equally self-deceived. There is no reason for your conscience to be troubled when you can shun, ostracize or even kill the truth tellers.  Narcissism feeds false self-esteem, in that denial of your own limitations, mainly through censorship, like that established with the advent of Protestantism, eliminates the need for making the tiresome effort to change. Imprison the priests, exile the princes, burn the books, steal whatever is not nailed down, purchase a title of “Nobility” with the proceeds of your pirate ship and slave trade, and this inflated self-esteem keeps you psychologically intact, organized and safe. So convinced of your superiority, you laugh at those of more ability who are denied access to universities and positions in government, you preen yourself when others are attracted to your false success and it all seems so fine and dandy.

Once in a while, the lies lead to a fall, but only if put to the test.  This is the reason for pretending to want peace, preferring deceitful stratagems instead. If you are one of the group who constantly gets the blame and the slander and put-downs, as Traditional Catholics do in Protestant/Jewish [and soon to be Muslim] America, you just might adopt a healthy worry that leads to persistence, attention to detail, stubborn grit and solid ability. However, when you are allowed to claim credit for other’s accomplishments, as the privileged Jews often do, as the Protestants do, you may, like they, begin to believe these lies and not take the time to actually develop those abilities. Through organized deceit, you end up with high standardized test scores, monopoly privileges, high-priced certifications and licenses, academic degrees and positions in government and industry, and of course, lots of money, but deep down inside, you fear that people will pick up on your own inability and it disturbs you. Any reminder of your own inability or lack of success is cause to lash out in anger, to reject, imprison or assassinate the person who reminds you, to eject the person, religion, culture, nation or situation that tells you the truth.  This is the Narcissistic Personality Disorder that we call the New World Order. Thus we have the roots of the rejection of Catholicism and Catholics by Protestants, Secular Humanists, Liberals, Jews and Muslims and all followers of the false religion being introduced by “Pope” Francis.  His lies are the ultimate ego trip for the Narcissists, and therefore the ultimate danger for them as well. The biggest blinder of all is a false imprimatur from a Hollywood actor at the very highest seat of the church that was established by Jesus Christ.

Like Francis the False Pope, charming others in superficial or infrequent encounters is an easy acting job, but close scrutiny of doctrine is a problem. The ex-communication of true and faithful Catholic priests like Bishop Williamson, the suspicious deaths of many others who have spoken out truthfully in defense of God’s laws, all demonstrate a complete lack of empathy, compassion and concern on the part of Francis, his phony infiltrators and their blind followers. It’s very important to them that people not discover these facts.  To say “I’m sorry” and to mend one’s ways is not in the religion of Humanism, Narcissism and Liberalism. 

A graven self-image of Immunity and Superiority that is created through historical and ecclesiastical falsehoods is the idol that is worshipped in the religion of Humanism.  To be humble and honest is to be heretical in the religion of Narcissism. To reject falsehoods is to smash the precious idol of Relativity of Truth.  It was a commonly held belief among psychiatrists that Narcissistic Personality Disorder is the result of being criticized or traumatized as a child.  They, as well as I now seriously doubt that.  I am certain that it is the result of being glorified as a child, falsely glorified, given credit where credit was not due, blaming others and being given slanderous lies instead of truth on a daily basis as a culture. Narcissism is the result of being surrounded by lies that put blame on the innocent for your actions, for your ancestor’s actions, for your nation and your very system of education, government, agriculture and medicine. With Narcissism, all the blame belongs to someone else, always.  There is never, ever a reason to admit guilt.  The ego therefore grows to immense proportions.  One’s Self-Image is one’s God, and anyone who doesn’t worship this image is heretic.

The unwillingness to own up and apologize is what alienates us from God and leaves us without integrity. We become tainted, rather than respected, but this is not troubling for a person who cares deeply only about a False Image.

