The Watchers who keep Vigil

There is a book that has our enemies afraid because it describes exactly how a group of highest ranking but retired military men in the mid 1840’s dealt with an outrageous crime spree by an invading gang of murderers, arsonists, etc. The criminals were being protected by the new ‘American’ pirate government that had so recently and illegally purchased their territory from people who didn’t own it and who presumed to ‘govern’ by forbidding the people from defending themselves against criminals. Do I need to repeat that?

The problem is that the book was originally written in French by Alexandre Bard, former editor of Le Moniteur in Paris, who was living in St. Martinville, Louisiana and publishing a newspaper there.  The original edition in French was mostly burnt by the families who were exposed as criminals.  The names are still familiar in the community.  It was republished in English, but edited and quashed and it has recently been republished in an edited version, but in the original French.  The part most obviously edited out has to do with a plague that was used to purposely kill the entire town of Parks, Louisiana, as revenge for someone’s death, and the only named mentioned is Hirsch.  The rest is left like this…

The Purpose of Imposing the English Language

The English language was an illiterate rural dialect at the time of Queen Elizabeth and the introduction of the pirate economy. The pirate economy uses blatant theft as a legitimate business model and we still have it today, as clearly seen in Syrian videos of stolen oil caravans that went kaboom thanks to Russian ingenuity and righteousness.

English was a pirate, slave trader language of loan sharks and pimps.

The inhabitants of the region of North Africa from whom the present day British monarchy derives, were reported by early historians to speak a corrupted form of Arabic. Slave business dealings with pirates included those who lived in the German regions who traded in white slaves. This is the source of the rural dialect spoken in England that became known as “English” an international polyglot because the slave trade involved havens in the British Isles, Morroco, Slavia, Turkey and beyond. What gives them cohesion is not their physical location, because pirate havens change, but the fact that they are all pirates around the world with the same doctrinal teaching.
“Sir” Francis Drake, the most famous pirate of all, derived his name from the word for the Jewish slave trader who accompanied the pirates on their ships. The word is Drago, the Jew with connections worldwide for quickly unloading the captured human cargo and stolen goods that resulted from their pirate raids.
While ignorant thieves, pirates and slave traders were speaking English and trying to figure out how to write it, French had been spoken by the educated and the elite for well over 1000 years. All academic, scientific, religious, scholarly works that existed in that time were either written in French, translated into French, or else were still in Latin and Greek which is not very dissimilar from the structure of the French and other ‘romance’ or Latin based languages. Greek is very similar to French and is almost identical to Hawaiian.

Christian universities had been teaching various important world languages for over 1000 years, and English had never been included.
When the Freemasons established public education in America in the early 1900s, they took pride in their goal of eliminating the French language and all languages other than English. They published this fact in English. Latin and Greek of course would not be taught in Freemasonic schools, which also would exclude ancient texts that are the foundation of our culture, namely the Bible. Eventually all factual history was excluded and replaced with Anti-Christian, Anti-White Myth. This is what we have today, especially in those universities that enslave their victims in a lifetime of debt, and this is perhaps what people who abandon their religion deserve.
It’s known amongst my personal friends that I’ve long been involved in researching the general subject of Acadian history. Because of this, one night at a social gathering in the home of an old friend, his grandmother pulled me aside. What she told me had an enormous effect on my understanding of how the French language was beaten out of young French children by their Masonic trained public school teachers. Yes, it is well known because it happened to our grandparents. The teachers did literally and physically beat the school children who spoke French in Louisiana, and perhaps other places as well, other languages also. I don’t know why their parents allowed it, or if they knew about it.  My parents were not aware that our Catholic school had been invaded by Jewish nuns, and as children, we didn’t know enough to tell them.
Like the children today who are shamed in public school for being white, these French children were shamed for being French. They were never told that America was France before the Freemasons pulled their fraudulent “sale” of the greater part of America to a group of criminals in 1803, selling land that they didn’t own. They weren’t told that the loved and respected French leaders in New Orleans that year were hung in “Jackson” Square for all the town to see. Their families were put out on the street so that Governor Claiborne could take their home after killing their fathers and friends.
The Freemasons made sure that in American schools, the murderers of the school children’s ancestors would be honored as heroes. These criminals introduced international Jewish ownership of local property in what they called “The Louisiana Purchase”, they defrauded the French through their English language contracts for the next two centuries. The Freemasons stole large amounts of property in and around New Orleans when they outlawed the French language in 1803 for use in legal contracts, knowing full well that no one understood English in most of America. Burnside Plantation is just one example of an old French plantation being taken over by pirates and stripped of all reference to its French builders. It’s still haunted. Most of the buildings at LSU, Louisiana State University, are named after pirates.
After 1803 the Jewish foreigners and their front men set up huge plantations and large scale slave trading while oppressing the locals, and then the same foreigners set up the civil war to steal whatever large tracts of land that hadn’t already been taken. The names of these foreigners can be found by studying the leaders of the ‘Confederacy’, a phony war-making operation run by the people that I can only call “The Rothschilds”, operating out of the City of London, their main pirate haven in Europe. Of course they blame Catholics for everything.

