The Louisiana Territory is Surrounded By Enemies

Isreal has a law against Jews marrying Christians or even allowing Christians to have legal residence in Israel, so can you imagine how strict they are with Arabs?  Actually they aren’t at all. Reports from Tel Aviv are that Arabs are hired to do all the work. So Muslim Arabs are living all over Israel at the very same time that Christians are barred from living there.  Not a wise strategy, but God does often work by blinding the enemy to imminent danger.  Further reports from Israel state that they fully expect America to be destroyed soon, so their advisors are telling them where to move to in what will soon be Greater Israel, something the rest of us call ‘Earth’.

Where do European Union bureaucrats get the power to destroy Western Civilization with impunity?  There’s another power behind all this, and Israel of course has admitted this role, but what about China?

It’s certainly not far fetched to wonder if China has secret agents posing as Westerners and running for office in Western Democracies in order to raid our resources and destroy the population. China actually has university courses to study how the Jews operate and to copy their techniques in America.  The Jews are straight-up gangsters, they themselves are very proud of this and even nurture the image. Blatant public assassinations of honest people have enabled them to set up quite a money-making operation within the system of the United States in which they skim all the cream off the top, all the profit, and leave nothing but barely enough to survive for those who have created the profit.  In addition, the mill of drugs, prostitution, abortion, the entire pornographic and violent cultural soup in which we live is a constant churn of money for them, as long as there are ungodly people in our midst.


The Chinese have been studying all of this in order to steal from us while pretending to be our friends, the way the Jews do. Who is Merkel? A past that can’t be verified, so secret like Obama’s past and every other politician except maybe Trump and Putin.


What a bunch of lazy thieves they all are, plotting to destroy the very people whose productivity they need to skim. What the world out there doesn’t realize is that Americans are purposely destroying their own economy by going off-grid and limiting consumption. They aren’t investing in stocks and bonds, they are investing in off-grid farms, home food production and mortgage free tiny homes. The rest of the world and the army of leaches who rip off the productive people of America will just have to deal with it for once.

Every time someone in the media calls Americans stupid, they add more Americans to the list of people who’ve had enough of being everyone’s whipping boy and the only way to fight back is to destroy the dollar. Enough of us know this to be able to make a difference.  The power of America is the intelligence and capacity of the race of people who live here.  It’s our genetic heritage to always create a good, productive, peaceful and fun civilization where ever our ancestors have lived, and not one dollar bill was involved in any of it.  Money is an illusion.

American money, what little there is of it in circulation among American Christians, is used to buy weapons, ammo and food and this has been in process for a long time. Oh, the wishful thinking of those who hate whitey, imagining that we wouldn’t defend ourselves when attacked, or imagining that they can continue attacking us in cowardly secret and we’d never find out and strike back.  The world will figure out that there is a core group of very smart and productive Christian people, a tribe let us call it, and when that group turns inward and forms a closed economy, the rest of the world that lives by skimming our productivity will probably starve, as they well should.

A BBC documentary on Angela Merkel shows her at a Chinese Theatre right at the beginning, as he is talking about her origins.  You can see it here at around :19.


That was enough to get me wondering. When I took a good look at her face I realized how Chinese her facial features are.  Then I see a lot of troll activity claiming that China is ‘innocent’.  Trolls doth protest too much methinks.


The fact is, Americans, no matter which way they shoot, would hit an enemy. We are so thoroughly surrounded by so many enemies, so many secret societies, so many pro-religion religions and anti-religion religions, every nation, every criminal, every radical group on the planet has been invited to our land to Eradicate  Whitey. Kennedy Airport this week was exposed letting large groups of foreign military-age men entering from Mexico bypass normal immigration procedure.  These have already been reported to be entering Mexico from Syria, with fake passports and maybe even a big sign saying, “We are here to kill all white people”, but that hasn’t been verified.


