Container Ships Not Moving: Yay!!!

I had set out to investigate the history of my ancestors the Acadians, since the early 1980’s and this blog was to be an account of the results of my research, even when the result is simply the need for further research. The Acadians were the first Europeans to create successful settlements in America.  I didn’t realize that historic events would be occurring that would interrupt my history so much.

Today the historic event is that all shipping worldwide has come to a screeching halt. No containers are being filled with anything and the ships are sitting idle, costing their owners hundreds of thousands of dollars in daily insurance costs. I know, my father was in the boat business. You can’t just leave a large boat sitting idle, it’s very expensive to keep it. This is a frightening prospect, not for you and I, but for the minority of people who have been driving up the cost of basic commodities as a profession, causing worldwide famine and underwriting further mercantile criminal activities in round about ways, as part of the system.


Now that the shipping link of this brutal and even criminal economic system is broken, the rest of the chain cannot produce income for the criminals who call themselves ‘commodities traders’.

The few people who are immediately affected by this are freaking out, telling us that the supermarket shelves will be empty because no shipments are being made. This is illogical, because if there were demand in the first place, the shipping would not have stopped. The fact is, if the supermarket shelves are empty because people either have no money to buy, or else no need to buy there, then the result could be better health because people who can, are already buying their food closer to home.


Remember that the economic ‘meltdown’ does not affect small local businesses whose activity doesn’t make a blip on Wall Street metrics. Money has been so scarce in small town America for so long now, including people who refuse to participate in a corrupt system, that the adjustments to the new economy have already been made for years now. How would this ever make the news? Who would report it? It’s a personal choice for a scattered group of people who don’t advertise what they do, to live ‘off-grid’ as much as possible. This has been one of the biggest trends in America for two generations now, and I wonder how much this fact has to do with the drastic drop in demand for consumer goods. When you add the effect of ebay and amazon, which allows people to buy and sell used items with ease from rural locations, it becomes clear that we can go for a decade in America just recycling used items. America does not need to import any natural resources, what we need to do is to stop exporting natural resources, and limit exports to manufactured items.

I live near the mouth of the Mississippi River and I’ve spent much time in New Orleans watching enormous container ships come and go between the Gulf of Mexico and the many plants that have been built up to Baton Rouge. Has anyone besides myself ever seen the shiploads of grain and other basic food and raw materials that have been shipped out of America everyday during our entire lifetimes? This halt in shipping means that for once in our lives, grains and other natural resources are not being shipped out of America. Food is what America exports, along with natural resources such as salt and minerals. We should have a government that forbids foreign ownership of these essential resources but we don’t. So the next best thing is a halt in shipping. And by the way, cargo ships are how terrorists infiltrate America, just as container trucks are how they sneak from Calais, France into the British Isles on their way to what Muslims call ‘the real enemy’, America.

What certain people are freaking out about could be the best thing that ever happened to the real American people. It’s possible that the price of basic commodities will drop, due to the fact that we no longer have to compete with foreigners for the food that we grow and subsidize. Another point is that many people have arranged for local purchase of basic veggies and meat, which is not so difficult to do in many places, even major cities. The minority investors who keep our food prices high have used their political clout to try to shut down this local market, but haven’t been completely successful.
It’s my estimate that, without the efforts to undermine and eliminate free enterprise in America, then the people, by our own efforts, on a fair economic playing field, can revive the American economy completely within less than five years. That’s on a fair economic playing field, which can only happen with this complete halt in shipping, which the Good Lord has provided. If and when shipping is resumed, it needs to be monitored and our essential natural resources that are owned by foreign governments need to be returned to the America people.
None of this can happen while the media continues to spew lies. I won’t even mention our lying president. Without control of the media, a consensus can never be reached, so let us pray that the media is also returned to the American people. A pogrom against Islam would be a good idea as well if we care at all about our grandchildren.





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