Spies, Actors and Fake News


Fake news events are nothing new.

A big fake news event during the time of Elizabeth I, was the lie about the English defeat of the Spanish Armada.

English Admiral Howard had pursued the Spanish as far as the Firth of Forth in Scotland, then returned, sick at heart for the suffering of his men, who were dying by the thousands of typhus and scurvy.  “Sickness and mortality begins wonderfully to grow amongst us”, he wrote, “and it is a most pitiful sight to see, here at Margate, how the men having no place to receive them into here, die in the streets, I am driven myself, of force, to come a-land to see them bestowed in some lodging, and the best I can get is barns and outhouses. It would grieve any man’s heart to see them that have served so valiantly to die so miserably.”


The true historical fact is that in 1588 only 3 Spanish boats were lost, out of 130.  That doesn’t sound like a defeat to me, but Elizabeth I, about two months after the event, decided to declare herself the winner.  “I will not flatter you”,  wrote Vice Admiral Lord Henry Seymore, but you have fought more with your pen than many have in our English navy fought with their enemies.”  The commemorative medal for the event bore the motto veni, vidi, fugit: I came, I saw, I ran.


Why didn’t they just go back to England, you ask.  I asked the same thing.  Could it be that they didn’t know how to sail?  Doesn’t it take some time before symptoms of scurvy show up, being a vitamin deficiency?   How long were they in those boats anyway? Do you think its a good idea to lie to our children in school about past events?

The English pirates were actually slaughtered in their attack on the Spanish Armada, but they’d never admit it.

Fake news events are the weapon of illegitimate authority.  Here’s one that still affects us today:

In 1584 London, The Bond of Association was published and posted, which all members of the Queen’s Privy Council signed, pledging that if Elizabeth I was killed the signers would murder the next monarch to take her place, guilty or not.  Within days of its publication, thousands of men throughout the realm had added their names, some standing in line for hours for the privilege of signing their pledge to murder even the legitimate Queen Mary if she should dare take the throne.  This was the only way to deal with Elizabeth I’s illegitimacy.

Dr. Allen allegedly described Elizabeth I as, “An incestuous bastard begotten and born in sin of an infamous courtesan”.  Furthermore, her kingdom had become “a place of refuge and sanctuary of all atheists, Anabaptists, heretics, and rebellious of all nations.”


The Bond of Association, an illegitimate document, was dangerous nonetheless.  The rightful heir to the throne, Mary de Guise, was allegedly being kept under very tight security and unable to leave her lodging.  Sir Amias Paulet, “a no-nonsense Puritan”, announced with satisfaction to Elizabeth I that ‘the isolation of the Scottish Queen is complete’…so complete in fact, that Mary herself was not even there, had been replaced by a look-alike, and no one was there to know the difference because Paulet had taken the extraordinary measure of firing all of her staff and attendants and replacing them with his own people who, like himself, had never see the Scottish Queen before.

When the substitute Queen had been beheaded, the head had a wig that was made of red hair, just like Mary’s.  Maybe it was Mary’s hair, but it was definitely not Mary’s head.  The young Queen Mary is reportedly seen later in a convent, described in a book called The Queen’s Daughters, about the role of monasteries and convents.  It was customary for the Queen’s daughters to be given the responsibility of Abbess at various convents, just as the King’s brother or brothers held the important monasteries.  It isn’t spelled out, only hinted at, but there’s a description of Queen Mary travelling in disguise as a monk and going from convent to convent, walking to Rome according to the book.   Maybe she went to New Scotland, or I should call it Nova Scotia.  Her family was much too  powerful to have not protected her.  Queen Mary was not beheaded. God bless the good lady who died in her place.

So what happened when Queen Elizabeth realized that Queen Mary had escaped, and the wrong person had been beheaded?  The report is that Queen Elizabeth was extremely angry. My guess is that this is when the two factions were created, the Wigs and the Tories.  This was because the fake queen mary had created many fake land titles in Nova Scotia that went by the name ‘Baronetcy’.  This is one reason why the whole affair was hushed. Since there were two equally bogus titles to the same land in Nova Scotia, the Wigs and the Tories fought it out, for a while.

This affected American History, because these land titles were being used as collateral for loans, which put much of America into the ownership of Jewish bankers since before it was called America.  Francis Walsingham, for example, was Elizabeth I’s own bumbling spy master.  His son in law, Lord Stanley, died leaving him with substantial debt of 17,000 pounds sterling owed to the people of Flushing, New York.   The Walsingham and Stanley families will transform themselves into the George Washington and Thomas Jefferson families, so these events are important.

Francis Walshingham was the first cabinet minister to have an acting company and theater under his direction.  When it comes to fake news events, we can thank Francis Walshingham whose death was described thus: “The Secretary Walshingham, a most violent persecutor of Catholics, died never so much naming God in his last extremities. And yet he had his speech…In the end, his urine came forth at his mouth and nose, with so odious a stench that none could endure to come near him.”


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