American History Distortions

I cannot recommend certain books for study, because they are extremely slanted toward pirates and criminals, but I have to reference them, and I have to study them in order to understand the twisted history that closes the minds of most educated people who are so certain and so wrong.  These books are used at the university level and the narrative is either completely upside down or else it’s a confused jumble of disconnected facts submerged in poor grammatical form. Do I hear an Amen?

For example, in Ian Steele’s book, ‘The Betrayals’, notice the plural form of this title.  As an historian, he knows very well that the Catholic settlers in the Louisiana territory (America) and their very large number of Catholic Indian allies were betrayed by a few sell-outs in their midst, but he never makes this clear. He pretends that the pirates were betrayed by their Indian allies.  In reality, the Indians were retaliating against the pirates who had betrayed them.  The actual story is not so complicated once you remove the lies.

It is the story of what they call Fort William Henry, which was nothing more than a ditch and a few palisades located in what was the territory of Louisiana near the Great Lakes.  What happened there was epic in that it was the moment when the pirates lost their Indian allies, the Iroquois.  The Iroquois turned against their former allies, the ‘English’ pirates along the Atlantic coast. Of course they weren’t all English, but they did all speak that language.

For the first time, around 1755, the Iroquois joined with Catholics in America. Catholics already had plenty of Indian allies trained in the religion. In those days, people didn’t call themselves Catholic while practicing something else, the way people do today.  That’s why I can’t say that the Iroquois really became Catholic at that time, but they were motivated to retaliate against the pirates along with the Catholics, and the Catholics did seek for their conversion.


The Iroquois leader, as I covered in a previous article, did say that it was their intention to become Catholic, because Catholics had been seeking union with them and treating them well, whereas the English Protestant Pirates were practicing treachery.  The Indians in America called all the Pirates by the name ‘Englishmen’ because the Catholic settlers spoke French in America. 

So in retaliation for the betrayal of the Indians regarding land rights and spoils of war, the Iroquois Indians at Fort William Henry attacked their former Puritan Pirate allies, and in the process all traitors and spies on all sides were revealed, and were revenged upon by all.  The result was a large number of pirates and mercenaries walking around naked because the Indians had taken their luxurious clothing.


Why did colonial mercenaries have luxurious clothing in the wilds of America in the mid 1700’s?  Remember the purpose of a pirate haven is to unload stolen goods, and this is the reason the Puritan settlers in the pirate colonies loved piracy.  Stolen luxury items could be had for low prices ‘at the peer’ in New York and Boston.  It so happens that the mercenaries were so loaded down with this illegal merchandise that it became one of the very objects of contention at Fort William Henry.  The true owners of the merchandise may have even recognized their own goods being worn or carried by the mercenaries.


The Puritan pirates were backstabbing the Iroquois Indians and the Iroquois finally realized it.  The backstab happened when Pirates introduced a “new idea” called “honors” which enabled pirates to do inside deals and thereby deny the soldiers compensation for their raids.  All spoils of war were henceforth to remain in the hands of the governors and generals of both sides, with no harm done to the losing side, and no rewards for the winning side.  The soldiers ended up with nothing, and the whole war was for naught because the enemy would end up in control of both forts no matter who ‘won’ the battle.

Any historian could easily have spoken this truth plainly, as I do here, but instead they conceal the truth within sarcastic and occult sentence structure.  The truth that they try to cover up is that, when one country wins in legitimate warfare, waged for a legitimate reason, then it follows that the winning country gets to keep the territory.  Betrayers want American soldiers to believe that they should fight wars and then hand the territory over to their enemies.  Did it occur to any American military general that since Americans gained the territory of Iraq that we should keep it and not leave it to our enemies to later use against us?  Is this not something that our ancestors would find outrageous?

Soldiers are used as mercilessly now as they were used in the event depicted in this book called “The Betrayals”….plural, betrayals of Americans over and over and over again.

What happened at Fort William Henry that so much was written about it at one time?  The soldiers were given defective cannons that killed most of them, the fort was nothing more than a Hollywood movie set for which the contractors had made a sizable profit, and the Catholic settlers won the battle handily yet still lost control because of homosexual and treasonous infiltrators within their own ‘government’.

