European Zombies Welcome Their Migrant Destroyers

Unless Putin steps in, white Christian Europe has no choice other than to migrate.  They are a people without an organized religion to protect them, whose own government wants them all dead.  That also describes America.  Trying to unify under the banner of Democracy is pathetic.  We carry Christian crosses, Buddhas, Hanuman charms, and the multitude of Protestant religions makes unification unlikely through churches that are controlled by powerful cronies. Now even the Vatican is under Jewish control, they even brag about it in a ‘Look’ Magazine article from the 1960’s when it gained important headway.  Francis practices Judaism and has outlawed Catholicism which only exists underground at this moment in time.

Maybe the mishmash of lukewarm Christianity has been given a rallying point against Sharia Law.  No one wants a primitive, brutal dictatorship under any name.   If we don’t overcome Liberalism and reject this in our hearts, the future looks bleak.  This is one of the most significant worldwide historical events ever, and it should be watched carefully because the migrants want to change America into the same mess that they’ve created every other place they arrived.  If I had to guess details, I’d say that Soros has emptied out the slums of the world, given them ATM cards with regular deposits, bombed the hellholes where they lived before and given them some big promises of money, power and women in the West.

In Europe and America, Militant Muslims act in a cloaked manner.  Only leaked videos give us the true picture of how they speak amongst themselves. It’s shocking.  An overall survey of countless videos demonstrates their spoken strategy in action on the streets, through videos posted on youtube by the victims. I’m sure the worst of them are censored, but even those that get through are a wake up call. These thugs calling themselves ‘Muslim’ may be surprised at the extent to which American men look forward to their arrival.  The welcoming committee has long been stocking up on guns and ammo.  The women too.

The same thing is happening in Europe, with various defense organizations created by citizens who are very private about it.  The press calls them ‘radical right wing extremists’, these elderly residents of once lovely neighborhoods, and simple family folk.  Such is the information war against normal people.

Russian soldiers are righteously celebrating their most excellent victory in Syria, while Western Europe has millions of foreigners forced on them by their own violent governments.  These illiterate and unskilled Third World men, an aggressive, angry and militant horde, are saying publicly that they are there to take over, to rape the women, to establish Sharia Law, to see everyone woman in hijab and part of a Muslim harem.

The Russians are doing a great job of allowing Syria to return to the Christianity that it was for over 1500 years.  God has sent us Putin and his well-trained soldiers as a Mercy and Compassion upon the good people of the Middle East.  Soros has vacated all the scum of the Middle East from the Ivory Coast all the way to Pakistan.  He’s sent them to Europe where he hopes they will start buying lots of stuff from his slave factories in China.  Perhaps Angela Merckel is his daughter, they look alike, and they certainly work in tandem.  It would seem much, much simpler to render these two people powerless, than to let them throw the entire world into chaos, but I’m sure God has a good plan.

When European citizens protest the massive immigration, they are arrested and silenced by their own police.  Police are forced to defend the ‘immigrants’, though most of the ‘immigrants’ have already been residents for many years, and are proudly creating large families of 22 or more children with four wives [In England, now legal only for Muslims, as their privileges gradually become law] and the boys of those 22 will have four wives, and each will have their 22 children, etc.  The population growth is exponential and they depend on population growth for their Muslim world take over.

These ‘Muslims’ are not brave and courageous fighters or military men.  They speak in detail of how they plan to eliminate white Christians by raping defenseless girls wherever they find them.  A more cowardly bunch has never been seen on the face of this earth.

The rapes that are being reported are unspeakably brutal.  In the refugee camps, anyone is fair game for attack, from a 3 year old Muslim boy to a camp volunteer, young mother of 2: always a gang attack, always on women and children.  And these two are from this week alone, two of literally thousands of reported sexual assaults since New Year’s Eve.  After a seven hour ordeal, the young volunteer, mother of two young children, is hospitalized, physically and mentally traumatized, maybe permanently, because who would want to remember.  The details are horrifying, but this is only the latest.  The rapes are out of control and brutal, the perpetrators are 100% third world immigrants whose religious beliefs give them permission to rape Christian women who aren’t inside their homes.  The media is not allowed to warn European women.  The Muslims know they are protected by Western governments.