The apparitions of the Virgin Mary, which, by the way have not been debunked even by the worst opponents of Catholicism, have warned repeatedly of a Great Chastisement, but these warnings have been largely ignored.  A world of Narcissists does not heed warnings, because they do not see danger. They believe the lie of their own superiority and invulnerability; they take risks that set them up for payback. They never expect consequences like financial loss, abandonment, debt, legal trouble and loneliness. Much less do they expect an actual invasion of the most deadly and nightmarish sort. Instead of defending themselves from it, they welcome it.  The humility that was taught by true Catholicism allowed Catholic warriors to understand the dangers of violent Protestants, Turkish Muslims and their Zionist creators.  The Narcissism of Humanism blinds entire nations to this danger, as can be seen in the European Union today, as materialistic atheists are treated to daily and increasing doses of humiliation by immigrants that they cannot recognize as mortal enemies. No matter how much evidence is present, the danger of ungodly people simply does not fit into their False Image. This false idol of Invulnerable Self As God, which is worshipped daily by rejecting God’s laws, is the default position once Catholicism is rejected as the one true Church. The resulting humiliation and dispossession, which was all fine and good when it was inflicted historically on Catholics, finally becomes the lot of the ancestors and progeny of those who rejected the Church and who continue to insult her defenders. A situation ensues that high-honed tactics and falsehoods cannot undo. When you are forced to leave your home to make way for immigrants who intend to destroy you, brutally rape your children and take over your country, you cannot continue the ruse. This is the great chastisement, which the Mother Church has prophesied through the ages, for those who reject her and her teachings.

It was Aldous Huxley who predicted and warned us back around 1930’s that in the ‘future’ age, after the destruction of the Catholic Monarchy, “The Upper Caste will be members of a wild species, heretical and rebellious, to be liquidated”.  He carefully avoids saying who would liquidate them.  Huxley also warned that the average and lower caste, those who have rejected Catholicism, would be conditioned from earliest infancy to not think or use their reasoning minds.  Specialists in mind control realized early on, through experiments, that their mind control techniques did not work on people with firm, true religious convictions. I’ve never read these described as Catholics, but judging from their determination to destroy the Catholic Church, I can assume that this is what they discovered. He warned that mind control would be accomplished through “biological conditioning” as well as education.  Huxley left out the details, but obviously biological conditioning can only be accomplished through the genocide of intelligent, independent thinkers and family groups.  The facts bear out that Catholics are and have been targeted for genocide.  From old France, Scotland and Ireland, from Nova Scotia and Central America to Hiroshima, the neighborhoods hit by Hurricane Sandy and New Orleans, Catholic Communities have been targeted, so that all that would be left are people “whose business it is to do and die with minimum fuss”, and not ever to reason why. Huxley worked within this heretical group himself, or else he wouldn’t have known.  When Protestants first protested against the True Church that Jesus Christ saved for us, they protested against the same ancient rites that Herod tried to change, the ancient rites and hierarchy for which Jesus died.  Those Protestants joined the Jews in their continual protest against all truth, ‘against all reality’, as Archbishop Williamson so aptly put it.  Here is Huxley’s warning to us about false ethical systems:

“…an ethical system based on a view that is hopelessly unrealistic would justify persecuting heretics, and genetic standardization of servile human beings [created in] test tubes. “

Aldous Huxley warned us that new and better chemical methods, in other words ‘drugs’, for increasing suggestibility and for lowering  psychological resistance would help the dictator class.  But he didn’t detail how the dictator class would defend themselves against God’s wrath. Propagandists have always described successful propaganda as that which convinces people to help their enemies.  The Catholic Church has always described the enemy as Satan, so the first step in convincing people to help Satan was to convince people that the Catholic Church is the enemy.  People would dig their own graves enthusiastically when exposed to enough propaganda.  That describes every white person who insists that all the world’s evils have been caused by white people. It describes every Protestant who slanders the Catholic Church. It describes every gay person who persecutes traditionalists for humbly following the Ten Commandments.  Even when I try to warn my white neighbors that they are doing an injustice to their own grandchildren by repeating historical falsehoods, like unreasoning beings, they simply don’t care.  Describing the result of Humanist propaganda, Huxley wrote that people will be completely controllable and will practically deliver up their own children to the tyrannical force. Those children are now grandparents in retirement, arguing vehemently for their own racial guilt, oblivious to the danger that this creates for the little ones, oblivious to the slaughter of Christians around the world, mistaking an invading army of violent military age male Muslims who’ve abandoned their families, for helpless refugees deserving of charity.