Before the betrayals, America was called Louisiana, it was Catholic and it consisted of both Europeans and Indians living peacefully side by side and practicing the same religion.   Catholic settlers and all of their Indian co-religionists had the legitimate governorship of Louisiana, the territory, until the fraudulent sale and occupation by Freemasons beginning in 1803.

The Iroquois Indians that first allied with the Pirates were raiders and cannibals.  In Louisiana they were called the Attakapas.  I hate to bust the myth of the innocent Indian, but the fact is that Catholics were converting cannibals to Christianity. Many Indians were not harmless nature worshippers, as facebook historians will try to inform you; these Indians often ate their own relatives.  Believe me, the Indians themselves were mostly happy to convert to Catholicism and thereby find refuge within the Catholic Church instead of being someone’s happy meal.  It is a shame that the documentation for all this exists, and yet is kept out of schools.


The good work done by Catholics, the enthusiasm with which Indians converted to Catholicism, and the massacre of Catholic settlements by Protestants is not taught in the schools.  Instead it is taught worldwide that Catholics massacred Indians.  There is absolutely no evidence for this, it simply never happened.  I cannot speak for pirates who lie and claim to be Catholic, which happens, but forced conversion was never a policy of the Catholic Church.  In fact, it is abundantly clear, repeated over and over in the records, that the Catholic community in the Louisiana territories was well aware that they were in the minority as compared to the Indians, that they understood themselves to be guests of the Indians on Indian territory and that they furthermore paid the Indians for use of their land.


In old Europe, heretics were free to leave the territory of established Catholics, the crime was in the teaching of heretical and corrupting doctrine. This has always been considered a treasonable offense throughout all of history by all governments worldwide.  Isn’t it clear to all that any tolerance of heretics leads to mass chaos and violence?  Isn’t this demonstrated clearly in Europe today and aren’t the people there now demanding to stop the inflow of Muslims who hate them and who hold beliefs that contradict European ways?


As the Pirates congregated in their East Coast havens, Catholic Americans settled the interior and were safe for a long time because the only access to the interior of North America required getting past a number of heavily armed forts and log jams on the rivers, log jams that were placed specifically for defense.  This was true for the St. Lawrence River, and also the Red River near Shreveport in north Louisiana, the state.  The Catholic settlers made a series of forts all down the middle and west of the Louisiana territory, that is the Ohio and Mississippi River Valleys up to Canada, and the leading Catholic family, the Guise settled in South Louisiana.  I identify the Guise family by the surnames that contain Brouss, Gauthier, Dugas, Berard and there are several more which can be found on the family tree of Joseph Gaurhept Broussard [Broussac] de Beau Soleil, leader of a Corps de Feu [military brigade] who arrived with him in St. Martinville, Louisiana as recorded in church records in the mid to late 1700’s.  The occupied Catholic Church is now denying access to the records of these my ancestors. I have only copies that were published in the 1950’s in a book called “The Acadian Miracle” by Senator Dudley J. LeBlance.  I have reported this to the people in Louisiana who should be concerned about it, but our leadership is gone.  What hasn’t been assassinated has sold the fort of their own good conscious and colludes with the enemy.

The facts bear out that Napoleon did not have the ownership of Louisiana, and therefore he did not have the right to sell it, in what our Masonic history books call the ‘Louisiana Purchase”.

No one else but these interior settlers themselves had the right to make a constitution or establish any kind of government at all.  There was not one Catholic settler present at the creation of the “Constitution”.  Why were they left out of the processs?  Because the legitimate government of the Louisiana Territory was already established under the Catholic Church, as it was embodied in the Guise family, as Cardinals and religious orders that were fully supported by the people and fully operational on the American continent.  It should not be a surprise to anyone that this family is still a target of assassination. The catch is, that where there are no Catholics to resist, the Godless will enter.

These events are similar to the Khazarian take-over of Palestine.

Like the State of Israel, the history of the corporation called “The United States” is not one of conquest through warfare by a superior race, no.  It is actually the conquest through trickery, deceit, bribery of judges and secret alliances that involved the betrayal and sell-out of the settler’s own forts, but by whom?  The betrayal was the work of the Protestant and illegitimate children of the European monarchy who had allied with Jewish/Arab money lenders and power brokers.  To be specific, look at the illegitimate children of King Louis IV and go from there on the family trees.  Find out the names of the mistresses and do your research from there..  This is the point where the ‘Catholic’ monarchy in France was really Protestant and Jewish.  They no longer practiced anything but the religion of the Phrygians, with Mythras as their Goddess, the one who demands faith in lies.