This media and government cover-up makes them an accomplice to the crimes, and everyone involved in it should be prosecuted.  An effective punishment would be to force them to live with the radical Muslims under Sharia Law, as their ‘Christian’ slaves.

The young camp volunteer was inside her home when one of the ‘asylum seekers’ that she knew from the camp arrived, pretended to be her friend and tricked her into his car by pleading for her help in some scam he cooked up.  He knew how to play on her trust and kindness.  He had been sent there by the others specifically to bring her back to be gang raped.  So women are not safe even in their homes, and this is precisely how the European liberal Jewish governments want things to be.

Many young girls are dying, some girls commit suicide after being horribly attacked, and yet the politicians and the Jews are safe and sound and selling the keys to their city gates and preaching the marvels of multi-culturalism, vaccinations, and GMO foods for everyone else but themselves.  White Europeans will have to pack their things and find another country to live in, or else accept it.  The State Apparatus has unlimited funding, the people have nothing, no place to go but out.  They won’t be allowed into Greater Israel if they are Christian.  Greater Israel, if things go their way, will include all of the Middle East, so the result is that no Christians will be allowed in a huge part of the world, but especially not in that part of the world that has always belonged to them and which they created.

Fort Europe has been sold, the Phrygian cap has been raised, as the British Jews and their Saudi Arab cousins attempt to consolidate their power and sweep out the last remaining Christianity in Europe and throughout Africa and the entire Middle East all the way past India.

Many say that the situation is already progressed so far that white Europeans have no chance of ever recovering their old culture or majority status.  But it wasn’t really theirs anyway, and so this confuses me.  White Europeans today are atheists mostly who are living in the ruins of Christendom and have been for about 300 years now.  Christendom had lasted for about 1800 years, and without that foundation, in conjunction with that of Rome and Greece, nothing would be happening there now.

My research reveals that Protestant religions and Islam are both offshoots of Christianity, which is only truly expressed in Catholicism, and there are detailed articles posted here on that subject.  I reference experts more knowledgeable than myself, but my daily experience convinces me that Protestants and Muslims and Jews are misguided, arrogant and unable to see clearly and the reason for this is their belief in a false religion.  Their false religion is the worship of themselves as humans.  Their words might seem to claim a belief in God, but an examination of their religious doctrine, like that of Atheists, reveals that they attribute power and glory to the human being, not God. That is the wrong thing to do according to Catholic doctrine.  All glory goes to God; our will is freely given to him; we offer ourselves in service to God with humility; we expect no reward on earth because we are earning our way into heaven by doing God’s work.  We never fear any man or man-made law, but God’s law is uppermost.  And in return for our faith in God, God provides us with his divine protection.  In Isaiah He is called the:


24 Propter hoc ait Dominus, Deus exercituum, Fortis Israel:


24 This is why the Lord speaks,

God of exercituum: a trained army of men, Fort Israel, strong Israel:

“I will subdue my foes

and exact payment from my enemies.

” Heu, consolabor super hostibus meis

et vindicabor de inimicis meis.

That word hostibus is the word for both sacrificial victim and enemy army to be annihilated, or our own army who is willing to be annihilated rather than submit to barbaric invading wolves disguised as innocent lambs.  Ours is the God of Hosts, the Ruler of the Sacrifices, the Lord of the well-trained military that will slaughter the sacrificial host.  God will protect His own.

The old Roman legal definition of Pirates was ‘hostis humani generi’: enemies of the human race, not to be considered human themselves, anyone has the legal right to execute them.   Or from another point of view:  sacrificial victims to be offered to God by the well-trained armies of the true Israelites.  Israel is not the imposter mafia clan who claim Israel identity today.  No, in several places throughout prophetical scripture that God’s people Israel would not know who they are, that confusion would reign, that they would be lost, that there would be posers.

But proud European atheists don’t read ancient ‘religious’ texts and so they don’t get it.  If only people had been exposed to this, for example:

Isaiah 24: Propter hoc ait Dominus, Deus exercituum, Fortis Israel:

” Heu, consolabor super hostibus meis

et vindicabor de inimicis meis.

25 Et convertam manum meam ad te

et excoquam ad purum scoriam tuam

et auferam omne stannum tuum.

