Gangster Economy


In the twentieth century, the ‘pirates’ changed their name to ‘gangsters’.  Prohibition brought them out of the hills of Canada where they’d been gathered and where they severely limited the number of possible DNA recombinations.


A good quick substitute for a business degree is to watch gangster documentaries, starting with Meyer Lansky.  There is simply no other way to understand the actual American economy.  The American economy has been run by employees of Murder Incorporated since Lansky established it.


A good friend tells me he was one of the founding members of Lansky’s business, Murder, Inc.  He showed me a group photograph, taken around 2010, of himself as an active member of the local police force, in uniform, at the age of over 80.    Take a moment to let that sink in.  It was not so much what he told me, as it was the ear-to-ear grin that he wore while telling, that made me begin to grasp the enormity of the problem.  Is there any greater cruelty than to force good Christian people to live side by side with violent and deceptive maniacs who want to kill them? In such a situation, the bad guys inevitably take control because they stop at no violence or friendly deception to do so, and this violence has developed into an art.  They call it being a ‘wise guy’.



Meyer Lansky’s son, grinning ear-to-ear, says that his father really enjoyed destroying legitimate people.  That’s an interesting term, legitimate people.  It’s what I’ve been writing about for a long time.


Envy of the legitimate bloodline does not seem to have disappeared.


The taking of the music industry is in one of the documentaries, the same story that was told to me by my Jewish friend, the assassin.  He was one of the first Jews to have a top position in the music industry at the time.  What I learned from the documentary is that, in any business that they wanted to control, they simply walked into the office of the top executive, gunned everyone down and took over.  My friend left that part out.


That’s how America’s present day music industry, and all others, was taken over by the Jews.  I ask you my friends, how is this any different from the Muslim take-over of Europe and why can’t people understand that from DNA, culture and ‘method of operation’ standpoint, the Jews are the same people as the Muslims.

Odd that the police would take a mugshot of a criminal and let him get all dressed up like that.  This is Lepke Buchalter, who has his own Wanted Poster.

Any sensible person would avoid Post Christian European philosophy.  The very demons could jump out of the pages and possess your soul just reading it.   But look at this gem from Berardi. He gives a precise description of what happened after the dot com thinkers all got ripped off by big corporations. Forced to work at menial jobs after all their intellectual property rights were stolen, they were put on no-work lists by the gangsters to keep the competition away.  Berardi sums it up:


The struggle for survival was not won by the best and most successful, but by the one who drew his gun – the gun of violence, robbery, systematic theft, of the violation of all legal and ethical norms. The Bush-Gates alliance sanctioned the liquidation of the market, and at that point the phase of the internal struggle of the virtual class ended. One part of the virtual class entered the techno-military complex; another part (the large majority) was expelled from the enterprise and pushed to the margins of explicit proletarization.”



Isn’t ‘proletarization’ a very funny word for when smart people have to work at McDonald’s while the stupidest and most vile people get top positions in every field?  Do we really need college courses to learn new words for all the dishonest and unjust things that go on in a gangster economy?  Is that necessary?  And what about this phrase ‘the struggle for survival’?  Whose world view is that?  Should a Catholic say such a thing or have such a concept?  Wouldn’t an intelligent person come up with a better idea than that, something fun?



After the death of the real Paul McCartney, the Beatles came out with a song called the Walrus, and I was going to share it with you but I find that it is censored.  Our history and culture and land is being purchased and taken right out from under us.  The Walrus lyrics say “Goo Goog a Jew, Goo goog ga Jew”…but it’s the words, “see how they’re snide, see how they’re snide, I’m crying…Sitting on a cornflake…” and of course if one researches the Kellogg company, and its connections to British secret service agencies and subversive mind control…well, it gets to be pretty obvious, so no wonder it’s censored.  There is this resemblance that Paul McCartney’s face has to that of the early portrayals of Jesus from Constantinople.  There’s even a drooping right eye of Jesus, just like Paul had.  Paul McCartney would be an example of a legitimate person, someone that Meyer Lansky would take great pleasure in destroying.




My dear assassin friend even went so far as to explain how the assassinations were carried out, how they worked in pairs, pretending that they didn’t know each other, and always, always befriended the victim.


