Putin Defends Christendom

Russian President Putin recently spoke about the loss of traditional Christian religious culture, and that without it, people will become brutes.  Following are two videos.  The first is Putin’s speech, the second is an example of the extremely high level of artistic output that occurred during a time when everyone was Catholic.  Gregorian chants were sung around the clock at the Great Basilica in Constantinople.  When we learn about Pirates and American History, remember that this music is our heritage, and these songs were still being sung at the time Pirates were plotting to take over America. Listen to the rosary sung in Gregorian chant which I have posted below on the second video.  Imagine the physical and psychic benefits of exposing our selves to this type of music and culture, instead of the filth that surrounds us 24 hours a day.  The greatest art ever created, was created for Catholic Churches.  We haven’t done better yet, in my opinion.



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