26: Et restituam iudices tuos, ut fuerunt prius,

et consiliarios tuos sicut antiquitus;

post haec vocaberis Civitas iustitiae, Urbs fidelis “.

25: I will turn my hand against you,
I will smelt away your dross and remove your impurities.
26: I will restore your judges,
I will give back your counselors,
as it was in the beginning.
Then you will be called
the City of Righteousness,
the Faithful City.”

Isaiah’s prophecy goes on to state that :

27: The deliverance of Zion will be like a judgment
there will be a remnant: the just ones.
28: But rebels and sinners
alike will be destroyed,
and those who desert the Lord
will likewise perish.



I am more and more convinced every day that Catholicism is the true religion, and I still have a right to say so even when everyone last person on earth disagrees with me.  They have the right to kick me out though, and they do.  However, I didn’t make the rules, Jesus did.  I’m just repeating.

So like I said before, there are no more Catholics on which to blame things.  The Protestants pushed them out in exactly the same way the Muslims are pushing out the Liberals.  The religion to replace Catholicism was Liberalism, and now Liberalism will be replaced by Sharia Law because there are no Catholic armies to repel them, nor any political or economic reason to do so by a liberal government who thinks to benefit by massive uncontrolled immigration of barbaric people into civilized nations.   The power structure wants customers and votes and don’t care about anything beyond that.

The liberal Swedish media protects the rapists because they are immigrants, and it’s a sin in Liberalism to be racist.  That’s why you haven’t heard about the rape of the volunteer worker, or the coordinated attacks of women throughout major European cities by organized gangs on New Year’s Eve.  The Jewish media monopoly protects immigrants because they have decided that all non-Jewish women need to have children with black men in order to eliminate white Christians.  Barbara Specter is a leading Jewish spokeswoman on the subject who can be seen on the video below.

Just as Jews are exempt from vaccinations, Jewish women are also exempt from the requirement to have children with black men.  They intend to make this a law, according to many reports. In fact, only Jews are allowed to remain Jewish.  Whites have to stop being white.  Even the Phalse Pope Phrancis announced last week that fundamentalist Catholics are evil.   This is all publicly recorded.

The situation is so far gone, that Europe is no longer safe for women to travel, so please warn any young girls planning to make a vacation there this summer.  The Muslims are especially brutal in their rape attacks on girls, take heed.  Here is a good compilation of the most important facts about this situation, though I encourage further research:

The above linked video details how, in order to provide white European women with enough African and Arab Muslim men to have babies with, the governments in Europe are housing hundreds of thousands of them in castles and historic buildings, any publicly owned property available, some of it very luxurious and historically significant.  The ultimate goal is to create a race of people who are more easily ruled and managed by our Democratically elected politicians. They think white people are too smart for them to effectively control, so their solution is to kill us off, or breed us out.

The story gets to be more amazing, when white people show themselves to be divided over the issue.  There has been a high level of brain removal by the lying schools and media.  Young people are the most susceptible to propaganda, the most easily manipulated into evil actions under the guise of ‘doing good’, the most determined in their idealism.  People whose parents also lied to them are particularly incapable of recognizing a clear and present danger.  Many of them are too young to be protesting, but they do so anyway, some hold welcome signs and offer kisses to what looks like the refuse of African and Saudi Arabian prisons: some are very big, strong, healthy men, lots of them. I’d just call it an army.  Whoever is putting young women volunteers into these situations ought to be imprisoned, and that includes top elected officials and bureaucrats.  Nurses and hospital personnel have been attacked repeatedly, but their voices are suppressed by the Jewish media.

The woman that I’ve reported who was raped by them knew them because she’d been working as a volunteer welcoming person or giving out food or just there to help, I don’t know.  The controlled national media doesn’t want other young female volunteers to know about this, so the story is quashed.  That politicians want these girls exposed to rape and brutality as much as possible is the only conclusion to which I can arrive.

George Soros is funding non-governmental aid organizations who call young girls to volunteer in their camps, to promote this massive worldwide migration, and Soros thinks it all hunky dory.  His goal is to sell more factory products and consumer goods.  Wherever there are volunteers, there are a number of paid management positions, and contracts for food and supplies. The migrants appear to have plenty of money, undoubtedly someone’s hard earned tax contribution.  This invasion is profitable for many people, but women in Western Europe are being told by their governments that they should no longer leave their homes, especially at night.