With the help of money-lenders, using stolen Catholic land as collateral, favorites were loaned money to hire mercenary armies who then led further conquests of land which was used as further collateral for more loans until the chaos that we know today reigns supreme.   This is the history of Western Europe, and how all that collateralized territory was repossessed by the Jewish pawn brokers, now the Monarchy of Europe, the Goldsmiths.

It all came to America with those who had purchased or stolen titles and lands of Catholics in Europe, then became Lords and Ladies and who then appointed ‘governors’ of the English pirate havens along the Atlantic seaboard where stolen goods and slaves made a thriving business.  What most people don’t realize though, and I can’t emphasize this enough, is that the Rocky Mountains created a barrier that prevented the pirates from penetrating the interior of the Louisiana Territory, at least until the fraudulent Louisiana Purchase opened access.


Therefore we can see how it is that the United States as a corporate entity that was always meant to be a slave colony.  This slave owner mentality is so completely contrary culturally to the actual people of the continent of America, that it should be clear why they can so easily sell us out to those who would destroy us.  They do literally buy and sell us as slave colony, and Obama’s purchase of an extremely ugly, expensive home in Dubai, as he tolerates Muslim training camps in America, should give one pause to consider.

The book titled “Committees of Vigilance” by Alexandre Barde describes how the Guise descendants and their community were attacked by gangs of government protected common thugs who had arrived in the hidden Catholic communities in South Louisiana around the 1840’s.  The next attack on the Catholics was the Civil War, whose instigators and winners were City of London Jews.

This is not a convenient truth for the white Protestant Europeans who are being betrayed now in turn by their Jewish Pawn Broker Monarchs who are bringing in violently anti-Christian people from all over the planet.   These Muslim foreigners have no idea that Protestants are also anti-Christian, that the only Christians in truth are Catholic.  With no Catholic power structure in place, and with true Catholics concentrated in Eastern Europe, anti-Catholics of all flavors have found a haven in Western Europe, and now all those anti-Catholics will have to fight it out amongst themselves.  Muslims tell Protestants exactly the same things that Protestants told Catholics: either do as I say, or else you must die or leave and forfeit your land and home. Violence and government infiltration is the coercion.

American Catholics today can stay out of the fray if we ‘close our doors’ and stay firm in our religious doctrine, the true one.  Most of us must reside outside of the physical buildings of the church for now, to not expose ourselves to the corrupt practices of the Novus Ordo priests.  The followers of the Novus Ordo have no idea that the ritual was re-written so that you are inviting demons to occupy your body.  This is why there were martyrs.  There are people who understand that this is no joke.  Understanding the full meaning of demon possession and how the invitation is necessary, should make us all the more firm in our hearts that there is only one true religion, one true God, with one Baptism, One Lord and One Apostolic Church.

The words must be said:  “I reject Satan and all his pomps”.  If it isn’t said, then a vacuum is left for the demons to occupy.  The Novus Ordo church that occupies Catholic buildings has left this sentence out of baptisms since 1962.

The common element in all biased historical data, is that the focus is solely on the bad guys, who are made to appear to be the good guys. Biased history doesn’t mention the opposition much at all because opposition to the pirates came from Catholics and the Catholic monarchy, specifically those people known as the Acadians and the Guise.  This is what they don’t want anyone to know, and especially the fact that in America, Indian and European migrants were united under an American Catholic Church.  The stories of “massacres of Indians by white people” are just that, stories, lies, fables, myths.

Why the Forced Acadian Dispersal from Nova Scotia is a Lie:

There were no Acadian Catholics living in ‘Acadia’ at the time of the dispersal.  They were already settled widely on the interior of the continent, and had long since abandoned the fort at Acadia on the Atlantic coast.  It had been handed over to England, along with New Foundland, partly in trade for other territory in Europe, but mainly because it was already hopelessly infested with pirates, during the early 1600’s.  After becoming a possession of England, abandoned French Acadian forts were turned into slave camps and pirate havens by the pirate family ‘de la Tours’ and it was their slaves who were transported in ships in 1755.  They were supposed to be headed for Tierra del Fuego, but I don’t know where they ended up.  They were African slaves according to all accounts.


