If Those Immigrants Were Catholic

If those immigrants were Catholic, I doubt anyone in Europe would be offering them tea and blankets.

The Muslim invasion of Europe and then America is full on.  The Israelis load up on stolen oil from Syria, sell it, and use the money to send all the Arabs out of the Middle East.  The exact trail of stolen oil can be seen all over Youtube, but the Jews are seldom mentioned because it would be ‘mean’ to accuse them of theft and mass murder.  And we certainly don’t want to say mean things.

We can’t say mean things about Muslims either, or about our own set of government crony capitalist hidden ‘leaders’. If you are convinced that they are in cahoots to try to kill you and everyone else, just don’t say anything. And if you follow the thread of who created all the false religions by twisting the translations and teachings, you’ll find these same hiding ‘leaders’ behind all of it.  Shhhh.

Compare Protestant and Jewish destruction of Catholic property, culture and institutions in Europe to these Muslims and tell me which is worse?  Or is it all exactly the same thing? What happened to all the Cathedrals in Europe, why are they all empty, stripped and being sold and turned into discos? How did all the French artwork of Catholicism end up at the Hermitage in Russia?  Who took it there? Could there be some relationship between the vacuum of Protestant and Jewish anti-Catholicism… and the inflow of barbaric people and practices into Europe?

If you’ve ever had fire ants in your yard, the way to get rid of them is to bring some ants from one ant pile into another ant pile and they kill each other off. So that’s what our beloved Jewish leaders want to happen, so that we pesky Christians and Muslims can be done away with once and for all. When Europeans decided that they didn’t want Catholicism, this is the end result: lots and lots of Muslims, burkas, genital mutilation, sex slavery for Christians, honor killings, child brides, beheadings, stoning women, and hypocrisy that reeks to high heaven.  Anything but Catholicism, right?   Better that our rape and murder statistics rise and that the entire world burst into the flames of warfare than to engage in the sin of using symbolism or offering of the host as a true sacrifice in the Mass.  Oh yes, we must get our priorities straight, right?

When we won’t defend our own religion, we shouldn’t be surprised that other nations have no respect for us, or that we lose God’s protection. In my point of view, Protestantism is obviously a false religion since the ill results are plain to see. The people have no sense and are without spiritual guidance, giving aid to these hate mongering Muslims who intend to take over.  Protestants, after having martyred and expelled Catholics, even taking a price for their heads; after having stolen all their property a few hundred years ago, now welcome Muslims with open arms. Where are all the ‘priest hunters’ now? Yes, the Protestant religious leaders paid people to hunt down and bring in Catholic priests for execution.  But the Muslims get tea and blankets.  This is how a 2000 year civilization is destroyed: Modernists have sold their birthright for a mess of pottage.

There have been plenty of warnings that a Great Chastisement was on its way, but that’s a Catholic prophecy and many think such warnings and prophecies have no worth.  Do people think that God’s justice is suspended because non-Catholics have that privilege? What happened to all that Catholic Church land and buildings? Who took all the property that belonged to Catholic families? Who destroyed the French language in America, with it’s all important link to the past?  Who outlawed any mention of Jesus and Mary and introduced sex education in the schools?

Do I expect anyone to agree with me on this? Absolutely not. In fact, if I were to say these words in anyone’s house, I’d be kicked out for defending Catholicism, and I have been. My beliefs force me to live in solitude. The hatred that Protestants and our precious untouchable western Jews hold for Catholics is proverbial and on-going. I hear it almost daily. It is politically correct to hate Catholics in America.

The persecution of Catholics has not ended, which reveals to me that things haven’t gotten bad enough yet for people to admit and confess that it was wrong to destroy the Catholic Church in Christendom.  The great moral wrong done to Catholic people during the ‘Reformation’ has not been righted.  Justice remains to be seen.  History writers still present the ‘Reformation’ as having been something good, even while photos of destroyed cathedrals and monasteries all over Europe bust that lie, and the list of martyrs is long.

These Muslims are simply the second wave, an entrance into Europe made very easy because Protestants, Jews and Atheists did the hard work of getting rid of Catholic families, institutions and armies. Now Muslims have an open door, and there is no longer any Catholic militia around to keep them out.  A mercenary army would only be full of crypto-Muslims and so what is there to be done, especially when the military leadership is as misguided as everyone else.

If those immigrants were Catholic, what would the people of Europe do?  They would do what they did before, kill them or send them away after stealing all their property.

Yet they can’t find it in themselves to expel even Muslims who have sworn to destroy Europe, because that wouldn’t be ‘nice’. The inability to distinguish the difference between corrupted Islam and true Catholicism is the result of holding to the false religion of ‘modernism’. Modernism is a religion that makes people lose all common sense.  Or, put another way, it makes people stupid.  All religions are the same? Now Europe gets a chance to try out that theory, and America is next.

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