Not at the time, but later I’m thinking hmmm, he befriended the victim like the way he is befriending me now.  I didn’t drink the red wine that he offered out of the special bottle that he opened just for me.   I witnessed in my good friend the warmest personal charm and hospitality combined with a relish for committing murder, and one asks oneself, what is going on here and how many good people have they killed?

He had that snide look on his face, but he was also amazed at how much I didn’t understand of what he was telling me.  I had no idea at the time.  It takes a while for it to sink in.


Most of what he told me is now in the documentaries.  At one time the Jews sought to hide their role as mobsters, but now they brag about it.



 “On the cultural plane, the conditions for the formation of a social consciousness of the cognitariat are emerging, and this could be the most important phenomenon of the years to come, the only key to offer solutions to the disaster.”   Berardi


How do you like that one: ‘the cognitariat’.  In a homogeneous society, there would be no need to separate out the smart people and give them special names because smartness would be a homogeneous trait.  Will that offend the ‘sensibilities’ of the idiots in charge?  Berardi explains the situation well:



“Dotcoms were the training laboratory for a productive model and for a market. In the end the market was conquered and suffocated by the corporations, and the army of self-employed entrepreneurs and venture micro-capitalists was robbed and dissolved. Thus a new phase began: the groups that became predominant in the cycle of the net-economy forge an alliance with the dominant group of the old-economy (the Bush clan, representative of the oil and military industry), and this phase signals a blocking of the project of globalization.”


I could be wrong, but I think he is saying that all of us unemployed smart-asses have been on the internet, using our brains to get revenge on the gangsters and those who cooperate with them.  We do this because we have so much time on our hands.  That was not part of the plan.  It’s simply incomprehensible to the gangster mind that someone would work for free.


“Neoliberalism produced its own negation, and those who were its most enthusiastic supporters become its marginalized victims.”

That’s what they do to any race traitor who helps them out. turn them into a marginalized victim.  They actually have no respect for traitors, but they use them anyway.


Unemployed liberal dot commers turned conservative real quick after being robbed by the Gangsters, and that has made all the difference in the world.


One of the most important considerations strategically in war is to not let your enemy get hold of your supplies and ammo.  It’s better to blow it up yourself.  So Berardi is talking about what happened when people blew up their own intellectual ammunition by giving it away for free and retreating, but purely as a tactical move.


This is how he puts it:



“With the dotcom crash, cognitive labour has separated itself from capital. Digital artisans, who felt like entrepreneurs of their own labour during the 90s, are slowly realizing that they have been deceived, expropriated, and this will create the conditions for a new consciousness of cognitive workers. The latter will realise that despite having all the productive power, they have been expropriated of its fruits by a minority of ignorant speculators who are [not even] only good at handling the legal and financial aspects of the productive process.


The unproductive section of the virtual class, the lawyers and the accountants, appropriate [this means they steal it] the cognitive surplus value of physicists and engineers, of chemists, writers and media operators.  But the cognotariat  can detach themselves from the juridical and financial castle of semiocapitalism, and build a direct relation with society, with the users: then maybe the process of the autonomous self-organisation of cognitive labour will begin. This process is already under way, with the experiences of media activism and the creation of networks of solidarity…



We needed to go through the dotcom purgatory, through the illusion of a fusion between labour and capitalist enterprise, and then through the hell of recession and endless war, in order to see the problem emerge in clear terms. On the one hand, the useless and obsessive system of financial accumulation and a privatisation of public knowledge, the heritage of the old industrial economy. On the other hand, productive labour increasingly inscribed in the cognitive functions of society: cognitive labour is starting to see itself as a cognitariat, building institutions of knowledge, of creation, of care, of invention and of education that are autonomous from capital.


Refusal of work does not mean so much the obvious fact that workers do not like to be exploited, but something more. It means that the capitalist restructuring, the technological change, and the general transformation of social institutions are produced by the daily action of withdrawal from exploitation, of rejection of the obligation to produce surplus value, rejection of the obligation to increase the value of capital, because it is known in advance that such capital is then used to reduce the value of all life.

Franco Berardi Bifo

I like the concept of eliminating all the gangsters that stand between our labor and our reward.

I like the idea of more fun and less work.   It just so happens that in this case, strategically speaking, the less we work, the better off we’ll be.  It wouldn’t be that way if we were lazy and stupid people.  But when smart and hard working people are left to themselves, they’ll work for themselves and that is how I like to live anyway.  If we all did this, we’d have new industry in America up and running within five years.