Kurdish women realized that they were the targets of the Muslim men, so they’ve been training themselves into one of the most effective armies in the Middle East.  In Europe, it is impossible to obtain a gun.  Even in Austria, the governments have stopped issuing permits just when they are most needed.  Women will have to be creative in discovering new weapons. A long sword on ebay costs less than $50.  Keep it sharp and practice.  It would be the least expected weapon, truly the element of surprise and it makes no noise.  Aim low and carry it with you wherever you go, if you have to deal with this daily.

Generations of carefully packaged propaganda have made people completely incapable of recognizing an enemy, especially when it’s their own government, but not even a huge migrant army of brutal men is enough to sound an alarm for brainwashed Zombies.  Propaganda is designed to disable people, and nothing demonstrates this better than Western Europe right now.

Yuri Bresminov explains the mechanics of political propaganda, and how it starts with ‘Demoralization’, a communist euphemism for getting rid of Catholicism:

Eastern Europe is saying no to  ‘Muslims’, but westerners are confused, the reason being that  their Protestant ancestors did and said much the same kind of things as these radical Muslims. Sure there are surface differences, but the similarity is the violence and aggression and the intention to take over other people’s property and government and change laws and the demand that anyone who doesn’t want this change leave or else be imprisoned or killed.  This is how the Protestants took control of Catholic Europe in the 1500’s. The Catholics left the picture and still are gone, but not forever, they just went someplace else because the world was a big empty place back then, with lots of good hunting and fishing spots.  Now there’s nowhere to hide.

This map shows the destruction of Catholic Fortresses that had been protecting Europe from Saracen invasions.  These Fortresses were not lost in warfare.  The people were tricked into signing a peace agreement, which was followed by a series of court cases where a rigged system awarded Catholic property to Protestant insiders who immediately occupied the properties with mercenary armies.  Meanwhile their legitimate owners were prosecuted and either exiled or jailed under bogus charges.

Map_Devolution (1)
Map of the Territory taken over by the illegitimate children of Protestant Kings who made war through the court system against the legitimate Catholic Nobility. Each place named on this map represents stolen land and lordship, which means ultimately, stolen taxes, resources and enslavement for the people.

From my perspective, an injustice was done about 500 years ago to the European Catholics, and that injustice has never been made right.  In fact, the injustice has increased, because false history has convinced so many people that Catholics are the bad guys, to such an extent that I still get yelled at and insulted by Protestants.  I have several Protestant neighbors who won’t allow Catholics onto their property, think nothing of telling me off, and don’t want to talk to me at all due to my religious background.  I’ve been fired from jobs for being Catholic, for not being gay, and for speaking out against false history.

The word ‘inquisition’ is thrown around by Protestants and Atheists who don’t want to understand the truth.  They get a false sense of justification for a persecution against Catholics by repeating lies.  I’ve seen Protestant hatred first hand, in fact it’s all around me.  Religious fanaticism is not limited to Muslims.  Do an experiment and tell a Protestant that you’re traditional Catholic firm in your beliefs and see what happens. I do feel for Father Damien, the Catholic Priest who created the first leper colony on one of the Hawaiian Islands about 200 years ago. He is still slandered horribly by Protestants because he showed them up for the do-nothings and hypocritical Pirates that they are.

In Europe now, there are no Catholics to blame, and no one has yet thought that perhaps God is the answer.  By giving the invaders the keys to the city gates, the Jews hope to buy protection, and in this way “own” the terrorists, as they put it.  I think the Jews are so spoiled from their easy pickings on American Christians that they might find themselves having bitten off more than they can chew with these men.  The invaders are African, Pakistani and Afghani and brutal beyond comprehension, as are their women.  These are not nice Christians.  In the old testament book of Joshua, Rahab hangs a red ‘cord’ or is it a Red Shield [Rothschild], on her window and wins protection for her family, like the politicians and their owners do.