Freemasonic public schools did not inform children in South Louisiana that they speak a language in which is stored 1500 years of history, philosophy, religion, science, geography and medicine. The French could have been encouraged to teach their language so that others could share in this ancient knowledge. Instead, the children were forbidden to speak their own highly advanced French language, and forced to speak an ignorant rural dialect called English, into which now everything has to be translated in order to be understood. In my experience, the understanding is always flawed when translated into an inferior language. The original documents are in France about to be burned by Muslims who are protected by the “French” government. Am I the only one seeing patterns here?
English translations are used by Freemasons and their Jewish sponsors to introduce lies and misconceptions about Catholicism and Christianity, in this their war of religions.
So this elderly woman confessed to me her role in destroying the French language in Louisiana. She told me that she was 18 years old when she was trained and sent to a particular French speaking area as a public school teacher and she told me that she physically punished all of her students and refused to allow them to speak their own language in school. She forced them to speak an unknown rural dialect with Arabic/Jewish and not to mention Gog and Magog roots, a dialect called English, a polyglot and corrupted mishmash of languages that has no logic, rhyme or reason to it. She confessed to me that night, and told me how terrible she felt about her role in that abomination.
She died the next morning, being already in her 80’s. This happened about 20 years ago as I write in 2016. I imagine now that she feared the fires of hell as that portal slowly opened to her. Should I feel sorry for her? Did she have pity on those little children? I realized that she had been as victimized by the liars as everyone else, and this is what I think about when I see videos of dead and dying young ISIS mercenaries in Syria. Distinguishing between the truth and a lie is necessary for survival. So guess why they tell you that truth is relative? Because the liar’s religion depends on this false doctrine to justify the theft of your property, culture, religion, freedom and even your life.
The latest campaign against Acadian history is probably being funded by the Dart Foundation. This Foundation has as its goal the removal of our right to bear arms, and has been traced to having funded the Lafayette Theatre shooting hoax. People are getting grant money for such things as phony news events and this latest is the unoriginal call to remove public statues. The justification is always based on disinformation published in Jewish controlled American media.
In my community, there is a statue of one of the Mouton brothers, a governor at one time, that is victim to this campaign because the man allegedly was a ‘racist’ back in the 1800’s. How ridiculous. I’m not a fan of the Mouton family because they were Freemasons, and this one was awarded his governorship for working with them against his own people in the civil war, and especially against my ancestors. And yet, I can still say that this Mouton family is part of my family tree so I speak with some authority. The defendant has been dead a long time so he cannot speak, and only the Dart Foundation grantee is actually making money by pursuing this. The rest of us have to use our personal free time to fight them off, and the community is easily swayed by the media, so independent researchers like myself get little support and it’s tiring.
It is ironic that Alfred Mouton is being called racist because one of the Mouton brothers married a black woman and another one married a Jewish woman. I don’t know which is which, but the information can be found at the UL library, and a gravestone for a woman named Hirsch-Mouton is behind St. John’s Cathedral. In fact, the one who married the black woman might even be the young man described in the book called ‘Vigilantes of the Attakapas’ which is being used as supposed justification for eliminating the man’s statue.
The story is that some young man of the community who had been educated at Harvard, returned completely brainwashed by the Freemasons and insisted on marrying a well-known black prostitute who had been working in St. Martinville for a long time. The older men who tried to stop him from doing this are the ones called ‘racists’, and supposedly Alfred was among them, but I don’t have the book with me at this moment to check it out. For this reason, I encourage that this book, “Vigilantes of the Attakapas” as it is translated into English, but also the ORIGINAL version in French, be required reading for Louisiana schools. I also call for the original manuscript or the first edition publication to be made available to the public so that the parts that have been edited out can be seen. There is reference to a plague being used purposely to kill the entire town of Parks. This needs to be investigated by the community, and not just a handful of people in the university who claim a monopoly on historical ‘knowledge’.
The report in the book that started all this is about the young educated white boy who married a black prostitute in St. Martinville, a story which dovetails with the fact that one of the Mouton boys married a “Haitian princess”. Could ‘Haitian Princess’ be a euphemism for the black prostitute from St. Martinville?
One of those Mouton brothers, in his Freemasonic zeal, during the Civil War directed Union troups straight to the plantation of one of my Broussard ancestors in Loreauville and they burnt it to the ground. Was it revenge for having been part of the earlier vigilante group described in the book?
Believe me, the word vigilante did not have the same meaning then, as it has been given today. It simply means ‘those who keep watch’. This was in reality a respected group who had always been the governing body of the Acadians. They first sent out spies to collect solid evidence, then held a public trial and sentencing. This is precisely what the pirates in charge of America fear most and what the Dart Foundation wants to quash: the possibility that people in America would actually defend themselves against government sponsored terrorists.


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