The people who were my ancestors, the white Catholic Acadians, were already in Louisiana or settled in other forts more safely located along the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, far away from Acadia.  The historians want to make it appear that the French were losers who were helpless victims of their English conquerors.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The Masons and pirates were terribly incompetent soldiers and I could write a funny book recounting all their stupidities.


The Masonic historians will lie and tell you that there were no French Forts in America ever.  They will bring this up because it’s an essential lie that they must push but the facts will never support it.  Eyewitnesses stated clearly that the interior of ‘Louisiana’ in the area of Canada and all the way to New Orleans was full of well built masonry forts and very nice settlements that belonged to the French Catholics and their Indian allies who always lived around them, provided them with wild game in trade and helped with defense.  Culturally speaking, the two groups remained separate, but held the same religion and defensive forces that cooperated in mutual respect.  This is made clear in the words of the Indian leaders themselves.  The French forts or remnants of them can be dated using reliable means and not just some words in a book.

‘The Pirate’s Pact’ by Douglas Burgess provides important information about how the Pirates came to be in a position to become Protestant missionaries and afterwards America’s Confounding Fathers, and founders of satanic Ivy League universities, but this book also glorifies pirates to a shameful extent. This is what makes it so difficult for Catholic or otherwise moral minded educators to find suitable books for study.

‘The Betrayal’ by Ian K. Steele hides the truth by refusing to draw a firm conclusion, but the facts are clear.  Spies changed identities, sabotaged the settlers, played the parts of Indians, Governors, and Founding Fathers and managed to get hold of the Catholic Forts and sell them through treachery and not through any competence in anything but fraud.  The most important Catholic Fortress, Frontenac was betrayed by the gay lover of an opposition member.  He chained the commander in the dungeon and handed the fort over to his Protestant friends.  When things went wrong, as they often did, the English Pirate instigators would dress themselves up as Indians and sneak away.

You have to read carefully to find these tidbits of important information, though it should be the job of the historian to state events plainly.  Within the historical records are all the elements that explain why the settlers were lied to and hated by the pirate ‘Confounding Fathers’.  George Washington and his cronies had to get rid of settlers in order to claim their own enormous and basically illegal land grants, issued since the days of Queen Elizabeth.  But even English land grants to French controlled America forbade taking land that was already settled, no matter how large the grant, no matter who the settler.  Settled lands were exempt, therefore settlers had to be killed, according to Pirate thinking.


The non-settled land was that part of America where the hillbillies lived in the Rocky Mountains with poor soil.  At the time these Elizabethan grants were made to Walsingham, no one had explored the land, no one knew that the land was mountainous and rocky.  Thus we understand the roots of people like the Bush, Clinton, Johnston, and Kennedy families and their connections to illegal bootlegging profits and other gangland activities of the early 1900’s that emanated from these godless and mountainous regions along the East coast.

‘A Short History of the Canadian People” by George Bryce is an evil Masonic chronicle of the pirate Protestant take-over of predominately Catholic Canada.  He not only glorifies a bunch of thieves, he also insults and lies about all Catholic settlers who had lived there long before any Protestant Freemason showed up barefoot and rotten-toothed in a pirate ship. The whole purpose of Bryce’s history book is to minimize the Catholics and to establish the name ‘Canada’ for what had always been called ‘Louisiana’.  This constant changing of names is their way of  leaving history in limbo.  The name Canada also establishes a name that identifies it as a slave colony in Pirate parlance.


If we want to learn American history we have to decode Canadian and Mexican history first.  Starting with Canada, the first step is to correlate the French place and person names with the misleading English translations that have been imposed on them.


This is the pattern that is being used in Palestine and the Middle East.  The history of the people is simply erased and it is claimed that they never even existed.  They do the same with Jesus and many other important people in history who tried to stop the Khazarians or warn people how to deal with Khazarian imposter government infiltration or creation.

However, there is one bit of information that I would like to bring up. When President Truman signed an agreement to create Israel in Palestine, he added the word ‘State of’ to Israel on the document, or such is my understanding… Does this make Israel our fify-first State of the Union? Was this his intention?  This should be looked into.

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