They’ve decided to mix us all up and watch us kill each other off, and we buy their guns and ammunition while we’re at it.  The political and police-state cash registers go cha ching with all the arrests, bail-outs, imprisonments and other fun stuff to keep security forces busy collecting cash from poor people.  Chaos is also a great cover for getting rid of the most capable leaders among the people.

Police in Europe are stating privately that they are not allowed to arrest immigrants for fear of being labeled ‘racist’ and thereby losing their jobs.  The religion of Liberalism declares that there is no sin greater than racism.  This sin is avoided by them even if it means exposing their young girls to brutal gang rape.  Truly a Zombie Nation.

As for the Pirates, they have no nation other than pirate nation, no skills, no means of survival other than theft and various types of profitable human degradation.  The skull and cross bones is a symbol that is worse than I thought.  The Phrygians had a legend that if a man has sex with a female corpse, after nine months a child will be found on the leg bones, and that is what the skeleton head on the bones stands for.  The skull is supposed to be the Phrygian Messiah.

Catacombs, if you look carefully into the situation, were used by Christians to hide their dead from the Phrygians, to keep them from having sex with the corpse.  Very gross stuff, but this necrophilia is probably what gets filmed early in the career of our Skull and Bones leadership.   But hey, as long as they aren’t Catholic, right?

Phrygian legend includes a goat God-man, the hermaphrodite, a mixed male and female human which they consider to be ideal.  One hears whispers that mixed genitalia is a highly prized family trait amongst the pirate pedigree people.  The weirdest genitalia freaks get to be Royalty.  Keep in mind that Yale Skull and Bones types create the school curricula that our children imbibe everyday.  They not only distort history, morality and science, but they do it as a joke on us.

Just as Germans and Swedes are being laughed at for welcoming their destroyers, truly an historical first, we are laughed at for such innocent things as celebrating the day that Captain John Smith ate a young girl to avert his own starvation.  It’s pushed on us in public schools as ‘Thanksgiving Day’. Muslims also have had their version of false history which has the result that Muslims want all Christians dead. Only Jews are safe from false historical narratives, which is logical considering they’ve created them.  Jews would not be safe from true historical narratives, but those are rare in Zombie Nation.

The so-called ‘Syrian’ refugees are their Trojan Horse without the horse.  Muslim men interviewed in Europe think they are quite the prize for the rest of us and that we should all be grateful for their arrival.

American political correctness is still mostly practiced by liberals, television actors and news casters.  I myself am quite proud of my race and plan to preserve it, whatever it is.  As for our President, he is clearly a fort seller, though possibly a smart feller, he is more likely a fart smeller.  Either way, he does not like America, and he’s a divider among us, whose approval rating is historical in that it is below 10%.  All five people who still support Obama are neighbors of mine, so I can’t speak freely.

When normal people begin to take to the streets and organize, we see some hope.  It is unfortunate that walking with a sign on the street is our only outlet for political expression, but that’s the fact of democracy.  Either people will get righteously angry and throw their entire governing body, Parliament, Queen, royal family and all, into the Thames with cement shoes, or else the smart people might as well leave.  Anyone who stays will be footing the bill for the migrant army, their children and the Royals, all of whom fully intend to continue living in luxury at someone else’s expense.

Another option for Christian people is to migrate to Russia, or to Syria where Putin is now in control. Both places are fairly close, safe and surely the land is cheap.  That leaves a lot of Christian artwork and important libraries with 2000 years of European Christian and Catholic history at the mercy of Muslims.  They have stated clearly that they will destroy all that is Christian, so it makes perfect sense for the Jews to support them.  I suggest that all Christian artifacts be airlifted to Russia where it will be protected.

Or maybe Putin’s army could just go in and stand guard over all Christian treasures and libraries in Europe and all over the world.  And while they are there, maybe they could prevent a few gang rapes and punish the criminals.

2 thoughts on “European Zombies Welcome Their Migrant Destroyers

  1. Wonderful material here! I wish I could put numbers on each paragraph and respond to each one. Maybe this spring I can…get winter out of the way…stay active my friend…GOD DOES have a great plan.
    Ancient Russia IS the lands of Jacob proven by any immigration today of Whites world wide…the Rejoining of the tribes.
    It appears to be shaping.
    To the hoardes of useless vermin coming to America:
    The Welcome committee awaits thee!


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