Our enemies are walking in by the thousands because our so-called “elected leaders” think that we are something they can buy and sell as if they own us.   Their over riding concern is to do away with smart, nice straight Christian men and women, eradicate goodness and fun altogether, and basically make sure that there’s no one around to fix all the electronics they depend on so much…whew, it’s a full time job just listing all the enemies.  It makes me want to get back to my sewing machine and actually produce something of value for myself in my own home, with no middleman gangster to take a cut off of my work.


For those with time, here are some related links and notes:

Merkel’s attitude toward a German woman who tells her that Germans fear the migrant men.  Merkel scolds a German woman for having such a thing as ‘fear’.

Very interesting speech by a Brit whose eyes have been open for a while now, Jez Turner.   This speech is about the Jews, what kind of power it takes to make so many people so afraid of them, and why that power needs to be broken by destroying their economic system of theft, corruption, death and destruction.

News reports of a “Deadly Winter Storm” includes images of what is clearly NOT a Deadly Winter Storm, that they insist will “Affect 80 million people”.  I couldn’t stop laughing as they describe many feet of snow, and so much danger and yet show images of barely one inch of snow. What they really are saying is that the banks are not opening because so many people have been advised to take their money out this week.


It’s still a joke because who has enough money in the bank for this ‘bail in’ except for Jews?   All those ‘super intelligent Jews’ who, even with the money printing press in their possession STILL have managed to bankrupt the entire planetary trading system.   How, I ask, is that possible?


 It must take incredible intelligence to figure our how to go broke when you own the press that prints money, the press that prints lies, the press of prison that forces us to hand over our profits every year.  That’s how smart they are, right?    Wow, it’s a good thing we don’t have those  Catholics in charge anymore, right?  See how much everything has improved since the Catholic Church has been stripped of power?


 What did the Catholic  Church do that was so much worse than the present situation?  The Church accepted sin offerings, a tradition that goes back to the Genesis.

What is a sin offering?  It’s when someone donates money to the Church, as part of penance for committing a mortal sin.   If you don’t know what mortal sin is, I’m sorry for you.

This link explains more about the Mega Preachers who tell people that the Catholic Church is evil, promote maltreatment of Catholics and insist that the sin offering, or ‘indulgence’ was unacceptable, too great a crime to tolerate.     If their goal was to cut off the flow of income to the Catholic Church and divert it toward themselves, the mega preachers are evidence that it worked.

So we don’t have a Western European Catholic Army to fight off Khazarians for the first time in over 2 thousand years which is considered a good thing, while the Muslim gang rapes of little girls is just fine.  There is a story of one German father who helped four men find jobs after they gang raped his teenage daughter, because he felt sorry for them.  That story is told by Jez Turner.  If true, surely a greater corruption of the mind has never been seen.  I cannot imagine how a little girl could end up being anything but a prostitute after being devalued in such a way by her own father. He has doomed her to a terrible sadness that will haunt her the rest of her life, unless God has mercy on her, which I pray.

Kai Murros talks about the backlash against Liberalism that will be the consequence of the Islamic invasion of Europe.  This video gets better as it progresses.

I’ve saved the best for last.  Someone just posted a classic “Kill Whitey” speech from 1983 called ‘Khalid Muhammad speaks to the Freemasons 1983′.  Khalid Muhammad was the man who trained Louis “Eradicate the White Devil” Farrakhan.  Khalid Muhammad uses Freemason metaphors throughout this speech, for example he says so poetically:  “When you control the diameter of the knowledge, then you control the circumference of the activity”, and of course everyone applauds.  These black Muslims all repeat the same scriptures to make their case, but mostly what they emphasize is “Come out of her my people”.  The narrative is that they should not consider themselves American, that their nation is Islam, that America is evil and will fall, they will make her fall, and this will bring justice to black people all over the world somehow.  He doesn’t go into any detail about who will be working to pay the taxes that blacks depend on so much.  They imagine that they will simply steal all of our property and so they won’t need all that welfare anymore.  The Nation of Islam narrative ends with the vision of lots of free stolen stuff for blacks.




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