If Americans subconsciously, and acting as a group, without ever saying a word to each other about it, without publishing a single book or creating a single documentary or 501C3, took up the strategy of ‘Refusal to Work’, like a school of fish suddenly switching to an opposite direction all at precisely the same time, then the result would be exactly the same as if some traitorous elected officials had sold us out to China.   Yes our fort has been sold, and high unemployment in the United States is already accomplished, so it is the Gangsters that have initiated the refusal to work, not us.   They’ve blown up our ammunition, even though it was already theirs, handed to them by a bunch of super productive people.  This enables us to starve out the enemy.   With no place to focus our productivity and intelligence other than our own backyards, it’s a winning strategy and we should take it to the limit.

The concept of ‘less work’,  or refusal to work would be meaningless in a society that produces very little.  It only works in a very productive system that has been infiltrated so thoroughly by thieves that it must be kindly and gently put out of its misery.

Ever since the industrial revolution began, health statistics show that when people in Europe stopped working in factories for whatever reason, their health improved dramatically and birth rates rose.

When Berardi states that:  “I don’t believe that the world can be governed by Reason. The Utopia of Enlightenment has failed”, he has just said that all the Protestant and Atheist justifications for rejecting and destroying the Catholic Church structure and discipline, all the ‘reasons’ given for dispossessing and exiling the intelligent Catholics, were false justifications that have proved a total and dismal failure.

This is an enormous confession, very relevant to Acadian history. The Masonic teaching of Protestantism, ‘Reason and Enlightenment’ lit a fire of violence against Catholics that was truly horrendous at the time.  This is glossed over in modern history books which try to flip the story and make it look like the Protestants were the productive party.  Not so.  Protestant depredations led to massive migration of Catholics families to America.  Catholics forfeited property and position and migrated because they understood the value of their rich religious heritage, a heritage that is still the envy of the world, and they rightly understood that Catholicism contains the best strategy for racial survival.  Many Catholic priests warned that Protestantism was a trick.

Also helping to clear the fog of liberalism is the Muslim invasion during a time when no Catholic army exists except in Russia.  This brings the Protestant ‘Reformation’ and all of the attendant injustices to an inevitable conclusion: The Protestants could well get their asses kicked unless Catholics around the world come to their aid, because the fact is that only the Catholics and the Orthodox communities and nations are prepared mentally and physically for war.  But should we go to their aid when we know well they would never come to ours?  The Catholic Polish Militias are impressive.  Americans are prepared.  The rest will get the help that they need.

There have been countless millions and millions of martyrs who died defending the Catholic Church, to make sure that there would be something left for us to salvage when ‘the fog machines’ would be turned off and we would have to rebuild civilization.  I don’t believe they died in vain.

I am thinking about the enormous libraries full of important documents pertaining to our Catholic and Acadian heritage which are stored in Europe are now in peril.  I would like to see the next generation of scholars of Acadian descent searching and translating the documents in Europe that pertain to our history.  I hope to begin providing more useful hints as to what to research, because it’s way too much for one person to tackle.  What a great treasury of old manuscripts, beautiful hand made prayer books, maps, letters and artwork that went back and forth between America and Europe.  It is our heritage inside the libraries of that Europe which is being overrun with Muslims.


As for the libraries in Acadiana, I challenge the community to demand access to the Acadian section of the University Library in Lafayette, La. and also to the church records in St. Martinville and other important locations that refuse permission for us to see them.  It’s not a job for one person alone. I challenge young historians to keep vigil over the treasury of books and records that have been left there and in other libraries all over the world that pertain to our history.  Books are being purged everyday, so please be alert.  The Catholic Church is the envy of every church on earth, which is why it is attacked on all sides. It can only survive if each generation in turn takes up the Mantel of Elijah by preserving the ritual and the treasures that record our past.



Founding Father?

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  1. Well, my brilliant informer, you should know by now that your ‘ friend’ is quite possibly setting you up. Be careful. You do touch lives and tho they are afraid to comment or say I LOVE YOU, they are nonetheless touched.
    Oh, if I was as certain of what I suspected when I was younger as I am now ….
    I must pause in reading your give thought to that and relative minutia that adds up to construction material And to drift along with chores but I do come back to read more. I love you. The race is nearly run. ( won)


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