Protestants are told that Catholics are ‘horrible’ and they believe it because it flatters their egos.  Yet they are infuriated if any accusation is pointed toward the Jews who hate Christ, even as they claim to be Christian. Believing the holocaust myth put forth by liars, they enjoy the on-going holocaust of Catholics.

I pay no attention to lies in history books because I know who’s writing them and I know the difference between fact and fiction. This ability to see clearly is promised to us by Jesus, if only we adhere to his truth.  He left us with one church, not 440,000 sects, and the only way to have one church is to stick with the first one, and to defend it through thick and thin, even when it only exists underground as it does today. Our Lady of La Sallette, not long before Huxley’s prediction, also foretold that there would soon be only a handful of Catholics left in the world.

How have white people become so convinced of their own guilt that they willingly sacrifice their own progeny, especially in the Protestant countries of Europe?  Practically speaking, no white person alive today has ever had a slave or killed an Indian or a Muslim. Never mind the number of Indians who killed whites or the blacks who owned slaves, or that the great number of mixed blood Indians in America is proof that European Catholics at least, got along with them just fine.  Yet my white Protestant neighbors enthusiastically prepare their offspring for the upcoming genocide of white ‘Christians’ which Muslims so proudly proclaim.  Aldous Huxley explained very clearly how falsehoods would be spread: “By means of specially designed tachistoscopes, words or images were to be flashed for a millisecond or less upon the screen of television sets and motion picture theaters during the program…the optic nerve would record these secret messages and respond to them in due course, subliminally, beneath the threshold of awareness, eyes, ears and subconscious mind take in the messages.”  The conscious, reasoning mind plays no part in the process. This is the magic of televised and pixelized light. This is Lucifer the light bearer: the flashing images made of light rather than reality, with messages that bypass the frontal cortex and go directly to the amygdala where our strongest emotions of love for family, friends and community are stored.  With this light, people truly come to believe that their worst enemies are worthy of their deepest devotion and love.  With this light, they learn to hate their own families.

But who is putting out these messages and why are they not affected by the messages? Perhaps it’s because the messages are in their favor.  The first subliminal message ever discovered can be seen in the old National Anthem that used to play at the close of each day’s programming, late at night.  Hidden within the words of the song on the screen is the message: “You love your government.” This was found by a recent researcher.  Is our government made up of the best, the strongest, the most able?  Or is it made up of the trickiest and most dishonest, the least compassionate and the greediest?  Those of us who are traditional Catholics, and therefore not in government, all know the answer to that.

Protestantism is like Judaism.  It is a religion where they claim that monkeys are their ancestors.  It is a religion of ‘survival of the fittest’, and they assume that the fittest are those who kill first.  The problem with this theory is that the only way to know who is strong or not is to see who is ‘killable’.  Babies and children are easy to kill, so they go first.  Old people aren’t strong either, so they are eliminated.  Next are pregnant women and those with small children, then all women, to be replaced by transgendered men. Eventually and logically, there would be only two people left and one of those would be less strong then the other so then we begin to understand why Jesus is our Saviour.  He demonstrated a philosophy of love and this is the Catholicism that is targeted for elimination, not by the strongest, but by doddering old men in wheel chairs with heart transplants and organs stolen from orphans.  Hardly the strongest physically, but certainly the most willing to engage in trickery for amassing of wealth and power, certainly the least compassionate, and certainly the pattern for Protestants and Jews worldwide, along with anyone else who wants to call themselves anything they want while actively not loving their neighbor and instead worshiping money, cars, and fame.

My exposure to Protestants and Jews has made me very much firmer in my belief in Catholicism, the traditional Catholicism with rules and regulations, with age-old sacraments and factual history and science, recognition of the supernatural and training in logical thinking.  Catholicism is an underground religion for certain.  There are hardly any schools left to teach it anymore. If it weren’t for the internet, there would be no access to the 2000 years of Pope’s encyclicals, the writings of the Saints, the Catechism approved at the Council of Trent and the original Latin prayers. We’ve been promised that the Church would survive.  If Catholicism doesn’t survive, neither does anyone else.

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